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   Chapter 57 Keep Saying

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In the next two days, Lily was very angry. Her good impression of Kerr had gone. Now in her eyes, he was totally a scum!

He was already married and his son was 22 years old, but he still wanted to find a woman outside, and that woman was not someone else, and that woman was her mother, which made her very angry. She couldn't swallow it. The most hateful thing in her life was the word mistress!

Because of this, Lily didn't go to find Tina for two days. She felt it was a shame. If it weren't for the safety of that place, she would have picked up her mother directly!

During this time, when Kerr called her, she refused all his phone calls and even blacklisted his number. Sometimes, when Tina called her at night, she would change the topic or directly say that she wanted to sleep, and then she hung up.

The second class was over on Friday today. When the break time came, Lily walked into the classroom from the washroom. Unexpectedly, she saw Kerr talking with the head teacher while walking towards the classroom.

"Becky, can you ask for leave for my head teacher for me? You can look for any excuse you want." Then she took her backpack and ran out of the classroom.

Becky had no idea what was going on when Lily disappeared.

She returned to the old house early, but Joe was not at home. Lily didn't want to be idle either, so she went to the study and found out what she has been reading these days. Looking at the books related to the company's operations, but she couldn't calm down and decided to go to the kitchen.

She hadn't brought him food in the past two days. So she decided to make dinner for him tonight. After all, he was going to be discharged the day after tomorrow.

Actually, Lily also felt a little strange about the whole thing. She had been very angry when she thought of Kerr in the past two days. But every time she saw Eric, the anger disappeared inexplicably. Her mind was following him.

After the lunch was ready, Lily put all the lunch into the heat preservation box, and then went back to the room to change her clothes. Since Joe was not at home, and Daniel was also not at home, she had to take a taxi to the hospital.

After arriving at the hospital, Lily went straight to the ward of Eric. There was no one else in the ward, as today was earlier than the time when she brought food two days ago.

"Why are you here so early today?" Putting down the book in his hands, Eric looked up at her and asked, "Did you skip class?"

"Yeah, I skipped class." Lily admitted generously. She went to the hospital bed with the lunch box, put it on the bedside cabinet, and then took the washbasin into the bathroom.

Somehow, Eric laughed, "Are you skipping class so bright?"

"Aren't you happy that I skipped classes to cook for you?" Lily's voice came from the bathroom.

"Yes, very happy."

Lily brought some hot water to the bed and lifted the washbasin a little higher. "Wash your hands."

Eric smiled and washed his hands in the water. The


"Mom, how many times do I have to tell you? She didn't push others, but she was pushed into the water by others. Why do you prefer to believe what other people said rather than your son's?"

"Eric, what I'm doing is good for your. If you are still so stubborn, no one will care about you if anything happens in the future."

"I can care myself."


After a long quarrel between them, Eric didn't want to continue and lied down directly. He was a little annoyed by his mother's prejudice against Lily.

It was completely dark when Lily walked out of the hospital. She had been in a bad mood before, but after being mentioned by Angela, her mood became even worse.

She walked step by step with an empty lunch box in her hand, thinking of taking a walk to relieve the mood before taking a taxi home.

She lowered her head and looked at her shadow that had been drawn long under the street lamp. Suddenly she smiled and looked up ahead. The winding road could not see the end.

After walking for a long time, Lily stopped. Not knowing how far she had walked, she looked around and found there were not many cars on the street. It was very quiet around, which made her a little nervous.

She looked up to the other side of the road, hoping to take a taxi. But she waited and didn't see a taxi coming. At this moment, a minibus stopped in front of her.

The door was opened suddenly and the two people who jumped out of the car rushed directly at her.

Lily had never seen such terrible scene before. She turned around and ran away. But before she took a few steps, her arm was grabbed by someone.

"Let me go! Let me go!" Lily tried her best to struggle, the lunch box in her hand directly slashed at the two men. Then she seized the opportunity to escape, stumbled several times.

"Help, help..." She ran and cried for help, hoping someone could hear her. After all, they were on the road. Although there were few cars on the road, there was a hope that she was rescued.

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