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   Chapter 43 Eat The Rest Of The Breakfast

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The next day, Lily was awakened because someone was talking constantly, but when she opened her eyes, she saw that Lucia was talking to Claire, and Claire was lying in bed wearing sick clothes.

Claire was also hurt? Why was she in the same ward with her?

Lily was confused. She remembered that she was sent to the hospital last night and a nurse took care of her wound and then… Then she seemed to fall asleep!

"It's all brother's fault. He pushed me to the ground in order to save Lily and I sprained my ankle." Claire said in an aggrieved tone.

Hearing that, Lucia was angry, "Did Eden know who was his sister?" He hurt you for that little bitch."

"I don't care. Mom, please help me to curse brother."

"Okay, don't move, you're hurt and take good care of yourself."

Lucia sat with her back to Lily, which blocked Claire's view. So, they didn't notice that Lily had woken up.

Hearing that, Lily's mouth turned into a cold line. Her hands under the quilt clenched unconsciously. She must take her revenge!

Not only did she nearly lose her life, but also Eric nearly died.

But when she heard that, she really wanted to laugh. She thought that Claire deserved that! But for Eden Maybe she should thank him, after all, he came to save her last night.

Lily knew what's right. Although she hated Lucia and Claire, and didn't like Eden, but she had to thank him for helping her.

Thinking of the attitude she had towards him last night, Lily was a little embarrassed. She was so angry.

"Lily, you finally wake up." At this moment, Becky walked into the room limping with a lunch box in her hand. Behind her, there was Alice, with a fruit basket in her hand.

"Becky." Lily struggled to sit up. Then she turned to Alice and said, "Hi, aunt. You are here too."

After glancing at the direction where Lucia was standing, Alice nodded with a smile and said, "I heard from Becky that both of you are injured, so I come here to have a look."

She said in a polite way and then walked towards Lucia and asked, "Mrs. Lucia, how is your daughter?"

"She sprained her ankle. There is nothing serious. She will recover after resting for a period of time." Lucia hastily stood up and took over the fruit basket from Alice's hand. She said politely, "Sorry to let you buy these."

"Don't say this." Alice answered in a polite way, "She sprained her ankle and need to take good care of herself in case of any sequela."

"Yes, that's what I told her just now."

When Alice and Lucia were chatting casually, Becky chose a seat with her back to them. She opened a heat preservation box, got a bowl of porridge and brought it to Lily. "Eat some porridge. My mom made it with Bonnie Soup for you," she whispered

"Thank you." Lily smiled and took them over. She was aware of the kindness of Alice

uetry in his tone. "Moreover, I'm growing up, so the food is not enough for me."

"You..." Before she could say anything else, she was stopped by Richard, "Our son is not full, just let him eat. It's good for him to eat more. After all, he can recover more quickly."

Hearing this, Angela glared at him and then Eric. Then she stood up and walked out the ward, then said, "I want to go out for a walk."

"I'll go with you." Richard also got up and followed her.

After they had left, Becky said to Lily straightforwardly, "Lily, I think his mother dislikes you."

"Becky." Lily winked at her, signaling her not to speak in front of Eric.

Seeing this, Becky shut up. She looked at them and then rolled her eyes. She suddenly smiled. "Lily, you stay here to take care of him. I'm going to see my mother."

Then she turned around and walked out of the room quickly even though her knees were injured.

After a while, there were only two people left in the ward, Lily and Eric.

"Don't mind it, my mother..."

"I know." Lily interrupted him with a smile, "She should be upset. You got injured because of me, and she didn't blame me. I'm glad to see that."

Eric smiled but didn't explain anything. The reason why his mother didn't like her was not only because of this.

Lily sat on the edge of the bed and opened the heat preservation box. Since the empty bowl and spoon on the top were used by her before, it was not good to use them. She used the clean spoon on the head of the bed.

"I had this porridge before. You don't care, do you?" She looked at him and asked.

A hint of smile flashed through his black eyes, but he had a very disgusted expression on his face. "You're too insincere. You even gave me the leftovers."


Lily was a little embarrassed. She subconsciously thought that he would not mind, but she did not expect that he minded.

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