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   Chapter 50 Fight In The Police Station

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Tina didn't get any reply until she arrived at the police station. And Kerr didn't ask again. She needed time to think about it.

Even Lily thought that her mother should have a safe house to live, she couldn't force her to do it what she didn't want to.

After they got out of the car, they walked into the police station. Kerr walked in front of them and said a few words to the police inside. The police turned around and walked into an office.

After a short while, a man in his forties, wearing police uniform, came out from the room.

"Jack." "Thank you!" Kerr said, walking towards him.

"Kerr, don't be so formal with me." Jack patted his shoulder and said, "Let's go. I'll lead you there."

"Okay." Kerr nodded to agree. Then he turned to look at Tina and Lily, "Let's go."

They nodded and followed.

Things went well because Kerr told the police station last night. Plus, Kerr was an old classmate of Jack, who was the police chief.

Arriving at the room they had prepared in advance, they entered. Victor was handcuffed awkwardly by the two policemen, one from the left and the other from the right. His clothes were a little messy, his hair was messy, and his face was stubble.

When he heard someone open the door, he raised his head and looked at them. His face became ferocious.

He glared at Lily and said, "I didn't expect you are still alive after falling from such a high place!"

After hearing this, almost everyone frowned.

Looking at Victor, Lily sneered coldly and ignored him. She turned to look at Jack and whispered, "Uncle Jack, can you let them out first?"

On hearing her words, Jack waved at the two policemen who were detaining Victor, indicating them to go out.

"Thank you." After they all went out, Lily said thanks to Jack with a smile. Then she let go of Tina's hand and walked to the direction of Victor with a dark face.

"Lily..." Tina wanted to grab her hand subconsciously, but was stopped by Kerr. Kerr shook his head and whispered to her, "Let's see what she is going to do first."

Tina looked at him and felt a little worried, although she didn't stop Lily. Although Victor was handcuffed, he was still able to attack.

Lily walked up to Victor and looked straight at him with cold eyes. "When you attempted to rape me, I didn't make it worse and didn't hold you responsible. What's more, I saved your job. Unexpectedly, you didn't regret it but wanted to kill me more, but..."

Then she put on a mocking smile and continued, "Just as you said, I didn't get strangled to death and now I'm standing in front of you safe. Are you very disappointed?"

"But what's the use of being disappointed?" Lily strolled in front of him with a sneer. "You'll have to be punished by the law for the rest of your life in prison!"

She said the last sentence with gritted teeth.

When Lily finished her words, Tina was shocked with her eyes wide open. She was in a state of trance. She did not expect that her daugh

n her mouth. What he said was true. Colin was kicked out of the Qiao family to come to her side. Wasn't it the best proof that her daughter cared about her?

She changed her mind after thinking for a while. "I see. I'll tell Colin about it when I come back today."

Hearing her answer, Kerr smiled. He was in a good mood in an instant and looked at her from the rear-view mirror unconsciously.

Of course, among them, Lily was the happiest one. From now on, she would protect her mother from danger, and there was no need for her to hide and seek again. Besides, she had Kerr as her bodyguard.

"By the way, Mommy," Suddenly, Lily sat up in Tina's arms and looked at her curiously. "Why are you with Uncle Kerr?"

"Because of fate." Before Tina could answer, Kerr who was driving in the front said with a faint smile, "The fate brings us to meet where I am not only moved, but also broken my heart. It also makes me end the secret love and then we are together."

What? Lily blinked. She didn't understand what he meant and thought his words were a bit funny.

But Tina knew it clearly. She felt a little awkward and said, "I met him in a small town where we once lived together. Your uncle Kerr had to go back to the school for some days, but he had an accident at school. Besides, he knew that you were injured, so I came to see you with him."

Lily figured it out and at the same time got the meaning of her words. As a president of the school, he was so pure then and had a secret crush on her mother! However, it seemed that the flower of the secret love withered before it bloomed

In order to spend more time with her mother, Lily proposed to have a meal with them. Of course, it was okay for Tina and Kerr to say yes. They talked while discussing the moving time. They would move tomorrow morning.

Lily had planned to help, but it was very far, so it had to be canceled. At last, they decided to let Kerr drive to help her mother move, and then pick up Lily.

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