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   Chapter 54 A Pair Of Enemies

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In the next few days, in addition to bringing food to Eric, Kevin stayed at the old house and read books. Sometimes, he talked with Dillon. Of course, he would prepare more meals for Eric every time he cooked.

Jane had made a joke on her several times, "I almost lose my job as long as you are with me."

Every time when they were talking about business, Kevin would smile and say, "you may lose your job for a few days. You can go back to work after that."

Just like today, Lily was busy preparing lunch in the kitchen. Because of the scars on her neck had almost subsided, she planned to go back to school tomorrow, so lunch was more rich than before. But she still insisted on cooking them by herself.

Therefore, Sunny had to stand still and watch her busy.

When she was cooking the last dish, Joe appeared at the door of the kitchen.

"My Lord." Sunny said politely and then she added with a smile, "Miss Lily is a capable woman. She did all of this on her own. I didn't help anything."

Joe smiled with relief. "She has the character like her mother. She doesn't like others to interfere in when she is cooking."

Turning the vegetables in the pan quickly, Lily said to Sunny, "Sunny, in order to make you recover as soon as possible, you'd better take all these dishes out, in case your hands are unfamiliar when you come to cook tomorrow."

Shaking her head, Sunny laughed and said, "Miss Lily, you are getting better at making fun of others."

"I'm good for you."

Hearing the conversation between the two people, Joe smiled but said nothing. Then he turned around and walked to the living room.

Soon, the last dish was ok. Lily took off her apron and put the dishes on the table. Five dishes and one soup were already on the table.

"Grandpa, dinner is ready." After saying that, she turned around and went into the kitchen to take out a bigger heat preservation box, and then she began to put food into it.

Seeing her picking up the dishes, Joe looked up at her and knew that she had even figured out what Eric didn't like to eat.

Lily didn't sit down to eat until the dished was ready.

"Lily, from tomorrow on, I'll ask Daniel to send you to and from school." Joe said while eating.

Lily looked at him and said, "No, Grandpa. You need Daniel. I can go to school on my own."

"I don't often go to the company. How about I find a driver for you?"

Lily shook her head, thought for a moment and said, "I will go to school by myself when you go to the company. If you don't go to the company, I will ask Daniel to drive me."

Hearing her words, Joe didn't insist. This was a good idea.

After lunch, Lily carried the lunch box and asked Daniel to send her to the hospital.

When she arrived at the hospital, she went straight to Eric's ward. When she arrived at the ward door, she habitually looked inside through the glass on the door. As soon as she looked inside, she met Eric's eyes.

"Come in. Sherry and Terence are there." His voice came out from inside.

Lily opened the door and walked in.

"I wa

you think their family will be against it and separate them?"

"You think too much."

"Well, think about it. They are both underage and students. Whether it is parents or teachers, they will certainly oppose it. If they don't agree at that time, it will be very painful to force them apart."

"You must have watched many plays, didn't you?" Sherry felt impatient, "No, they won't. They are not stupid." Don't you know that there is an underground relationship? After two years, they can be together openly? Why are you so stupid?"

The opponents on the other side were discussing in a low voice, while Eric had finished his dinner with the help of Lily.

"Have you two finished whispering?" The sudden voice of Eric frightened Terence into silence. On the contrary, Sherry indifferently turned her head to look at him, "Ok."

"Go back as soon as finished." There was always a buzz around his ears during the dinner, and it was unpleasant to hear. It was impossible to enjoy the peace that belonged to the two people at all.

"All right." Sherry stood up and said, "Then I'll go now. Eric, don't miss me too much."

"Tell aunt when you go back and tell her that I'm fine, so that she doesn't need to worry about me," said Eric, with his mouth twitched unconsciously.

"I promise to fulfill the task arranged by cousin." She made a salute mischievously and then went out of the ward.

Seeing this, Terence also stood up and said, "Boss, I'm leaving now. If you have anything, call me." Then he disappeared at the door.

"I think they are all very cute." Lily had packed the dinner table and lunch boxes.

"Ever since the day they first knew each other, Sherry has always been at the advantage in arguing," said Eric.

"That means they are free and real, unlike us, who are just fighting in life."

A bitter smile appeared on Eric's face when he heard what she said. It was true that they lived happily and comfortable, but no matter how he didn't want to get involved in the family affairs, he was dragged into this.

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