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   Chapter 36 Protection From Eden

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After work, Lily went back home in the car of Dillon. She didn't plan to go back with them at first, but Joe left the company early in the afternoon, so she had to go home with them.

When she returned home, Lucia and her daughter glanced at her angrily, and ignored by the Dillon. Only when she met with the sight of Eden, there was a little worry in his eyes.


Huh Lily smiled. Was he still worried about being hit by them?

Although they would not fight, she could not bear what they said.

"Well, you become smarter now. You know how to seek help from Grandpa." Claire said sarcastically.

"What's the use of seeking shelter!" After she just finished her words, Lucia immediately opened her mouth. She stared at Lily coldly and said, "Lily, we are not bad for you. You have to grab Claire for everything. Frank gave Claire a gift. If it wasn't for you, so you pushed Claire into the water. Why are you so vicious?"

If it was the previous life, Lily would have lowered her head, but this life she had nothing to fear. And now, they didn't dare to do anything to her because of Grandpa.

Looking at the disgusting mother and daughter indifferently, she smiled. "Really? Am I vicious?"

As she spoke, she turned to look at Eden and said in a somewhat innocent tone, "Brother, aunt said I am vicious. Do you think I am vicious?"

Lucia and Claire didn't expect that she would talk to Eden like that. They were both angry. At the same time, they looked at Eden with a hint of warning.

Eden frowned. His hand hanging on his side tightened. The scene he saw last night recurred to his mind. He remembered the wound on Lily, which he saw in Eric's room.

"It was Claire's fault. Lily had nothing to do with it." Finally, he chose to tell the truth.

Lily looked at surprised. She didn't expect Eric to defend her!

"Eden, you..." Lucia looked at him angrily.

"Brother, why do you help outsider?" Claire shouted at him in dissatisfaction.

"Lily is not an outsider." Eden took a deep look at her, "What I said is truth. Don't ever frame others."

"Brother, you How could you say that to me? Daddy... " Refusing to give up, Claire turned to the Dillon and asked for his help. "Look at my brother. It was Lily's fault. How could he help her bit me back?"

Dillon frowned unhappily. He looked at Claire and then at Lily. He said in a low voice, "This matter has passed. Why do you look into it?"

Claire wanted to say more, but when he said that, she closed her mouth, but the stare at Lily couldn't wait to stare her into a hole.

Lucia was not reconciled at all, but she couldn't go on causing trouble, so this matter was dismissed.

Lily didn't plan to eat the dinner. She turned around and went upstairs, but before she went upstairs, she took a look at Eden.

After taking a look at them, Dillon went upstairs to his room.

Seeing that, Lucia took Eden's hand and scolded him, "What did I say to you last night? Claire is your sister. How can you help that bitch?"


personally." Claire complained.

"Speak the point." Eden was impatient, took out his mobile phone and glanced, it turned out to be out of power.

The arrival of Claire and her loud voice attracted the attention of many people around them.

As for his attitude, Claire was somewhat dissatisfied, but she still told him the purpose of coming here. "Frank invited us to dinner tonight. My mother asked us to go back early to prepare."

"Okay." He put away his cellphone and bowed his head again to continue reading.

Seeing her brother no longer talking to her, Claire was somewhat unhappy. She was about to leave. But when she turned to Lily again, she felt more upset.

When she walked out of the classroom and passed by her seat, she raised her voice deliberately. "Someone doesn't have such a good luck as today. She's now out of the invitation, right? Anyway, as a mistress's daughter, she's so cheap."

"You..." Lily hadn't lost her temper yet. Becky was anxious to stand up and speak for her, but she was stopped by Lily, who shook her head and hinted her not to say anything.

Then she turned her head and looked coldly at Claire. When she was about to say something, Eden had already stood up.

"Claire!" With a deep voice, he came to Claire's side and pulled her out of the class, "Who allows you to say these words? Lily is your sister!"

Their interaction attracted the attention of all the people in the classroom, but most of them were looking at Lily.

Lily didn't mind. Thanks to Claire, everyone had already known her identity as the 'mistress' in the school.

But to her surprise, since the day she met with Eden at the company when he apologized to her, he had been defending her these days, either at home or at school.

Even Becky felt his change. She looked at Lily in surprise. "Lily, what's wrong with Eden? Why do I feel he is protecting you?"

Lily shrugged. "I don't know. Maybe he is crazy."

To be honest, she still didn't understand why Eden helped her.

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