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   Chapter 74 Bad Minded Customer

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On the way to the meeting, Bill was responsible for driving, and Emily was in the passenger seat. Lily and Anna were in the back seats.

On the way, Anna kept quiet and looked out of the car, thinking about something. Lily didn't have the time to talk to her and concentrated on the contract. Although she had work experience in the previous life, she didn't learn something in that experience.

But fortunately, after she came back to life, she tried hard to learn those knowledge. Especially during the period she lived with Joe, she almost tried to learn those knowledge every day.

When they arrived at the appointed place, Lily just finished reading the contract.

The place reserved for the meeting with the client was a five-star hotel. They got off the car and walked in front of the hotel. Bill reserved the room in the hotel which was familiar to him. Emily walked behind him, while Lily and Anna walked at the back.

When they came to a private room, Bill stopped and said to Emily, "Here we are, Emily. Mr. Carl and his fellows are inside."

"Yes." Emily nodded and turned to look at Anna. She said in a low voice, "Find a place to sit in the hall. Order whatever you like. I'll come to you after we finish the meeting."

"Yes." Anna nodded. She would listen to her mother.

Then, she turned to look at Lily and smiled, "Just adjust your state of mind. Don't be nervous."

Lily nodded with a smile, "I know, aunt Emily."

To be honest, she was not nervous at all.

Seeing that she behaved so indifferently, Emily felt relieved. Then she opened the door and walked in. Before she entered, she wore an impersonal smile on her face.

There were two people in the private room. One was chubby and in his forties, which made people feel very flirtatious. The other one was in a pair of glasses and looked quite gentle.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Carl. I was in an emergency." Walking to the table, Emily said to the fat one.

"No, no, No. Everyone will have an emergency." The man, called Carl Zhou, forced a smile on his face and fixed his small eyes on Emily, "If you really want to apologize, you can punish yourself by drinking three glasses of wine."

"Of course I will," Emily said. She seemed to be quite familiar with this situation.

"This is?" Noticing Lily who followed behind, Carl thought for a while and then remembered, "Are you the lady of the Qiao family?"

Hearing this, Lily was stunned for a second, but then she immediately reacted. She smiled and said, "Mr. Carl, you have a good eye."

"You're much more beautiful than in the photo." He said with a smile. He was already fat and had a big face. And his smile made his eyes look smaller.

Lily frowned in confusion. How did he see her photo?

Emily was also confused and a little vigilant.

Seeing their puzzlement, he

up and slapped his hands. Red wine was sliding from his face. The suits outside and the white shirt inside were stained with red wine, which made him look very embarrassed.

"Sorry, my hand slipped." Lily put down the wine glass indifferently, as if it was not her who had poured it. "The charge is on the Qiao company. As for this cooperation… Mr. Carl, you'd better find someone else."

Then he turned to Emily and said, "Aunt Emily, let's go."

Emily looked at her admiringly. She stood up and was about to leave. Bill, who had been sitting quietly, also stood up. He was surprised at Lily's action, but to some extent, he was in favor of it.

"Do you think you can leave here as you want?" Carl's face changed. Then, he turned to the man and shouted, "Call for help!"

"Yes." The man took out his cell phone and dialed a number.

All of a sudden, Lily was aware of the danger that the man was coming well prepared!

"Let's go!" said Emily who was about to step out

But the fat guy was faster than them and stood in front of them. "Do you think you can walk today?"

Emily's and Lily's faces darkened at the same time. At this time, Bill stepped forward, looked at him and said with confidence, "Mr. Carl, business is business. You've put us in an awkward situation today, so we won't hold you accountable. I hope you can forgive us."

Bill was disgusted with his words.

"I won't raise my hand today!" Then he turned to Lily and said, "Do you really think of yourself as a rich lady? You're a bitch. You connect with Frank and also connect with Eric."


Before he could finish his words, Lily pushed away Bill who was standing in front of her and slapped him.

How many times had she slapped people? She forgot it. But she really liked to slap other people this life!

'You think I'm a sick cat, if the tiger does not get angry?' she thought.

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