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   Chapter 41 Self Blame

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Arriving at the scene, Eden pointed at the cliff and said, "Someone fell from here. Although I didn't see it, there are traces of slipping on the edge of the cliff."

Before he finished his words, several policemen had already arrived at the area. They also scanned the surroundings.

"What's wrong with him?" At this time, the tourist attractions staff suddenly pointed to a strong man who was tied to a tree and asked.

"I kidnapped this man." As he spoke, he walked over. "When I found this place, he was already in a coma, and I believe that he must be one of the people who chased my sister."

Speaking of this, Eden frowned. If he was one of the men who caught Lily, then why did he faint?

Moreover, Lily could not beat such a strong man, which meant that someone was helping her, but he did not see the man. Did he fall down together?

After they finished investigating the surroundings, the police confirmed a rescue plan and asked the accompanying nurse to check the man in a coma. After confirming that he was only fainted, they took him away, leaving several staff here.

Compared with the blaze of search and rescue on the cliff, the cliff was extra quiet.

When Lily opened her eyes, she could not believe that she was alive. But the heat and pain from the throat made her feel that it was not a dream.

"Ahem!" She coughed due to the uncomfortable throat and struggled to sit up.

But the pain in her back made her gasp. It was so painful that she probably fell down and hit a stone. Lily thought of falling off the cliff. Ignoring the pain on her body, she looked around but didn't see the man he was looking for.

"Gu..." As soon as she opened her mouth, she could hardly speak, but she still insisted on calling: "Eric, where are you?"

Without any response, Lily got up from the ground, gritting her teeth. Her knees were probably injured and it hurt so much that she couldn't stand firm. She picked up the stick and struggled to stand up.

With one hand on the stick and the other on the waist, Lily walked forward step by step with great difficulty. "Eric, Eric..."

Lily shouted, but no one answered. Her eyes turned red and tears fell down from her eyes. At the moment of falling, he grasped her hand tightly. Although she was unconscious at that time, she still felt that she was held in his arms when rolling down, or the wound on her body couldn't be so slight!

Her heart ached. She had lived twice, but she had never met such a man. He even risked his life to save her.

"Eric, where are you?" She shouted the name with all her strength, but still got no response.

"Eric! Eric!"

"Answer me, Eric!"

The sounds echoed in the valley, even the birds in the trees were amazed into the sky.

"Eric..." Lily was devastated. She swayed the stick in her hand and kn

As she spoke, she took back her sight and looked at him. And just as she took back her sight, she saw her backpack, which was not far from Eric's feet.

Suddenly she laughed, "I think I don't need to find the water."

After saying that, she stretched out her hand and tried to drag her backpack with great difficulty. She had to do that with one hand, because she was holding Eric with the other hand.

As she unzipped the bag difficultly, the first thing she did was not to take out water, but to take out the coat inside and covered it on Eric. She said, "This was prepared by Becky for me, and now it's in use."

It was a pink coat. Although it was not very thick, it felt warmer than before.

"You wear it. I'm in better health than you." Eric wanted to take off the coat and put it on Lily, but she stopped him.

"You are seriously injured." Then she covered him with her clothes and took out a bottle of water from her backpack. She prepared it before she went out.

"Let me screw it."

Obediently to her words, Eric reached out and took the bottle. Lily twisted the lid off the bottle. It took her some time to open it.

Then she took out the bottle of water and fed it to Eric's mouth carefully, "Open your mouth."

Hearing this, he opened his mouth and took a sip with the bottled water in it. He frowned unconsciously and said, "The water is so cold."

"Is the water very cold?" Lily seemed to ask Eric, or she was talking to herself. She took a sip of the water and shivered. "It's a bit cold."

But why didn't she feel cold held it in hand? She was confused and then touched her face with the water. She found her hand was very cold. No wonder she couldn't feel the water.

But there wasn't any boiled water in the mountain, what could they do? She looked down at the man in her arms, and found that the cold water was not good for his health.

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