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   Chapter 90 I Will Be Good To Her All My Life

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"Mom, it's tiring to be single all these years." After Kerr left, Lily said to Tina.

Raising her head to look at her, Tina lectured, "Lily, you're a child. You should take care of yourself."

"See, I'm bored lying on the bed. Tell me." Lily looked better now. She talked a lot, but she was still very weak.

"In fact, I think you are still young. And it's time for you to find someone and get married. Uncle Kerr is good at cooking and taking care of people. What's more, he loves you so much and even dotes on me. If you miss such a man, I will feel sorry for you."

Her voice was soft as she spoke, making people feel comfortable.

An unnatural look flashed across her face. Tina said, "Lily, don't worry about me."

"Who cares you if I don't?" Lily smiled. "Sometimes I thought you and uncle Kerr would get married as soon as possible, and then have a baby boy or a little sister so that I could take care of. That would be great. I'll be taken care of by the baby boy and he calls 'sister' then. It would be a beautiful scene."

"What are you talking about?" Tina blushed. "I am in my forties. How could I have a child?"

"Why can't you have another baby?" Lily asked softly. "You see, a lot of people have children in their forties. And, mom, you are not even 40 years old now, so hurry up to marry uncle Kerr, and then have a baby when you are 40."

"Lily, how could you say this?" Said Tina, pretending to be angry.

"Well, mom, do you like boy or girl?" Lily paid no attention to her words and continued, "But you'd better have a boy. After all, you have me now. You can have a boy to fulfill your wish of making a 'good' in your whole life, but..."

All of a sudden, she frowned and said, "I think uncle Kerr will like daughter. After all, he has a son, Andrew. But..."

As she said, the brows were stretched again. "I think uncle Kerr will follow your wish. After all, everything he says is up to you."

Lily said to herself, not noticing that the facial expression of Tina had changed when she was saying these words. But when she finished, she found that her mother had a bad look on her face.

"Mom, what's wrong? Did I say something wrong that upset you?" If you really don't like uncle Kerr, I won't say it."

"No." Tina denied.

"Then why do you look so bad?" Lily asked doubtfully.

"Lily..." Tina looked at Lily and said in a low voice, "Actually, you have a brother, but he died."

"What?" Lily was stunned. This was the first time she heard it. She didn't know about it and no one mentioned

said, "Your face is also hurt."

"Yes, I'm afraid that it's going to be disfigured." Lily deliberately sighed. "No one is going to marry me in the future."

"That depends on who dares to marry you!" Eric's tone was a little heavy, "So what? As long as I don't say anything, no one dares to marry my woman. "

"Hey, what are you talking about? My mom is still here." Lily said hastily.

"Don't worry. I'm here." Compared with her, Eric was much calmer.

At first, Tina wasn't surprised by Eric's appearance, because she was grateful to him. After all, he had saved Lily. But she didn't expect that he had just said something like that, which was completely out of her expectation.

"Lily, you, you..."

"Mom, it's not what you think. We have nothing." Lily explained hastily, "Don't listen to him."

"I'm not kidding." Eric fearlessly interrupted her. He looked at Tina very calmly and said, "Aunt Tina, I like Lily. I always treated her as my woman. No matter what will happen in the future, I will protect her well. But I'm not strong enough to protect her now. Please give me some time. When I become stronger and strong enough to protect her, I'll be strong enough to protect her on my own and I promise I will be good to her all my life."

"You..." Tina went blank. She didn't expect that Eric would say something like that.

Even Lily, who was lying in the hospital bed, opened her eyes widely when she heard this. She did not expect that Eric would say this to her mother!

"Auntie, please trust me. I can do what I say. I hope you can agree us to be together." Eric said firmly.

Lily was stunned. She felt as if Eric was proposing to her in front of her mother.

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