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   Chapter 194 I Prefer You To Call My Name

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The wedding banquet was held in the best hotel in crown City, Brunei Hotel. [谢东] had booked it for a long time. The decoration of the hotel was European style, with a little castle style.

When Lily, Eric and Angela arrived, several waiters in uniform stood on both sides of the hotel gate.

After the three people got out of the car, the person in charge of parking came over, took the car key from Eric, and then drove the car to the designated parking position.

Eric, with one hand holding Angela and the other holding Lily, walked on the red carpet under his feet into the hotel. He knew that his mother needed more support at the moment, so he chose to hold her in his arms.

The place where the wedding banquet was held was not in the hotel hall, but in the back garden across the hall. There was a large green open space, and flowers were placed in every fixed place. The wedding table had already been arranged.

The white gauze on the stage was fluttering in the wind, surrounded by pink roses. Even the back of the chair covered with white gauze under the stage was inserted with a pink rose.

Under the blue sky, white, green and pink were intertwined, making people feel like they were in a dream.

However, there were still some people shuttling back and forth under the stage. Although the general arrangement was done, there were still some small details to deal with.

When the three of them arrived at this dreamlike scene, they couldn't help but exclaim, "It's so beautiful."

Eric couldn't help looking sideways at her, with a smile on his lips, "You like it very much."

Lily glanced at him and didn't answer his question. "Uncle spoiling my mother. Look, the flowers here are all her favorite pink roses."

After saying that, she got rid of Eric's hand and walked to the pink roses placed aside. She touched them and said, "There are dewdrops on them. I guess they were picked early this morning."

"Yes." Andrew came over and replied, "They were sent here from the greenhouse this morning."

Hearing the voice, Lily turned to look at him and said with a smile, "Brother."

Andrew smiled, "You are very beautiful today."

"Thank you." Lily smiled and held his arm. "You're also very handsome today. From today on, we'll be a real family. As brother, you should give more respect to me, your sister."

She said half jokingly.

Looking at her innocent smile, Andrew's black eyes flickered, "Don't I always give in to you?"

"Hmm..." Lily blinked her eyes and said, "Yes, you do. But you have to be more tolerant of me from now on, or I won't call you brother anymore."

Andrew shook his head with a smile, "It doesn't matter. I prefer you to call my name."

It seemed that he was joking, but Lily knew what he meant. She was not a sensitive person, but at this moment, she could tell from his words that his voice was different from before.

Thinking of Eric's

d not say it in front of so many people. As the saying went, family shame could not be publicized.

Hearing this, Richard quickly nodded in agreement. "Okay, okay. Find a place to sit down and talk slowly. I will explain everything to you and your son."

Although Angela was arrogant and had nothing to say with Richard, she was still worried about him. After all, in order to marry him, she offended everyone in the family.

Seeing that his mother didn't say anything, Eric took it as her consent and walked towards the hall of the hotel with her in his arms. But before leaving, he turned his head and looked in the direction of Lily.

Seeing that she and Becky were chatting with Joe, and Eden was also there. He didn't know when they came, but he didn't see anyone else in the Qiao family.

As long as Lily was not with Andrew, he would rest assured.

The whole hotel was booked by Kerr, so Eric took Richard and Richard to the second floor, opened a private room and asked a waiter to bring them three glasses of water.

In the private room, on the sofa.

Eric sat next to Angela, and Richard sat not far from her.

Angela didn't speak first. She took a sip of the warm water, as if waiting for Richard to speak.

However, Richard didn't disappoint her. As soon as he sat down, he explained in a hurry, "I really didn't know what happened between me and Dale that year. Oh, no, I should have known nothing before the incident. It was the second morning after the incident that I knew it. I drank with client that night and was so drunk that I fell asleep at the end of the hotel..."

Perhaps he was too excited, and his words were a little confusing and illogical.

"Dad, tell me the whole story." Eric couldn't stand it anymore and interrupted him.

Richard was stunned for a while, and he roughly understood what he said. He glanced at Angela, took a sip of water on the tea table in front of him, and continued.

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