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   Chapter 184 Come Here, I Love You

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When they were chatting happily, the door was pushed open. Andrew appeared at the door, wearing a thick pajamas.

"Are you awake?" Turning his head to look at the door, Kerr his head to look at Andrew and said, "I make some soup for you. It's still in the pot. It shouldn't be cold yet. Go and get a bowl of soup."

"Okay." Andrew scratched his head. He drank too much last night when he went out to celebrate the New Year with his friend, and he was still in a bad mood.

"Brother Andrew." Seeing him, Lily greeted him with a smile.

"I heard your voice outside the door." Andrew smiled and said in a sleepy voice.

"Then you have a good hearing." Lily joked. Then she stood up and asked Tina, "Mom, what do you want to eat for lunch? I'll make it for you."

"I want to eat the two appetizers you cooked last time." Said Tina.

"Okay. What about the rest?"

"No." Tina shook her head.

"What about Uncle Kerr?" Lily turned to look at Kerr.

"Whatever." Kerr replied, "I will eat whatever you cook."

"That's what you said. No matter how bad the food is, you have to eat it up." Lily said jokingly. Then she turned around and walked out with the soup bowl in her hand.

Looking at her back, Kerr shook his head with a smile. This girl was getting more and more lovely.

Andrew stood by the door with his sleepy eyes. Seeing that Lily came over, he said directly, "I want to eat braised prawns."

Lily was stunned for a moment, and then smiled, "Brother, you're welcome."

As she spoke, she walked past him and went downstairs.

"You are already my sister. Is it necessary to be so polite to my own sister?" Andrew turned around and followed her downstairs.

"But you have to pretend to be polite."

"I'm not that sentimental."

While they were talking, the two of them had entered the kitchen in succession. Lily put down the bowl in her hand, looked at the pot on the stove, and opened it respectively. Then he took out a bowl, poured out the sober up soup in the pot, and put it in front of Andrew.

"Uncle Kerr asked you to drink the sober up soup first. Come on, drink it first."

Looking at the beverage in front of him, a strange emotion flashed through Andrew's heart, but he suppressed it. With a smile on his face, he took it over and drank it in one breath.

Then he gave the bowl back to Lily and said, "It feels good to have a sister. You can wash the bowl by the way."

Lily took the bowl and sighed deliberately. "Why do I feel that I'm not your sister, but your servant?"

"Well, as the saying goes, a sister is used to be enslaved."

"Where does this come from?" Lily looked at him angrily.

"I told you." Andrew took it for granted and reached out his hand to rub her head. He looked rude, but he spoiled her very much. "So, from now on, you can only be enslaved by me."

Without giving Lily a chance to retort, he turned around and walked out of the kitchen. "Remember my braised prawns. I'll go upstairs and w

ffairs and take care of aunt."

"I knew it." Andrew puckered his mouth, took a sip of chicken soup and turned to Lily. "Lily, as you own twenty percent of the company's shares, do you think you should also contribute to the company?"

"Hmm..." Lily blinked. She almost forgot it. In order to get Wayne to agree her to be with Eric, he transferred twenty percent of the company's shares to her.

"Yes. If Lily isn't busy, you should go to the company to have a look." Kerr agreed.

"Okay." Lily had no choice but to agree. After all, she had taken twenty percent of the shares of the company from. It seemed unreasonable not to do anything.

A smile flashed across Andrew's face when he got her answer, as if he was relieved.

"Can Lily do it?" Tina looked at Lily worriedly, "Don't make trouble for Andrew in the company."

"Mom, don't worry. I have learned a lot in the company." Lily said, "But I don't think I can go to the company every day to help brother. After all, it's difficult for me to leave the Qiao Company. In addition, I have to go to school after the new term begins."

"It doesn't matter. You can come here whenever you are free." Andrew didn't tell her the exact time. He was afraid that once the time was set, she might not come to the company.

"Okay." Lily nodded.

"By the way, the best man and bridesmaid will be yours .We don't want to go out to look for someone." Kerr suddenly said.

Andrew and Lily looked at each other and nodded without thinking too much.

However, Lily joked, "Uncle Kerr, you really know how to make the best of it."

"Of course, you two can do it for free."

"Okay. You can give me and brother more red pockets then."

"I agree with you." Andrew nodded in agreement as soon as Lily finished her words.

Taking a glance at the two, Kerr said, "Two little misers."

Lily smiled and said nothing. In fact, when Kerr mentioned the Groomsmen and bridesmaids just now, Eric's face flashed through her mind.

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