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   Chapter 39 Distress In The Mountain

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The road was rugged, and it was very difficult to run. In addition, they were chased by two men, and they were two little girls. The physical strength was definitely not as good as them.

They ran in a panic all the way, and they didn't have time to think about whether their feet hurt or not.

"Help!" Becky believed that there must be someone outside and they can heard what she said.

"You, stop!" The two strong men sped up and chased after them.

"Help! Help!" Becky was still crying for help, her voice hoarse.

As the distance between them was getting closer and closer, Lily began to feel anxious. She suddenly turned her head, looked at Becky and said, "Let's run separately and distract their attention."

Understanding what she meant, Becky nodded, "okay."

They loosened their hands and spread apart from one to the other. Due to the scenic area and more trees, the two separated quickly disappeared into the jungle.

But no matter how fast they ran, they couldn't faster than these two big men!

Becky didn't dare to look back, but after running for a while, she found something wrong because there was no footsteps behind her.

As she ran, she looked back and found nobody behind!

Damn it! The two men were chasing after Lily! Becky panicked and almost fell to the ground.

Her hand was abraded, and her knees hit the stone, making it difficult for her to stand up. In spite of the pain on her body, she hastily stood up from the ground.

Looking around, she found that there was almost no road and there were all mountain roads around, and there were not many people walking on that kind of path. It seemed that they had just walked into the empty area of the scenic area.

Without thinking too much, she got out through the narrow path and took out her phone to make an emergency call.

When Lily told her to run away, Becky understood, she was testing the two people.

If their goal was both of them, it didn't help whether they ran separately or not, but if their goal was only one of them, then the other can find help.

Now it seemed that Lily was right.

After holding the phone for a long time, she couldn't even dial a number. Becky was anxious. She looked at the phone carefully and couldn't help swearing. "Damn it, the signal can't be reached at the critical moment!"

She had no choice but to run faster as she called for help. She believed that someone would hear her!

"Help! Help, help..."

She ran and shouted, and almost used up all her strength. She was almost unable to shout, but she still insisted.

The first one to hear was Eden. At this time, he was taking pictures with Claire. And the voice was a little familiar.

The voice for help was getting fainter and fainter, but he felt that it was getting closer and closer to him. He put the camera in Claire's hand and tried to find the voice.

"Brother, where are you going?" Seeing that, Claire hurriedly followed up.

Without answering her, he looked in the direction of the faint cry.

Becky could hardly walk, the mountain was at a high

t jumping off the cliff was directly died and she had no idea what kind of torture she would suffer if she went with them.

At this moment, Lily knew clearly that she couldn't run anymore. The two men stood in front of her and were going to jointly attack her from left to right.

And there was another reckless way, which was to rush out from the middle of the two men at a very fast speed. But it was impossible for her at all. Now she had almost used up her physical strength.

"If I go with you, can you make sure that I won't die?" Lily asked, looking at them.

"Of course." The strong man was very determined, but his eyes were shining with greed. "And I can promise you that you will live a very comfortable life."

Lily felt sick at the sight of the man. Her fists clenched unconsciously. The disgusting feeling rose in her heart. She said, "If you tell me who asked you to catch me, I'll go with you."

"You come with us first. We will tell you if we feel comfortable." The strong man was not a fool and told Lily his requirement.

Lily frowned as she didn't get an answer from them. She took a look at the direction behind them and prayed that Becky could find someone to save her. She had a chance to live again, she didn't want to die for no reason.

She thought hard and changed her strategy. "Well, you answer me a question, and I'll go with you after that."

"Go ahead," The man looked at her with a smile, as if seeing a piece of meat that was about to reach his mouth.

"That's enough." The strong man who spoke at the beginning frowned and looked at that person. "Hurry up and leave, in case someone comes later."

"This is a deserted area. No one will come." He didn't care about it. He looked at Lily and said, "What's more, she is a beautiful girl. It's a waste if I don't make love with her?"

His words shook the strong man's determination. "Then hurry up."

Hearing their conversation, Lily was furious, but she do nothing. What she could do now was stall for time and hoped someone could come soon!

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