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   Chapter 46 It's Natural For Me To Save Her

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"Grandpa, let's go inside." With the permission, Lily helped Joe into the ward.

Walking to the ward bed, Joe said to Angela sincerely, "Mrs. Angela, I want to thank you on behalf of Lily."

Then he bowed.

"I can't." She didn't expect Joe to do so, and she hastily reached out her hand to hold him. "Please take a seat. You're an elder, I'm afraid that I can't accept your bow."

"This is my sincerest appreciation." With the support of Angela, Joe sat down.

Lily was shocked what her grandfather did.

"My dear child, thanks to you, Lily could be safe." Looking at Eric who was lying on the sickbed, Joe said, "I will remember your kindness."

"Grandpa Joe, you don't have to thank me. It's my duty to save her." Eric replied in a calm tone.

Lily looked at him in disbelief. These three words were deeply touched her. Her heart was filled with a kind of emotion, sweet and warm.

Angela also couldn't believe her son. She looked at her son in disbelief. How could she, as a mother, not know his thoughts? She gave Lily a secret look with dissatisfaction.

When Joe heard these words, he laughed and said, "Eric, don't say that. Since you have saved Lily life, I owe you and your family a favor."

Then he turned his head and looked at Angela. "If you need any help in the future, just tell me. I will try my best to do anything I can."

"Mr. Joe, you are being too serious. The children are all right now. And you bowed to me just now. I can't..."

"Mrs. Angela." Joe interrupted her and said stubbornly, "I always do what I say. If you refuse me, you look down on me."

Angela was stunned by what he said. She didn't expect that he would say that, so she had to nod her head and replied, "If there's anything you can help with, I'll definitely ask you."

"That's good."

When Eric saw Joe making a bow and promise, he was happy. Although the family didn't like Lily, her grandpa loved her very much.

Seeing what her grandpa had done for her, Lily was very touched, even her eyes were red. This was the first time that she had seen his grandpa bow to others.

"By the way, how did you fall from the cliff?" Joe asked suddenly.

Hearing this, Angela also looked at Eric, eager to know the truth.

"I only saw that someone was chasing after her. It seemed that someone wanted to kill her,"

As soon as Eric finished his words, Angela took a deep breath. She turned to Lily and asked, "Did you make enemies outside?"

Lily shook her head and said, "I don't know who they are. They said that if I didn't go with them, I should jump down. I can't go with them. Their words are so mean. When I was forced to make a choice by them, Eric appeared. He held my hand when I fell down the cliff. As a result, he also fell down with

e is an uncle named Kerr?

It was not until now that Tina remembered the person who sent her here. She quickly turned to look at Kerr, who had been standing quietly. She took the hand of Lily and introduced, "Lily, this is uncle Kerr."

"Kerr..." Lily's brain went blank for a few seconds when she saw Kerr, and it took her a while to come to herself. "Mr. Mr. Kerr?"

"I prefer you to call me uncle Kerr." Kerr smiled generously, patting Lily's head, "I didn't expect your daughter to be this old."

"You, you are my mother's friend?" She asked confusedly.

"Yes." He looked despondent and continued, "It was a long time ago. We have been friends since then."

After saying that, he took a look at Tina with a little nostalgia.

Facing his gaze, Tina looked away subconsciously.

Lily had witnessed all this. After all, she was more than twenty years old and experienced a marriage in her previous life. The first thought in her mind was that Kerr liked her mother!

Everyone was embarrassed. Lily quickly broke the atmosphere. "No wonder Uncle Kerr avenged me today."

Kerr smiled and changed the subject to Tina. "In fact, your mother was going to see you with me this morning, but your uncle Colin was worried about her, so she came to see you now."

After hearing her, Lily turned to look at her and said, "Mom, you shouldn't have come here. If Lucia knows it, you will be very dangerous."

"Don't worry. They're protecting me well." Tina comforted her daughter softly, "We didn't come here until they left."

"Yes." Lily embraced her again and said, "I don't want you to be in any danger."

I failed to save you last life, so you must live well this life.

She didn't speak out the last sentence, but said it in her heart.

"I know." Tina held her daughter in her arms, and patted her back to comfort her.

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