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   Chapter 48 He Is Picky About Food

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One vegetable, one meal. Lily fed Eric alternately and she was also eating. They used the same pair of chopsticks during this time, but she did not care about it at all.

At the end of the meal, Lily picked up a piece of corn from the corn carrot and pork rib soup and fed Eric. However, Eric dodged it in disgust. "I don't eat corn."

What? Lily was stunned. "It's very delicious and nutritious."

"I don't want to eat." He looked at her and said in a firm tone.

She looked at him, and then looked at the corns she picked up. She thought for a while, and put the corns in her bowl. She then picked up the spareribs in the soup and fed it to Eric. "Then eat meat, you are picky in eating. You don't even eat corns."

"I don't eat corns, onion, lamb, shrimps or fish." Eric said a lot of food that he didn't like. "By the way, I don't like scallion… No matter what food, no count!"

Hearing that he mentioned so many foods, Lily looked at him in a daze. She couldn't imagine that a man was so picky about food!

Subconsciously, she took a look at the soup. Fortunately, there was no scallion in it, and there was no food he didn't like in the other two dishes.

"But I like all these you said." She was a little dissatisfied.

"It's okay. I can choose other dishes."


Lily didn't notice the conversation between the two at all, but Eric liked it, which was relaxed and warm.

She picked up a carrot and put it to his mouth. "You can't pick up the carrot, can you?"

This time, he didn't say anything and ate it directly.

"Luckily, you ate the carrot. Otherwise, I had to throw it away." She said to herself.

Eric understood what she meant. He smiled and found that she didn't eat carrots.

He ate the ribs and carrots, while she ate corn. After feeding him the soup, Lily stood up and packed the empty lunch box, then threw it out of the ward and into the trash can in the aisle.

When she finally finished it, Eric added, "There is a garbage can."

"There will be smell. I am afraid that you will feel uncomfortable with the smell." Lily replied naturally. Then she took a washbasin to get some warm water.

Eric felt warm in his heart when he heard her answer, and the smile on his face became more and more obvious. He had seen her being cruel, tender and scheming, but in his eyes, she was always innocent.

After Lily came back with warm water, she took off a towel at the head of his bed and started to clean his face, hands and neck.

Without saying a word, Eric just let her look after himself. He was curious about why she could take care of others so carefully?

After cleaning him, Lily put everything back in place, and then sat down by the bed. "I will leave the hospital tomorrow. My grandpa will pick me up."

"Ok." Eric felt disappointed but he concealed it well. He then asked, "Is there only your Grandpa coming to pic

ed the dress and shoes for you. He said your leg was injured and it was inconvenient to wear pants and short skirts, so he bought a long dress for you."


Lily blinked. She didn't expect that Kerr was so careful. She looked at the two people and seemed to smell something different.

Knowing what she was going to say, Kerr was afraid that she would say something inappropriate. So he pointed at the two lunch boxes and changed the topic, "Have your breakfast first."

"Okay." Lily nodded with a smile. Then she asked, "Uncle Kerr, have you eaten with my mom?"

"Yes, I have. I brought these for you. Now eat them." It was Tina who answered. She grabbed Lily's hand and was about to sit down.

"Wait!" Suddenly, Lily got rid of Tina's hands, looked at the two lunch boxes and said, "I can't eat all by myself. I'll take the food to have it with Eric."

"Who is Eric?" Asked Tina subconsciously.

"The man who saved me."

"That's good. I'm going to have a look too. I should thank him."

Lily smiled and walked out of the ward with the lunch box, towards Eric's room, followed by Kerr silently.

When they arrived at the ward of Eric, a male doctor helped him out of the bathroom and carefully helped him to lie in bed. After that, the doctor left after he gave a few words to him.

Walking to the bedside, Lily put the thermos bottle down and asked, "How do you feel today?"

"Yes, a little better." Eric answered. He had a glimpse of the other two and knew who they were.

Seeing this, Lily walked to Tina, took her hand and said, "This is my mother. Do you think she is beautiful? And this is uncle Kerr. You know him."

Hearing that, Eric could not help but tease her, "Yes, she's very beautiful, but I believe that you will surpass her."

He couldn't help laughing when he saw Lily was so excited to introduce her mother. It seemed that he had never seen her be so excited and proud.

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