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   Chapter 51 Some Truth

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It was already in the evening when Lily went back to the old house. When she walked into the living room, she found that the living room was filled with the fragrance. Joe was looking something in the living room. He didn't raise his head until he heard the footsteps.

"Lily, you are back." He waved to Lily and said, "Come here and sit with Grandpa."

"Okay." Lily behaved obediently and sat beside him. When she saw the thick photo album in his hand, she was a little surprised. "Grandpa, are you looking at the photos?"

"Yes." Joe turned over the photo album in his hand and showed it to her, "This photo was taken when the two families were having dinner together. This girl was your mother and she was only five years old at that time. These two were your grandfather and grandmother. This is me, my wife. This is your father when he was a kid."

This was the first time that Lily had seen this picture. It was a little yellow and black, and the edges of the picture were a bit messed up. But she recognized who were them.

"This was taken when your mother was twelve years old." Joe pointed at another picture and said, "This is the first time she came to our house. At that time, your grandparents had just passed away. Your mother suffered a lot. She looked pale."

Grandparents passed away at the age of her mother's twelve? Lily was surprised. She didn't know this before.

"We owe your mother too much." Joe continued, with deep guilt in his tone, "Your grandpa died in an accident because he saved me. Your grandma was in poor health all the year round and could not bear any irritation, so she died. Only your mother was left in the hospital, so I picked her up, and has been taking care of her as my biological daughter..."

Lily listened quietly, listening to the stories that she had never known.

"This is when your mother was eighteen years old. There was an obvious smile on her face. You see, how beautiful she is when she smiled. She looks like your grandma, quiet and gentle."

"These are the photos taken when they got married." Joe turned to the next page of the photo album, and he pointed at a photo in which Tina and Dillon were wearing a traditional wedding dress. He sighed and said, "In fact, I shouldn't have forced them to get married. Look, on the photo, there was no smile on your father's face but your mother smiled. After all, it was me who had hurt your mother..."

Joe closed the photo album with tears in his eyes. "Even if she hates me now, it's right."

"Grandpa, my mom don't blame or hate you." Lily tried to comfort him, "She has a good time outside. I can see that she is very happy when she stayed with me today."

"Your mother is always a kind person who would tell the good but not the bad. I know how she is doing outside. She has made up her mind not to come back, and even refused to go back to the old house. In the future, you have to take more care of her."


At this time, Sunny came

ay. No wonder that at that time, she felt that the person who was beaten was somewhat familiar. Now think about it, that person must be Victor.

Hearing her question, Eric frowned and asked, "Is he the mastermind?"

"Yes." Lily came to her senses and nodded.

"Damn it!" Eric cursed in his mind, and his black eyes showed a little fierce.

"What's wrong?" Lily asked in reply subconsciously.

Eric raised his head to look at her and said guiltily, "I'm sorry."

Lily was confused. She looked at him and asked, "Why do you apologize?"

"It's all my fault this time."

Last time, he threatened York and Sheena, which made her suffer a lot. If he hadn't caught them, her reputation would have been ruined. This time, he hit Victor in secret, which almost made her lose her life.

He had thought that he could protect her, but he didn't expect that he had hurt her twice!

Lily didn't need him to explain, she already knew what was going on. It turned out that Victor misunderstood her. He thought that it was her who asked Eric to hire people to hit him, and that was why he hated her so much and even wanted to kill her!

But there was one thing that she couldn't understand. She looked up at Eric doubtfully and asked, "Why did you ask people to hit him?"

"Do you still remember the public opinion about you and Frank? It has gone viral on the Internet, and even been framed by his mother."

Lily nodded. Of course she remembered it. And he helped her to find evidence to prove her innocence.

"It was also Victor who did it. He took your photos and posted them online, he wanted you to be framed."

"He did that!" Lily was surprised to hear that. She had doubted Claire before. But when she thought that she wouldn't do anything to discredit Frank, she believed it had nothing to do with Claire. But she didn't expect that it was Victor who did it!

No wonder the photos were taken at great shooting angle. The people he hired must be professional.

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