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   Chapter 86 Reasons For Layoffs, Too Anthomaniac!

Destiny Of Vengeance By Jin Nian Characters: 9798

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After looking through for about five or six minutes, Eric pulled out three documents and handed them over to the manager. He looked at her and said calmly, "Fire these three people."

"What?" The manager stared at the file on the desk, hesitating to take it.

"I don't want to repeat." Seeing that she did not answer, Eric's tone was colder.

Seeing this, the manager took the file, looked at him, and then turned to look at Wayne. She knew it was the first time that Eric had been here, and was not clear about his position in the company. But Wayne was the owner of the company, so she wanted to see what he meant.

"Do as he said." Wayne replied.

"Yes, sir." After saying that, the manager looked at Eric again and pursed her lips. She hesitated for a moment before saying, "If you don't have anything else to say, I'll go downstairs first."

"You can call me Mr. Eric from now on." Eric knew what she was hesitating about, so he nodded and said, "You can go now. Pay their salaries and ask them to leave today."

"Yes, Mr. Eric." After saying that, the manager turned around and walked out of the office.

"Wait!" When she was about to reach the door, Eric suddenly stopped her. "Find three people within a week to replace them. Their ages are limited to 30 to 35 years old, and it is better that they are married. As for the other things, I hope you can make it."

The personnel manager was stunned for a moment. "I see, Mr. Eric."

When she walked out of the meeting room, she lowered her head to look at the three documents in her hand and frowned. Two of them were at the front desk, while the other one was at the reception department. Didn't these three positions recruit young and beautiful girls? Mr. Eric wanted to recruit married women from thirty to thirty-five years old!

When there were only two people left in the office, Wayne asked, "You reducing the staff as soon as you arrive."

"They deserve it." But Eric didn't take it seriously. He looked down at the archives of personnel in his hands, examining every one of them.

"You should give me a reason, right?" Wayne was curious about his grandson's reducing the staff as soon as he came to the company, and why there were three of them. More puzzling, his grandson made a requirement of recruiting!

Raising his head, Eric took a slight look at him and flatly said, "They are too anthomaniac."

He couldn't help frowning when he thought of the three women who were discussing in the office this morning.

"Haha." Wayne finally understood why Eric would come up with that kind of offer. His grandson was really… out of the ordinary!

Ignoring his laughter, Eric withdrew his sight and continued to read the human resources file in his hand.

"I plan to hire a young secretary for you. It will make you look good if you can negotiate cooperation with her. You..."

"You'd better find a man for me." Eric interrupted him. Without

ol tomorrow after going through the enrollment procedures.

This matter was easily solved. And Emily was given a day off to have a rest at home.

After she left, Joe looked at Lily and laughed. "Girl, I didn't expect that you know flatter."

"Grandpa, you are wrong." Lily looked at Joe with a smile. "I'm just grateful. You don't know how much Anna helped me yesterday. She is good at fighting. If she didn't stall for time yesterday, I probably wouldn't be standing in front of you like this."

"It seems that you like her very much."

"Yes, I like it very much." Lily nodded.

Joe shook his head dotingly and sighed, "She is too tough. She hasn't handled well the family which she needs most in her life."

Lily knew the woman he referred to was Emily.

Joe continued sadly, "When your grandmother was alive, I had no time to accompany her in the first half of my life. It was her who supported me. When I realized the importance of the family, she got ill and passed away a few years later."

"Grandpa, don't blame it on yourself." Lily comforted him. "Actually, grandma was very happy. You started your own business, and she silently supported you and chose to be behind you. It means that she loves you. In the last few years of her life, you almost accompany her every day. I think she must be very satisfied and very lucky."

"I hope she don't blame me for the short time I spent with her." Joe said with melancholy.

"Grandpa, grandma won't blame you."

"Her birthday is in two days. Our whole family will go to the cemetery to clean her grave."

"Yes." In Lily's memory, her grandmother was always a good person and liked her very much. Of course, there was something that she was unhappy with. Because she knew the existence of Eden, she insisted on letting Lucia take him and Claire to recognize the family, which led to the following things.

So far, it was impossible for her mother, Tina, to appear in the public.

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