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   Chapter 201 I Really Want To Kiss You

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The main character left, and the others had no interest to continue here. They all walked to the wedding site.

Eric and Andrew looked at each other. It seemed to be the first time that the two of them had been so peaceful. Then, the two looked away, returning to their previous state of 'rival in love'.

Seeing that the protagonist had left, the two of them, Dillon and Lucia left.

However, Simon and Jade didn't leave in a hurry, because they just came to the wedding. There was no enmity between them and the Xie family. To be honest, it was Kerr who transferred twenty percent of the company's shares to Lily's name, which helped her to be together with Lily, which made them feel a little more pressure!

Therefore, after the disappearance of Eric and Angela on the thirty day of the lunar New Year, when they saw Eric again today, they naturally wanted to say something.

Realizing that they wanted to say something, Eric sneered and walked up to them, "Are you surprised to see me?"

He said to them in an arrogant manner.

Simon and his wife were obviously unhappy about his attitude, especially Jade. She frowned and said, "Eric, do you know how worried we were when you and Angela disappeared? How can you talk to us in such a tone now?"

"Really?" Eric sneered, "Thank you for your concern for us, aunt. Mom and I have lived well outside these days, and we have a good time. I'm afraid that some people with ulterior motives will be disappointed."

Hearing this, Jade's face changed immediately. "Eric, you are wrong. We care about you, but why do we become people with ulterior motives?"

"Aunt Debbie, I didn't say you had ulterior motives." Eric glanced at her and kindly reminded her, "If you are so self-centered, it's easy to make others misunderstand that I don't respect the elders."

"You..." Jade was rendered speechless and stared at him.

Eric didn't want to play such a stupid game of bickering with her in public, and he was not in the mood to play with her, not to mention that she didn't deserve it!

After all, Jade was of no use in the Gu family. She could do nothing but make a fool of herself.

After taking a look at her, he turned around and was about to leave. After all, there were still a lot of guests coming to the wedding.

However, it was not easy for Jade to let him go. She looked around at the guests and deliberately raised his voice, "Eric, your grandfather said that he would change the name with your half brother after fifteen and let him officially settle down in the Gu family."

Jade was not afraid of the family scandal. Although it had nothing to do with them, it had something to do with the Gu family. Hearing her words, many people around looked at them strangely, but most of them looked at Eric.

He had planned to leave, but when he heard this, his body froze, and the coldness in hi

talked about the things that hadn't been confirmed. Was it interesting?

However, she also got a useful news, Ethan would settle down in the Gu family.

"Lily." At this time, Eden, who had been walking at the end but had been silent all the time, walked up to Lily and said apologetically, "Don't mind what Claire said just now. She is just eloquent."

Claire didn't expect that he would apologize for Claire. She smiled and said, "I didn't take it to heart. You heard what I said."

Eden smiled and touched her head, "This is the normal you. In the past, when you were too stressed, things would develop in the opposite direction. Now you… Very well, you are also very beautiful today."

Then he walked into the hall.

Looking at his back, Lily blinked her eyes. She seemed to be confused about Eden's words. What he said to Claire just now implied that Lucia was involved. Why didn't he get angry?

Thinking of his attitude towards her these days, Lily thought that Eden must have changed. Well, that must be the case. Otherwise, why did he always help her?

And he always treated her with a doting attitude.

"He's gone. Why are you still looking at him?" She heard Eric's sour voice.

When she came to her senses, Lily turned to look at him and said, "I feel that Eden is spoiling me more and more."

"What?" Eric was confused.

"He is always on my side. It was him who helped me when I broke up with Frank on the first day of the New Year." Lily murmured.

"You break up with Frank?" Eric frowned, "What happened?"

"That day..."

"Lily." When Lily was about to explain, Becky's voice came from the side. She waved at them and said, "The ceremony is about to begin. It's time for us to go there."

"Okay." "Yes," replied Lily. She turned around and took a look at Eric. Then she held his hand and walked away while saying, "I'll tell you in detail after finishing."


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