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   Chapter 56 Getting Mad, Punishment

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Explanation? Lily was confused and turned to look at Becky who sat next to her. She was also confused and look at her.

"I remember that I have emphasized in the early period of the construction school that relationships were forbidden in school. But someone took my words as bullshit by relying on some rights of the school. He made a mistake although he knew the consequence and thought that he could be safe as I often wasn't at school. But now with such an accident, who should be responsible for it? !"

His voice was so loud in the meeting room that some people were even frightened.

Now, Lily finally understood what his meant by saying that before.

"Darren Liu, tell me who should be responsible for the accident!"

Darren Liu trembled with fear when he was mentioned. He raised his head and looked at Kerr, "Mr. Kerr. I'm sorry. I should have taken some responsibility for this. I didn't control my men well."

"Are you just responsible for something?" Kerr looked at him with a dark face. "Is Victor your nephew? Did you send him to school?"

"I I..." Darren Liu stuttered, with a cold sweat on his face.

"Tell me!"


"Do you think my words have no effect on you?"

"No, it's not like that. I, I..."

"From now on, your position as a school manager has been removed. As for your shares in the school, I will make another plan." Kerr directly announced the result.

Darren Liu was depressed by the result. He lowered his head, everyone can't see the expression on his face.

After taking a glance at him, Kerr looked away and asked, "Do you have any objection to such a decision?"

"No, I didn't."

"No, I didn't." Everyone shook their heads in response.

"Okay, I'll go on." "Don't think that only Darren Liu is responsible for this accident, Mr. Huo,"

Then he looked at one of the men and said in a serious and cruel voice, "You know that Victor is the nephew of Darren Liu, but you just help to hide. Do you know that it's also an offence of covering up crime in my place?"

"Mr. Kerr, I haven't reported to you in time, but I did it for the sake of Darren..."

"For Darren's sake?" Before the headmaster could finish his words, he was interrupted by Kerr. "I invited you to be the headmaster and hoped that you could be righteous, managing the school well. But now you say you work rely on face."

"Mr. Kerr Mr. Kerr, I..." The principal stammered.

"Do you still remember what happened not long ago?" Asked Kerr again.

"What... What is it?" The principal was in a cold sweat.

"You should know it clearly, shouldn't you?" Kerr sneered, "Do you need me to remind you?"

The principal's face paled. He knew he can't avoid responsibility.

"Not long ago, Victor raped a girl in our school. What did you do? !" He threw the notebook to the ground and everyone raised their heads.

"He is not the only one who knows this! Vivian, don't you think that a demotion can solve this problem? !"

As soon as he said this, almost everyone looked at the president and Vedder incredulously. At the same time, they gasped out.

When Lily heard the name of Vivian, she also raised her head in surprise. She had a good

d." Kerr patted her head and said, "I hope you two can get along well in the future."

Lily really wanted to ask him who that man was. Why did he ask her to get along with him? But he had gone far. So she had to hurry up to keep up with him.

They soon arrived at the office. Kerr opened the door and walked in, but Lily was stunned at the door.

"Come in." Looking at her stunned face, Kerr smiled and took her hand, "Don't worry. He won't eat you. Besides, your uncle Kerr will take care of you."

The moment Lily stood firmly on her feet, she saw a handsome man in casual wear walk towards Kerr. He smiled and hugged Kerr. Then he let go of the man and said, "Father."

Dad? He was the son of Kerr?

Lily was confused. She looked at the man up and down. He was about the same height and looked like Kerr, especially when he smiled.

Kerr was married? He had a son, who was at least twenty years old.

"Andrew." Stilwell patted his son on the shoulder with doting eyes. Then he took him in front of Lily and introduced, "Andrew, this is Lily. You have to call her sister."

Then he turned to Lily and introduced, "Lily, this is uncle Kerr's son, Andrew Xie. He is seven years older than you. You can ask him for help if you need any help in the future."

"Hello." Andrew Xie smiled and extended his hand to Lily. "Hi, Lily."

Lily looked at the hand in front of her and then came to her senses. She did not reach out to hold Andrew's hand, but looked up at Kerr. She asked with a bit of questioning tone, "Are you married?"

"Yes." Kerr nodded, "but..."

When he nodded and admitted, Lily turned around and left without hesitation. Before she left, she even glared at him, ignoring what he had said.


The huge slam of the door made the glass tremble, and even Kerr was shocked dumb. He had no idea why Lily, who was fine just now, suddenly left in a fury.

"She seemed to misunderstand something." Looking at his father, Andrew said with a gloating look, "I think you should have told her in advance."

Hearing this, Kerr understood. He patted on Andrew's shoulder with a smile.

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