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   Chapter 80 Kiss

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"Huh." Ellison sneered. He looked at Eric and said word by word, "Frank."

Hearing the name, Eric's face became heavy, "He?"

"You didn't expect it, did you?" There was coldness in Ellison's eyes. "I was surprised when I first found out that he had contact with the Yu company. Later, I decided to follow the clues and investigate him as well. Of course..."

Then he looked at Eric and continued, "I have also investigated your little girlfriend and found that they have a short story."

"I know what happened between them." Eric took a look at Ellison and said, "Go on."

"I want to know." Noble suddenly interrupted.

Hearing this, Eric frowned and looked at him, "Brother, when do you become so gossipy?"

"It doesn't matter." Lying on the sofa, with a cigarette on it, Noble answered with a smile.

After seeing Noble's interest, Ellison deviated from the topic again, "Brother, Eric's girlfriend is really hot. I didn't expect Frank to want to be with her, but Frank is not a good person. He was not only engaged to Claire, He also hooked up with Lily, and as a result, the matter was spreading on the Internet, making a lot of noise. Later, in order to keep his face, he made people scolded Lily. He did such a thing. I don't know who he was, had found the evidence, Lily later didn't be scolded."

"It's me." Eric said flatly.

Ellison turned around and looked at him, his eyes lighting up. "Wow, brother, you're so great!"

Taking a drag on his cigarette and exhaled the smoke, Noble gave a hint to Ellison with his eyes, "Let's get down to business."

"All right." Ron got back to the business again. "The Yu family has capital turnover problem, and Frank used the excuse of capital injection. In addition, the daughter of the Yu family was sent to the young master's house by Lily. So, he let the Yu family use this excuse to take revenge on Lily. If they find out that, the Yu family will bear all the responsibility."

"Huh." After Ellison finished his words, Noble turned to Eric and said, "Eric, now you know how important you become strong."

Eric frowned and looked at him without saying a word.

Seeing this, Noble continued, "I think you should understand that Frank entangles Lily, and even hurts her to have some relationship with you. In fact, in the final analysis, it is for the benefit."

He put out the cigarette in the ashtray and continued, "Although you never fought for anything in Gu family, but I heard that Mr. Richard asked you to work in his company, which inevitably increased Frank's sense of crisis. He is narrow-minded and ambitious, so he will try his best to prevent you from work."

Noble paused, Ellison cut in, "You're right."

"And you stay with Lily at this time, which made him even more stressful." Noble continued, "Just think about it. Qiao family is big

in the room, neither hot nor cold, she did not cover herself with a quilt. She only curled up sideways in his white shirt.

The shirt was too short to cover her lower part, which even exposed her pink lace floor pants.

Thinking of that, he smiled faintly. As soon as he saw her, all the emotions he had heard downstairs disappeared, as if all troubles would disappear automatically.

He walked to the bedside and bent over to look at her sleeping face. Her pink cheek and swollen lips were bitten by him in the car.

Thinking of the previous kiss, Eric couldn't help but stretch out his hand to move away the short hair on her face, lowered his head and kiss her, then moved down a little bit and kissed her lips.

"Well..." Feeling something on her face, Lily, who was sleeping, pursed her lips unhappily, turned around and went back to sleep.

When she turned around, her whole back to Eric, and he saw the hips are wrapped in lace panties.

Eric swallowed and looked away in a hurry. He was afraid that he couldn't help but stretch out his hands to her.

He didn't know much about women and men, nor did he know much about their physical changes. However, he knew that sometimes he really wanted to be close to her particularly. Today in the car, it was just a simple kiss, but later he couldn't help it and wanted to further explore. Fortunately, Lily stopped him in time.

He took a few deep breaths to calm himself down and covered the blanket on Lily.

"Brother Andrew." At the moment when the quilt fell on her, Lily murmured in a dream and held the hand of Eric.

Eric was stunned. He locked his eyes on Lily who was sleeping. His face was gloomy. A saying came to his mind. "Maybe it's here for you at this moment but where will she be in the next moment. Who knows?"

These words were said by Noble this afternoon. Now it seemed that this was confirmed.

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