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   Chapter 178 It Will Be Warmer With You

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"Eric." Lily called his name and turned her body. Out of the corner of her eyes, she glanced at Richard, as if she was afraid that he would rush over to grab her phone.

"Uncle Richard is here with me. He is very anxious and worried about you. He wants to know your whereabouts..."

She said that on purpose. She believed that Eric would know what she meant.

On the other side of the phone, Eric kept silent for a while. Then he said, "Girl, give your phone to my father and I'll talk to him for a while."

"Okay." Lily breathed a sigh of relief. He knew what she meant.

Walking to the front of Richard, Lily handed the phone to him and said, "Uncle, Eric has something to tell you."

It seemed that he couldn't believe it. It took him a while to react. He was so excited that he took Lily's phone and said, "Hello… Where are you, Eric? Where is your mother? How is she now? Is she with you?"

Perhaps it was because he was too anxious and his question was a little messy.

"Dad..." Eric's voice was very calm, "We are all good. Mom is with me, she..."

"Let her answer the phone, Eric." Richard interrupted Eric and said anxiously, "I have something to tell her. Please let her answer the phone."

"Dad." Eric said in a more serious tone.

Hearing his son's tone, Richard realized that he was too anxious, so he stopped talking.

"Dad, what you should do now is not to find mom and me." Eric's voice was heard again, "And I won't tell you where we are. What you should do most now is how to deal with the present matter, and how to arrange the mother and son."

"Eric, I..." Richard wanted to say something, but was interrupted by Eric on the phone.

"I know grandpa is very determined, but you are the backbone of this matter. What to do, how to arrange, these things should be done by you, not let Grandpa make the decision."

Listening to his son quietly, Richard calmed down.

"Although I'm disappointed that you have an illegitimate child, you're my father after all. I just hope that you can deal with this matter well and don't give others any chance. Dad, have you ever thought carefully why they appear at this time? Have you ever thought that if our family breaks up because of this matter, who will benefit in the end?"

Hearing that, Richard's eyes widened subconsciously. He stood up and walked out of the hall with his mobile phone. Although no one could hear the sound from the phone, he still chose to go to a place with few people and didn't stop until he reached the front yard.

On the other side of the phone, Eric continued, "I'm not deceiving others, but people always try to bully me. Dad, after all, it's us who have blocked the interests of others, and I won't say who this person is. Think about it yourself. Don't doubt what your son has said. From beginning to end, I ho

still looked calm. "If I know, I will definitely tell you. When Eric comes back later, he will definitely go back home."

"Okay." Frank nodded, but his expression was really unnatural.

But Claire was not easily fooled. She looked at Frank and asked in a questioning tone, "Distant cousin? Frank, why didn't I know you have a distant cousin? And I've never heard you mention her."

After all, Claire was still young. She didn't know how to save face for others.

But when she was about to question Frank, Lucia turned to her and winked at her, indicating her to hold back her temper.

Receiving the hint of her mother's eyes, Claire could only put up with it, but she was not reconciled. She turned her eyes and smiled. Then she had an idea.

"She… She came all of a sudden." Frank looked away and subconsciously looked at Simon and Jade.

Anyone with a discerning eye could tell that there must be something wrong, not as simple as a distant cousin. All of a sudden, the atmosphere in the living room became a little embarrassing.

Lily looked at all this coldly and sat next to Joe as if it was none of her business. She really spilled the beans just now.

But Joe couldn't stand it anymore, he didn't want to worry about it. He turned to Lily and said, "Lily, wake me up at dinner. I'll go upstairs and have a rest."

"Okay, Grandpa. Let me help you upstairs." Lily stood up and was about to help him up.

"No." Joe dodged her hand and said, "Anyway, you are the owner of this house. Please entertain the guests here for me."

"Okay." Lily nodded obediently. It was not bad to stay here and watch the play. Well, if necessary, she could say something. After all, someone had done something bad secretly to make Eric suffer.

So, Lily sat down again, and then reached out to pick up an apple from the fruit tray on the tea table and began to eat it leisurely.

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