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   Chapter 85 Potential Pressure

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Wayne slapped on the desk heavily, which made everyone in the office look to the direction of the sound. Even Eric can't help looking up.

"Three million! You lost three million!" Wayne was pissed off by the data on the paper, and stared at Frank with disappoint.

"I'm sorry, Grandpa. I didn't expect it either." Frank bowed his head and apologized, but he bit his teeth secretly. He wanted to know who knew the tricks. Someone bought the Yu company and even terminated the cooperation project between the two companies.

And the person was able to know the defects in this contract, or the cooperation between the two companies would not be terminated.

"Apologize? What's the use of apologizing to me?" "You should apologize to those who worked with you for this project. You have spent so much energy on it, but you only got this result."

"Grandpa, I will take the consequences of this." Said Frank sincerely with his head bowed.

"You have to take the consequences." With these words, Wayne turned to look at Simon, who remained silent all the time, and said, "You have to take responsibility for this loss. Frank just taken over the company in a short time." Why are you so confident to let him do this all by himself?"

"Dad, I'm sorry that I can't take good care of this matter," Simon didn't tend to pass the buck. He said, "I know this project and I also know about the Yu company. At that time, I thought the success rate of this project is quite good, but I didn't expect that it was acquired by someone, which caused a loss."

"So you mean it was the man who brought the Yu company?" Wayne looked at his son and said, "You just think the profit margin is great, so you let Frank to do it. But have you ever looked into the background of that company?"

The question made Simon in shock. Indeed, he hadn't know it. He regretted having been so careless in this cooperation that it had caused such a loss.

"For the Gu family, losing 3 million was just a small matter. But Frank didn't take good care of its business. Besides, Simon didn't keep an eye on it. It was rude to ignore this important point during the signing of the contract. So we can learn a lesson from this. We need to pay more attention to our company in the future." he continued in a softer tone.

Hearing this, both of them were relieved. Indeed, three million was not a big deal for the Gu family.

'So this matter has been left unsettled? Seeing such a result, Eric indifferently drew back his sight. He was somewhat unhappy. For Frank, such a lesson was really It was totally useless!

Sure enough, if he wanted to protect his woman, he had to rely on himself!

"Eric," "What's your opinion on this?" Wayne asked abruptly.

As soo

deed a reason! Wayne had no choice but to get up, walk to his desk, and dialed the internal telephone.

"Send the archives of all the employees and the address book as well." After giving his order, he hung up the phone. He glanced at Eric and then returned to the sofa.

"Thanks." Eric said with a smile. He rotated the office chair and leaned back against it. As he slid the chair backwards, he overlapped his legs and directly put them on the desk. He looked very lazy.

But Wayne didn't say anything. Instead, he was more curious about why Eric asked for the portfolio of employees.

Soon enough, the office door was pushed open. The human resources manager came in with a large pile of documents.

The personnel manager was a woman in her forties. She dressed professionally and maintained well. She looked quite attractive.

Holding the papers, she walked directly to Eric and put them in front of him, "These are the archives and address book of all employees."

Eric didn't even look at the pile of documents. He glanced at the badge of the manager and said coldly, "Mrs. Lin, remember to knock when you come in next time."

An embarrassment flashed on the personnel manager's face. "I know."

"Yes." He took his legs off the table, looked at the pile of documents, tossed aside the address book on the top, and opened the thick personnel file.

She didn't know whether she should stay or leave. After all, Eric didn't ask her to leave, and Wayne who was sitting on the sofa didn't say anything. She couldn't leave.

When she was in the office just now, she heard that Eric came over, so she chose to deliver the documents in person when she received a call from Wayne. She met him, which was frightening.

Although he didn't say anything seriously, the momentum exuded from him was really depressing.

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