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   Chapter 70 Criminal Arrested

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This afternoon was doomed to be restless. Fortunately, Lily asked Becky to ask for a leave of absence, because Andrew received a call just after dinner.

It was a call from Jack. He said those who instigated those hooligans to rape Lily had been arrested and asked them to check whether they knew the man. After paying the money, they drove to the police station.

When they arrived at the police station, Jack received them in person.

"Uncle Jack."

"Uncle Jack."

Seeing him, both Andrew and Lily greeted him.

"You arrived so soon." "Let's go, and I'll show you who he is."

"Thank you, Uncle Jack." Andrew replied politely.

Jack walked ahead, followed by Lily and Andrew.

When they arrived at the room where the prisoners were locked, he opened the door and walked in. It was Andrew who walked in the second, and Lily was the last. But before entering the room, she paused for a moment and took a deep breath.

The man in the room was handcuffed and sat in a chair which was specially for prisoner. Two policemen were standing on both sides.

Lily frowned when she saw the man in front of her. The man looked about the same age as Andrew. He was in his early twenties. Most importantly, she didn't know him at all.

"Do you know him?" Andrew looked at Lily and asked.

She shook her head, "No."

After hearing her answer, he frowned. If she didn't know him, why did he do so?

On the other side, Jack frowned too. According to the confession of those people, it was indeed this person who ordered him to do this. If Lily did not know him, what was his motive to do this?

"It's normal that you don't know me." The man looked up at Lily with an unpredictable smile on his face. "I know you."

He didn't look like a prisoner.

Lily was confused. "I don't blame you. I don't even know your name, but you want to kill me. I really want to know why you did that."

"His name is Terence." "He is the son of the CEO of Yu company," Jack answered.

The Yu company?

Lily was suddenly enlightened. She looked at Ryan and smiled. "Brother of York?"

"It seems that you know who I am." Ryan also laughed. Then he looked at her with his sharp eyes. "If it weren't you, how could York be looked down? And she is not still in the Corporate Management Office!"

"So you are here to avenge her?" Lily ignored his anger and asked him with a smile.

"If I don't take revenge for her, nobody will do that for her!" His expression became ferocious.

Lily didn't know why, but she felt that the expression on his face was somewhat strange. It did seem that he wanted to help his sister vent her anger, but he failed. However, when she carefully looked at it, he still felt a little suspicious.

Not only her, but also Andrew and Jack.

"Ryan," Jack stared at Ryan eyes, which were full of anger, as if he wanted to see him through. "As a

aw Colin was picking up the roses in the garden.

"Uncle Colin." Seeing him, Lily asked, "Why did you pick all the roses?"

Colin explained, "Tina told me that the weather would become colder and it's not suitable for the growth of roses, so I picked them up. It would be a pity if they all withered at once. But now, if we pick them out, we can put them in the wardrobe."

Lily nodded her head. Her mother did have this habit, but letting Colin pick flowers here really looked a little abrupt.

"Uncle Colin, thank you. I'll go to see my mother."

"Go ahead, go ahead."

Andrew got off the car and followed her into the house. He didn't go upstairs but sat on the sofa in the living room.

Soon after Lily left. Kerr came down. Seeing Andrew, he walked up to him and sat next to him. "Lily said you went to the police station. They caught him?"

"Yes." "But the culprit hasn't been caught yet," he added.

Kerr raised his eyebrows, "Didn't Jack know either?"

"I don't know, but I have found clues at the entry point."

"Tell me."

"I'm going to investigate the business of Yu family." "I heard it from Uncle Jack in the police station just now. The owner of the Yu company was in poor health and the family business needed to be taken by one person, and that person must be his son. But he chose to stand up for his sister at this time. Isn't it strange? And when we saw him in the police station today, we could know that he wasn't telling the truth."

"Yes." Kerr nodded and said, "You are right. We can distinguish the right from the wrong in family background. But we can't act rashly and alert the enemy."

"I know."

"Andrew, I'm glad to see you help Lily." Kerr patted his son's shoulder and said, "I'm glad that you don't hate me."

"You gave birth to me. I never hated you."

Yes, he didn't hate him. Although he never loved her mother, he had always protected her well.

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