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   Chapter 92 Rarely Rough

Destiny Of Vengeance By Jin Nian Characters: 9140

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"Ahem!" Kerr coughed to remind them, "Although Tina agreed, I will not let you go so easily."

"Uncle Kerr..." Kevin stared at him cautiously and felt a little embarrassed. In her eyes, Kerr was a special person.

Eric was very calm on hearing that. He turned to him and said, "Uncle Kerr, I call you this because Lily calls you like this. She respects you and I respect you. You are special in her heart. But I believe that since Aunt Tina agrees to let us be together, you will not object."

"Are you so sure that I won't object?" Kerr raised his eyebrows.

"You don't have different opinions to aunt." Eric replied calmly.

"Don't forget that I'm the CEO of our school. It's a rule that young people can't fall in love at an early age." Kerr threw cold water on Eric without mercy.

"I can drop out of school." He still replied in a calm voice.

"You..." He looked at him in shock. He didn't expect him to say something like that.

"Eric," Lily cried out: "How could you say that?"

"Or what do you want me to do?" Eric looked back at her and asked, "I have told you that I will never give up what I have decided. Since I have confirmed that you are the most important people in my life, so drop out of school… It is not serious."

"Can you stop acting like this? Do you want me to act like you?"

"I didn't mean that." Seeing that she was in a hurry, Eric hurriedly said, "If your uncle Kerr want to use his position to pressure us, I have to drop out of school, so that our relationship will not be affected."

"What will others think of you if you drop out of school? What will they think of you? What will your parents think of me then? Do you think they will accept me?" The more Lily spoke, the more she was short of breath. "They will only think that it's me who caused you to drop out of school, make you ignorant, and damage your reputation. At that time, even if we are really together, can we be happy?"

As she said, her eyes turned red again. "No, they will repel me. They will make all kinds of troubles for me. They will complain about everything I have done. Finally, I will have no place in your house."

What she said were all her experiences in her previous life. In her previous life, she had done so many things for Frank, obeyed him and listened to what Jade said. But what did she get for all these?

She hid, deceived, humiliated, and finally hurt. This kind of life was not what she wanted, not!

"Lily, you think too much. What you said won't happen. I won't let you suffer these grievances. You..."

"What do you know?" Lily's eyes reddened. "You never know what a woman will suffer after she married a man. Do you think that being together is a happiness? Do you think you are

moment, the corridor became quiet. After a long time, Eric seemed to have thought something through. He looked at Kerr and said, "Mr. President, if Lily and I get the first grade in the grade, will you leave us alone?"

Hearing this, Kerr glanced at him and said, "I'll try to turn a blind eye to this. But you can't behave too obviously."

Hearing that, Eric smiled. He said, "I see. Thank you."

"Don't thank too early. Although Lily's score is the first in the grade, don't forget that you are the last in the grade." Kerr reminded deliberately.

Eric didn't care much about it and said lightly, "Soon, it will be the first in a list."

Eric's black eyes were full of confidence.

Surprised, Kerr looked at him and said, "You have the confidence."

"Of course I will," Eric responded with a faint smile.

At this time, the door of the ward opened and the doctor and nurse came out.

"Doctor. What about the daughter? How is my daughter?" Seeing this, Tina hurried up and asked.

"It's okay." The doctor answered, "The patient has a slight concussion, coupled with excessive excitement, and her weak body resulted in vomiting. Now she is asleep. You'd better not do anything to make her mood fluctuate, or she will suffer from such a situation again."

"I see. Thank you, doctor." Said Tina gratefully.

"You're welcome. She needs to be quiet. You'd better not to disturb her." Then the doctor left with several nurses.

Tina didn't rush into the ward. After the doctors and nurses left, she turned to look at Kerr and Eric and said.

"Did you hear that? Don't say anything else to displease Lily, or you all go home now."

"Tina, your performance today… I'm really impressed." Kerr looked at her with a smile.

To be honest, this "brutal" side of her he had never seen for so many years.

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