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   Chapter 66 It Is Late

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Monday came the day for classes. It was time for Lily to go back to the school. That morning, Andrew drove Lily to the school. After visiting Lily, Eric went back home. His leg needed to rest for a while.

The marks on her neck hadn't been completely cleared up. So she put on a high collar dress. It was late autumn now, so it was not so obtrusive.

After arriving at the school, she got out of the car and waved to Andrew, saying, "Bye, brother Andrew. Be careful on your way home."

"Yes." Andrew smiled and started the car.

Lily didn't withdraw her sight until the car disappeared. She had been living in the manor for two days, and the greatest harvest was to experience the real family.

A mother's love, a father's love, and the care from an elder brother. Although Kerr and Andrew were not real father and elder brother, they made her feel more comfortable than family members.

As soon as she turned around and walked towards her classroom, she heard sarcastic voice from behind.

"Hey, you just left for a few days and now you met another boy!" It was easy to guess who the voice was.

Lily turned around indifferently, only to see the contemptuous expression on Claire's face. At the same time, Eden stood behind her, frowning.

Finally, she looked at Claire's foot and said ironically, "Look! Your foot is recovering quickly."

"You..." Claire's face turned green and white alternately, and then she raised her voice, as if she was showing off, "Of course, with the careful care of my father, it suddenly well. Unlike some people, father didn't even want to take a look at her."

Lily smiled carelessly and was about to refute her. But before she could say something, Eden spoke first. He looked at his sister unpleasantly and said, "Claire, that's enough."

"Brother!" Claire looked at Eden in disbelief. "You always protect her. How many times do you want me to repeat? I'm your sister!"

"You should learn more from Lily. Don't behave like a child in front of others."

"So what? If you like her, you can be her brother. Do you think I really care about you?"


But before he could finish his sentence, his words were interrupted by her in a huff. "Don't call me like that. Humph! You can be the bitch's brother. I'll never call you brother again!"

After that, she glared at Eden, then at Lily, and turned around to walk towards the classroom.

Eden felt helpless, looked at Lily apologetically and said, "Please don't mind. She's just this tempered."

Lily smiled, "I know. But I think you'd better let your mother teach her better. This kind of personality… No matter where she goes, she will always suffer losses."

Eden was a little embarrassed. What she said was true.

Lily ignored Claire's mockery. These days, Claire was staying at home with an injured foot, and she didn't go to school. Lily guessed that she didn

? It's just too much torture. I don't know why, there is always a kind of personality gap between them as they don't look like having the same mother."

Lily smiled noncommittally and said casually, "I think so."

Lily was picked up by Daniel when the class was over. She had told Joe that she would only stay with Tina for a couple of days, so she had to go to the old house.

However, Andrew didn't know so he also came to the school to pick her up to the manor after school.

When Lily saw his car, she walked over with a smile and knocked on the car window. After Andrew rolled down the window, she said with a smile, "I'm going to the Qiao family's old house today, so I won't go back to the manor. Please help me go back to tell uncle Kerr and my mother."

After glancing at her and then at Daniel's car, he stretched out his hand and touched her head, saying, "Okay, take care. Call me if you need anything."

"Okay." Lily answered with a smile, then waved at him and said, "See you, brother Andrew."


She and Andrew had only been together for two days. Maybe it was because he had saved her life, and he had taken good care of her, she had a sense of dependence on him, which made her feel like he was her family member.

When she returned to the old house, an unexpected guest came into the living room.

As Joe was not at home, only Lucia was sitting in the living room, drinking tea, and Sunny was standing beside her.

"You're back, Lily." Seeing Lily enter the house, Lucia stood up with fake smile on her face.

Lily raised her eyebrows slightly and stopped a few steps away from her. She called her in a low voice, "Auntie."

"I heard from Eden that you were injured, so I came here specially to see you." Her tone showed that she really cared about her. Lucia looked her up and down carefully.

Lily laughed coldly in her heart. 'She just wanted to get something from her.'

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