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   Chapter 53 Perfect Man

Destiny Of Vengeance By Jin Nian Characters: 9998

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When Lily walked out of the hospital, Kerr's car was already waiting for her at the door. Seeing her, he opened the door of the passenger seat for her.

"Thank you, uncle Kerr." Lily said thank you to him. Then she got on the car and closed the door.

"You are welcome. Just say thank you." Kerr then started the car and left.

Lily smiled, "Uncle Kerr. I didn't expect you to be so funny."

"I can't be too rigid. It's too tired." With a smile, Kerr continued, "Your mother has prepared lunch in the manor. She said that she hasn't seen you for a long time. She wants to prepare a rich lunch. I'm not sure if I have a good appetite today. Alas..."

He sighed deliberately and glanced at Lily from the corner of his eye.

Lily knew he said it on purpose. She said in a joking tone, "Uncle Kerr, if you want to eat, just say it. I will say some good words for you in front of mom."

"Well, it seems that I have to fawn on you more."

"Uncle Kerr, you are really good."

Lily liked Kerr's humor. He was easy to get along with. Although they just knew each other for a short time, she could feel that he really treated her and her mother well. Otherwise, he would not try his best to help her. What's more, he had a crush on her mother secretly. There were few men who loved secretly these years, and he was such a successful man.

They soon arrived at the manor, where they talked and laughed along the way. Just as what Kerr had said, it was a remote place and was still in the forest in the suburbs. It gave people a feeling of slight wildness.

There were walls around the manor and towering trees could be seen outside. And inside the walls, there were two storey buildings which were also constructed in ancient times.

As soon as the car was parked, Lily couldn't wait to get off the car. Looking at the scenery in front of her, she couldn't help but open her eyes wide. The flower ground in the front yard was filled with pink roses. Pink roses stood for the first love, and most importantly, it was her mother's favorite flower!

An idea flashed through Lily's mind. She turned around and looked at Kerr who just got off the car. Just as she was about to say something, a familiar voice interrupted her. "Miss Lily, you are here. Come in."

Lily turned around and saw Uncle Colin walking towards her with a smile. "Uncle Colin, you don't have to call me Miss Lily anymore. You can just call my name."

"Okay." Colin was not unreasonable and nodded his head directly. Recently he had lost his prestige when he stayed with Tina.

"Uncle Colin, do you still hate me when I set you up and kicked you out of the Qiao family?"

"You underestimated me, didn't you? In fact, it's not bad to leave the Qiao family. It's good to be with Tina. At least I'm more freedom." Colin replied honestly.

Kerr walked over and joked when he saw them talking. "Isn't it tired for you to talk here?"

"Sizz..." Lily couldn't help laughing, "Uncle Kerr. It's you who are tired."

lf, only pouring a half of the wine she had just poured, which made her very unhappy.

"That's not enough. Pour more, or I'll drink it all."

"Tina, you are drunk." Kerr said helplessly.

Tina was a little drunk and her face turned red. She said in a delicate voice, "I don't. I've said it is not enough!"

It was the first time that Lily had seen her mother get drunk, and it was also the first time that she had seen her true self. She had never behaved like this in front of her father, and now she looked rather naive.

Kerr looked at her with spoil, and poured more.

After drinking three glasses of wine, Tina was indeed a little dizzy, but she still insisted that she was sober, and she didn't want to drink more. But she couldn't even hold the chopsticks steadily when she was eating, let alone picking up dishes.

Lily wanted to move the chair to her side so that she could sit well, but someone moved faster than her.

Kerr sat next to Tina, held her with his left hand, and picked some food with his right hand. He knew what she wanted to eat without asking.

Seeing this cozy scene, Lily felt a little sore in her nose and her eyes also turned red. She wanted to cry but laughed. She had to admit that Kerr was a good man!

After the dinner, Lily volunteered to clear the table. Kerr naturally took the responsibility of taking care of Tina, while Colin was busy with other things. Because they moved here, some of the luggage had not been packed up.

After everything was finished, Lily found Tina's room. As soon as she walked to the door, she heard someone sobbing inside. She didn't come in, but stood at the door.

Inside the room, Kerr patted her back to soothe her. He didn't stop her crying in his arms. He knew that she had suffered a lot these years, and it was the best way to let it out.

Seeing this, Lily's eyes turned red again. She closed the door for them, silently turned around and left. Sometimes, it was better not to appear than appear.

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