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   Chapter 49 Thoughtful Care

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Knowing that he was just joking, Lily didn't need to be modest. "Of course. After all, I'm my mother's daughter."

"Sizz..." Eric couldn't help but laugh out. In fact, she looked pretty good in this dress, with a red and ruddy complexion and a tall figure.

"You naughty girl..." Tina shook her head with a doting smile.

Hearing that, Kerr laughed, but he didn't laugh out.

Seeing that they were all laughing, Lily released Tina's hand. She took a washbasin and a towel to have some warm water.

"Auntie, manager." Eric greeted them.

"You can just call me uncle Kerr as Lily does. It sounds awkward to hear you call me manager." Said Kerr with a smile.

"Okay." Eric replied. He didn't expect that the man who was serious in the school contest would be so gentle.

Looking at his leg in plaster and the scratches on his face, Tina felt deeply sorry for him. "To save Lily, you were injured like this. I don't know how to thank you."

"Aunt, you don't have to thank me. It's okay as long as she's fine." Eric replied sincerely. He was glad that Lily had a good mother.

It was not because that she said "thank you", but because of her temperament and her attitude. She was totally different from Lucia. It was hard to tell what kind of eyes did Dillon have. How could he fall in love with such a woman like Lucia.

As they were talking, Lily walked out of the bathroom with a basin of hot water in her hand. She put down the washbasin on a nearby chair and wrung out a dry towel to wash the face for Eric. Her movement was very light and meticulous.

With yesterday's experience, Eric seemed to be accustomed to it, but Tina was surprised. She had never known that her daughter would take care of other people like this!

She wiped his face and then continued to wipe his hands.

"Your hands need to be rubbed again." Lily wiped one of his hands.

"Why?" Eric asked her back subconsciously. She didn't want to wipe it twice last night.

She looked up at him and said, "Because you went to the bathroom just now."

With these words, she turned around, put the towel into the washbasin and began to clean his hands again.

Eric was rendered speechless by her answer. He was just supported to the bathroom, but he didn't wash his hands.

After cleaning, Lily sat on the edge of the bed, opened the heat preservation box and prepared the breakfast. She gave two-thirds of the porridge to Eric, and then began to feed him.

When he took the first bite of porridge, he couldn't help raising his eyebrows. He asked, "Is this porridge cooked by your mother?"

"Yes." Lily nodded and fed him another spoon of porridge.

After eating, he said, "You should inherit your mother's cooking skills."

Hearing that, Lily was stunned for a second. A touch of uneasiness appeared on her face. She nodded casually and said, "Yes."


s go back." Then he turned around and walked to the door. And Daniel immediately caught up with him.

When they were about to leave the room, Lily suddenly thought of something and stopped bush. "Wait for a moment."

"What's wrong, Miss Lily?" Daniel looked at her in confusion.

"I'll take out my phone." She took her bag, and pulled out her mobile phone from it. She zipped it up and handed it to Daniel. "It's ok."

Holding her phone, Lily smiled and thought, 'there are important evidences in this phone. Now that Victor is caught, I have to make a new charge for him.'

After parting with Joe, Lily and Tina took the car of Kerr and he drove directly to the police station.

After they sat in the backseat, Lily held her mother's arm and said with concern, "Mother, Lucia can easily find you this time."

"Don't worry. I'm well protected by Colin." Tina said lightly.

"Uncle Colin is your only support. How could he be defeated by Lucia's people?"

"He will find a way,"

At this moment, Kerr suddenly interrupted, "Tina, have you thought about the thing I told you last time?"

Tina said uneasily, "Give me some time to think about it again."

"What is it?" Lily asked curiously.

Kerr looked at the two people from the rear-view mirror, and said, "I have a manor which has been unoccupied and is in a relatively secret place. Generally, very few people find that place. I want your mother to live there."

Lily was glad to hear that, and said, "Mom, I think uncle Kerr is right. Why don't you say yes? And it is not a good idea to hide with Uncle Colin."

"I..." Tina really didn't know how to explain it to her daughter. If this manor had no other meaning, she nodded and agreed when Kerr requested.

Lily had no idea what was Tina's concern. She just felt happy to hear that her mother had a better life. Moreover, it could be seen that Kerr really wanted to help.

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