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   Chapter 191 Believe In Your Own Charm

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After changing the dress, Lily appeared in front of them again, which made everyone's eyes brighten up. Her waist was properly folded, and the design of the fish tail at her ankles set off her tall figure. The only shortcoming was that her upper body was somewhat dissatisfied, and she knew that her face was a little childish.

Alice walked up to her with a smile, reached out her hand to rearrange the dress for her, and said with a smile, "I told you that you would like this dress. A few years later, when you get better and wear this temperament, I'm afraid that all men will be unable to control themselves."

Hearing this, Lily's face turned red. She glanced at her shyly and said, "Auntie."

"Why should you be shy?" Alice looked up at her and helped her straighten the chest of her dress. "Wear a thicker bra tomorrow. You'll look better with a plump chest."

When she said these words, she did not deliberately lower her voice, nor did she care about the two men behind her. She was used to saying something in front of the models in the company because of her work.

But now in Lily's ears, it was too embarrassing! She not only flushed, but also her ears and neck were pink.

"Mom..." Becky couldn't stand it anymore. She walked to her mother, reached out her hand to touch her and said in a low voice, "There are boys."

While she was speaking, she glanced at the two people not far away, Eric and Ellison. In fact, when she heard her mother say these words, her face also flushed.

Only then did Alice realize that she was at home, not in the company. She coughed unnaturally, turned around and looked behind her. "I'm sorry, you can pretend not to hear me."

After saying that, she turned around and continued to tidy up the dress for Lily.

Eric seemed to be very calm, but his face flushed. Although sometimes he would tease Lily and said in private that it was a small steamed bun, as an elder, Alice said it for the first time. He was still a little shy.

Ellison, on the other hand, was very calm. He was a playboy. It was normal for him to hear these words, but he still looked at Lily's chest unconsciously. Then he twitched his mouth and touched Eric beside him with his elbow. He leaned over and whispered in his ear.

"Eric, work harder."

Of course, Eric didn't understand what he meant. He turned his head and looked at him in confusion. Obviously, he was asking, what did he mean?

Ellison rolled his eyes and said, "If you want to make Lily plump, you can massage her more often when you are free."

Now that he had made it clear to Eric, Eric would be stupid if he couldn't understand. He glared at him and said, "I'm not as filthy as you."

"Hum..." Ellison snorted, "Although you haven't reached the last step, I don't believe that you haven't touched her body."

What he said touched Eric's heart. He glared at him and said, "Brother, if you keep talking nonsense, I'll tell Hailey that you're messing with women again."

He really want to do it. But

w shoes you bought for him. Even so, the key point is that he still looks at you with such a bare eye. As your fiance, how can I not be angry?"

"Brother sent me back out of kindness. I keep him for dinner. There are no spare shoes at home. What's wrong with me buying him a pair of shoes?" Lily was really speechless. She knew that Eric was jealous, more than once or two times. But why did he do that every time!

"Anyway, I'm not happy. I'm jealous and unhappy. I just don't want him to see him stay with you alone. You're mine, and mine alone. Why should I let a man with impure motives to be with you?"

Eric made a declaration of his sovereignty. He put his arms around Lily's waist and held her in his arms. "Girl, you are mine. I don't like other men coveting my woman."

"Eric..." Her tone softened. "After tomorrow, he will be my brother. A few months later, I will have a brother or sister related to him by blood. There will be no feelings other than brother and sister between us."

"I know you won't, but he won't think so. After all, you two are not related by blood." Eric held her tighter.

Besides, my family is busy these days and may not have time to care about you. I'm afraid that he will take advantage of this time to launch a fierce attack on you."

"Haha..." Lily couldn't help laughing. Being protected and cared by him was also a very happy thing.

"Am I that easy to be lured? Eric, are you worried about me or too unconfident about yourself?"

Eric kept silent for a while and said, "I'm afraid."

Hearing this, Lily reached out and held his waist. "It doesn't matter. Since I have decided to marry you, my decision won't change easily. Eric, you have to believe in your own charm."

"Okay." He answered softly. It was not that he didn't believe in his own charm, but that his girl was still young. He was worried about Andrew's identity, appearance, and consideration for her. After all, after Tina and Kerr got married, he had more chances to be with her.

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