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   Chapter 31 Covertly Contest

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Seeing the members of the Gu family asked Wayne, Lily laughed ironically. What kind of mother will give birth to what kind of child.

The anxious behavior of Jade and Frank were too obvious and disgusting.

But, Eric…

Lily turned to look at Wayne and Eric. They were both mild and warm. No one knew what Eric said, but Wayne touched his head with a smile.

Perhaps Wayne realized that there were still other people, he finally stopped talking to Eric. He looked in the direction of the Qiao family.

"Sorry, I left you alone."

"Uncle, please don't say that." Dillon smiled and said, "You just came back. It's good to have a chat with your family."

"All right. All right. No more greetings." "Go and tell the cooks to serve the dishes," he said to Simon.

"Grandpa, let me do this." Frank stood up and went straight to the kitchen.

It was almost evening, but the artificial lake was bright. Everyone at the dinner party was talking and laughing, talking something unimportant.

It was not until after dinner and everybody was enjoying the desserts and fruits that Wayne Gu brought the topic to the point.

"I've heard about the thing between Frank and Miss Claire." He said in a serious tone, "Now that you have announced your engagement in front of the media, I will not object. After all, it is related to the reputation of the two families."

It was a deal. Everyone was happy to hear that. But no one seemed to be excited, because they could guess that he wouldn't object.

This matter had nothing to do with Lily. So she didn't care about it at all. She just listened to them quietly with no expression on her face. The same with her was Eric, who was leisurely leaning against the back of the chair with Angela. Nobody knew what he was thinking about.

"But..." He turned to look at Claire and said seriously, "The Gu family can't be married by their own wills. Even if you were engaged, the marriage still doesn't count if I don't accept it!"

All of a sudden, everyone looked at Wayne with different expressions. Even Lily looked at him in amazement.

Claire was stunned. After all, she was still a young girl. She could hardly stand such pressure and her face suddenly became gloomy.

Lucia's face darkened, but she still smiled and said, "You are right. My daughter is still young. If she does something wrong, please forgive her."

Wayne glance at her and said, "She didn't do anything wrong. And she doesn't need my forgiveness."

Lucia got anxious and said, "Uncle, we have told the engagement in front of all the media. We can't repent, right?"

"Didn't you hear me clearly?" Asked Wayne unhappily.


"Uncle, I know what you mean." Lucia wanted to say something more, but was stopped by Dillon. He smiled and said, "We will educated her well. Please don't worry."

"Yes." Wayne answered and continued, "You have ten

wards his room.

Looking at his back, Claire smiled with satisfaction. She didn't expect that he would prepare her a gift.

She turned around and looked at the lake. She was so excited that she wanted to scream out, but she didn't because the elders were not far away. However, when she turned around and saw the two people sitting and chatting, the smile on her face disappeared.

The look in Eric's eyes was very unusual. It was easy to tell that he had feelings for Lily.

"Humph, you're such a bitch."! Claire let out a scornful Snort and her face flashed a smile. She took a look in the direction of Frank, noticing that he was still not out. So, she walked towards them.

"Sister." Walking up to Lily, Claire said to her with a smile, "I see. You and Eric are chatting here."

Lily, who was talking to Eric, raised her head and took a quick look at her. She frowned and asked, "What's up?"

Lily didn't want to pretend to be intimate with her when there was no one else present. Even though there was Eric, she didn't have to pretend in front of him.

"Can't I talk to you for nothing?" Claire looked at Lily innocently. "I haven't seen you for a few days. I have something to tell you."

"Oh, then what do you want to say?" Lily looked at her indifferently.

"Of course it's the words between me and my sister." She smiled as she stretched out her head to take a look at Eric, "I can't say anything when Eric is here. Sister, how about we go there to have a talk?"

"No need. You can tell me what you want." Lily refused bluntly.

A touch of embarrassment flashed across Claire's face. She gave Lily a resentful look, and then put on an embarrassed expression. "We are girls? It's not good for Eric to hear that."

At this moment, Eric stood up and said, "Go ahead."

With those words, he glanced at Claire unhappily. He took a few steps and sat down again within ten meters from them.

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