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   Chapter 62 Mental Dependence

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Seeing all this, Andrew smiled warmly. Then he looked down at the girl who was restless in his arms and sighed slightly.

Wearing the thin pajamas, Andrew was afraid that she would catch a cold. He carefully picked her up and whispered to Tina, "Aunt Tina, I take her to the bedroom."

Tina nodded, "Take her to my bedroom."

"Okay." Andrew held Lily and went upstairs.

Feeling that his body was moving, Lily suddenly opened her eyes. When she saw the person whom she was familiar with, she closed her eyes again and even shrank into the arms of Andrew

Andrew smiled silently with doting eyes. He could feel that she was vigilant and she also depended on him.

When they walked into the bedroom to the bedside, Andrew bent over and gently placed her on the bed. When he was about to stand up, she grabbed his hand. "No..."

"I won't go." Patting her on the back with the other hand, he explained softly, "I just want to cover quilt."

"No, don't do that..." The dazed Lily didn't know what she was talking about or what she was doing. She just didn't want the harbor which gave her a sense of security to leave, so she turned her body to hold Andrew's whole arm.

Seeing her like this, Andrew felt sorry for her. He reached out to brush the hair in front of her face and sighed slightly. Her frail appearance made people want to protect her under the wings.

After thinking for a while, he took off his shoes and lay beside her. Then he pulled the quilt over to cover them.

Andrew lay on his side. As soon as he lay down, Lily, who was still sleepy, slipped into his arms. She wrapped her arms tightly around his waist and buried her head in his chest.

He smiled and suddenly felt that it was good to have someone to rely on him like this.

He was so sleepy that he didn't sleep last night. Today he had just taken a nap, and then her condition became like this. Fortunately, she was now relieved.

When Lily woke up again, it was already in the evening. What she saw when she opened her eyes was a chest, and her hands were holding someone else's waist!

She was startled and let go of him immediately and sat up.

"You woke up?" Andrew was waken up by her action, and his voice was somewhat sleepy.

"Yes." Lily nodded and looked at them subconsciously. Then she found that their clothes were all right.

Andrew saw all her moves. He wanted to laugh, but he controlled himself.

"Are you feeling better?" He sat up and smoothed his hair.

Hearing that, Lily lowered her head and blushed. She finally remembered what had happened.

"Thank you." She thanked him in a low voice.

"Nothing." "You didn't let me go just now, so I had to sleep here with you," he said, patting her head

Andrew got out of bed as he spoke. "I'm going to wash my face and brush my teeth. And my clothes is not clean."

"Yes." Lily felt a little embarrassed and nodded.

He stood by the bed and looked at her for a while. He frowned unconsciously when he saw the red mark on her neck and chest. But in order not to let her find him, he looked away immediately and then turned and left.

After he left, Lily felt relieved. She felt embarrassed because she cried in his arms u

, Andrew looked at her. When his eyes met her smile, he blurted out, "Okay."

"Brother Andrew." She called him sweetly.

"Yes." Replied Andrew with a deep smile on his face.

"Go ahead with your work. I'm leaving now." Lily gave him a playful smile, and then shook the small bottle in her hand, "I'll apply the ointment you brought on time."


Before going to bed, Lily put the ointment on the marks on her neck and chest. The ointment felt cool and comfortable when it touched the skin.

"Mom." After applying the ointment, Lily climbed onto the bed and lay down beside Tina. She held her arm and said, "It's so good to sleep with you."

"You are an adult now. Stop acting like a spoiled child." Tina gave her a reproachful look, and pulled the quilt to cover her.

"No matter how old I am, I'm always your daughter. I can act like a spoiled child if I want."

Tina laughed silently, looking at her full pampering in her eyebrows.

"Mom, I think uncle Kerr is a nice person. What do you think?" Lily turned to look at her mother.

An unnatural gleam flashed through her eyes. Tina thought, 'yes, he is a good man. He treats me well, and he treats Lily well. But...'

Seeing that her mother didn't say a word, Lily continued, "Mom, as a person who had the experience, you know better than me about love. But I think that there is someone who can take care of you and take care of me. As a man, he is also meticulous and considerate enough to. All that is all I want. Mom, I really don't want you to miss it."

"I know what you mean," Tina sighed slightly, "I know what to do, but it needs time. It takes time to forget someone and accept someone."

"Well, I only hope that you can forget the past and open your heart to accept the man who loves you wholeheartedly. Don't miss the past, and don't expect a future. What I want is just a simple life."

Tina agreed with her. She smiled and said, "It seems that my daughter knows more than I do."

"Life should be peaceful and quiet." Lily smiled, but she added in her heart, 'But I'm destined to be hard in my life.'

"Alright, sleep."


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