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   Chapter 195 Kisses Are Not As Good As Strangers

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"I have known Dale for a long time. No, to be exact, we have known each other since she was born. When I was very young, the Gu family did not settle down in the Guan city, but in S city. At that time, the Gu family and the Kang family were neighbors and had a good relationship. Because the Gu family did not have a daughter, and parents liked her very much, she often came to visit our family when she was a child, and we became familiar with each other as time went by."

"Later, my father moved to the Guan city to develop his career, so the Gu family moved there. Gradually, they had little contact with the Kang family. And I had sex with her. I happened to go to S city on a business trip that year. I didn't expect to see her at the table. I had a good talk with clients that night and drank a few more glasses of wine. Then I was drunk. I didn't even get to the hotel. The second morning, I saw her on my bed… We had that relationship."

Speaking of the last sentence, Richard deliberately looked at Angela's expression, and then said carefully, "That is to say, we had Ethan that night."

Hearing this, Angela's hand loosened, but her face was extremely embarrassed. She tried her best to suppress her emotions, "Only once?"

How high was the probability of a successful pregnancy?

"I swear, only once!" "If I tell a lie, I will be hit to death by a car when I go out!"

"You..." Angela subconsciously wanted to cover his mouth, but it was too late. He had already said what he swore.

Seeing this, Richard was ecstatic. He held her hand which had not yet been retracted and said, "You still care about me, don't you? I know you won't be so cruel. You still have me in your heart."

"You Let go of me." Angela tried to break free, but in vain.

"Angela, you don't know how anxious I am when you and son are outside these days and I can't find you." Holding Angela's hand tightly, Richard looked at her with obsession.

Since she couldn't get rid of him, Angela looked at him calmly and said, "Richard, don't think that this matter is over with only one explanation. You have to give us an explanation about how to deal with them."

"I've arranged a separate dwelling for them. No matter how father opposed or insisted, I didn't agree."

"That's it?"

"Angela, this is the only thing I can do for the time being. I haven't agreed to let Ethan recognize family. Although my father has agreed to let mother and son live in another house, he insists on this matter, because after all, Ethan is the child of the Gu family."

After saying that, he looked closely at Angela, fearing that she would be angry or do something else. In the final analysis, if he hadn't been drunk that year, such a thing wouldn't have happened. In the final analysis, he had committed a crime.

Angela didn't

from the corner of her eye. When she saw Angela and Richard, she didn't say anything. She asked a waiter and knew that he was in a private room on the second floor.

Eric closed the door behind him and went downstairs with Lily hand in hand.

"Well..." She couldn't help but ask with concern, "Aunt and uncle, are they all right?"

"Nothing." Eric looked sideways at her, "They need time to communicate."

"Okay." Lily nodded. She really wanted to ask the matter of his illegitimate child, but she felt it difficult to ask.

Eric seemed to see through her mind and said softly, "I'll tell you in detail after uncle and aunt finish their wedding, okay?"

"Okay." Lily looked up at him with a bright smile on his face. "Eric, you know me so well."

"Of course I know my woman." As soon as he finished his words, Eric lowered his head, and his warm lips fell exactly on Lily's attractive pink lips.

This sudden kiss caught Lily by surprise. When she was about to push him away, the warm touch on her lips had been removed. She saw that Eric was smiling at her and glaring at him like a spoiled child. "You are so annoying!"

"Really?" Eric asked deliberately, "I'm afraid you like it very much."

After hearing what he said, Lily's face turned red as if her mind was poked. "Eric, you are really annoying!"

"Wow, you flirt with him as soon as you find him."

In front of them stood a few people, and these people were three people, Noble, Ellison and Hailey. There was no one else who could say these words except Ellison.

Looking up at the three people, Lily's face turned even redder, but she didn't hide her shyness. She looked straight at Ellison and joked, "Brother, I think you are envious, right? How about you flirt with sister Hailey?"

Ellison's smile froze. He gave Lily a cruel look.

It would rather kill him than flirt with a tomboy!

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