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   Chapter 30 The Gu Family's Evening Party

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The next day, evidence of Yasmin and Sheena's crimes was handed over to the police station. It was brought over to them by Eric, and Lily was merely asked by the police to give a statement.

At the same time, Eric also submitted an injury report, which greatly surprised Lily. When she asked him where the report came from, he never answered.

He obviously didn't want to tell her, so Lily never bothered to ask him anymore. The reports had been filed, and she didn't care much about the outcome.

She was more concerned about hiding her injuries from the Qiao family, so she decided to stay at Becky's house for the next couple of days. During this time, Eric would be responsible for hiring two full-time drivers who would pick them up and drive them to school every day.

That Friday, after classes ended, when Lily and Becky approached the school gate, they were surprised to find Frank at the entrance.

Frank was wearing his casual clothes, leaning against the car door behind him. It looked like he was waiting for someone. As much as Lily and Becky wanted to avoid him, it would be difficult, as Eric's car was not far away from his car.

"Shame on him!" Becky said, scorn apparent in her low voice.

Lily smiled and held her hand. "Never mind him," she said, as she led her friend to Eric's car.

It seemed that the more they wanted to avoid him, the more chances there were of meeting him. Sure enough, Frank saw the two as they turned around.

"Lily," Frank called.

She frowned, thinking about whether she should just ignore him or not. In the end, she decided just to continue walking.

"Lily!" He thought she didn't hear, so he called out again, louder this time. He tried to catch up with them and said, "I have something to tell you."

It was unavoidable now, so Lily had no choice but to turn around and face him. "Mr. Frank?" She tried to look as puzzled as she could. "Why are you here?"

"I'm here to pick up Claire," he answered with a smile.

"Alright." Lily nodded. "What did you want to tell me?"

He hesitated and glanced at Becky first, then he said, "I've heard from Claire that you've been living in your friend's house for a few days..."

"Yes, that's true," Becky interrupted before he could finish. She couldn't just stand him. "Lily's been with me."

Frank didn't look too happy about being cut off. He turned his attention towards Lily once more and said, "My father would like to invite you to a small family party tonight."

A family party? A party only with the people of Gu and Qiao families?

"Frank," Claire called at that very moment. She approached him and asked, "Are you here to pick me up?"

"Yes," Frank replied with a smile. He hid the uneasiness on his face when Claire appeared.

"I knew it." Claire smiled, seemingly satisfied. She glanced brightly at Lily.

In response, Lily just raised the corners of her lips. She had an ironic feeling about this very public "shameless" couple.

Meanwhile, Becky, who was standing beside them, just rolled her eyes.


A sudden honk got everyone's attention.

Lily saw Eric look at her through his car's windshield. He mouthed, "We should leave."

"Okay, I'll be right there," Lily answered as she smiled at him. She then turned away from the others, took Becky's hand, and said, "We're leaving." The walked together towards Eric's car.

Claire clung tighter to Frank as she saw Lily and Becky get into their ride. The expression on her face was full of resentment.

Frank was a little better at concealing his feelings, though. He just put on an indifferent expression; however, it was still apparent that his gaze could burn even through Eric's windshield.

Eric gave the couple a cold glance as Lily and Becky got into his car. Then, they raised the window and he drove away.

As she watched the car fade, Claire looked at Frank and said, "We should leave, too."

Her voice made him recover from his sudden shock. He smiled and replied," Alright, let's go."

Meanwhile, at the car, Lily pondered Frank's invitation. She really didn't want to attend. Only when Dillon called her halfway through the drive was she forced to go.

Eric also got a call at about the same time that Lily received hers. It was a call from home, in which he simply answered "Yes," then he hung up.

"I'll go with you," he told Lily as he peered at her through the rear-view mirror. "My grandpa is back."

Lily smiled as she heard this. "I understand. This is not going to be a simple family dinner."

Eric smiled and continued to focus on his driving.

Becky was just listening as they talked. She was a tiny bit confused, but figured that she didn't need to ask about it anymore. She instead held Lily's hands, trying to cheer her up.

Lily smiled as she felt the warmth of her friend's hand. She then thought about the party, and what surprises awaited her there.

The much-anticipated dinner was held at an artificial lake owned by the Gu family. A huge sum of money was involved in building this lake, and it was specially constructed for the old master of the family, Wayne Gu.

The lake itself was a modest body of water, while in the center of it was a grand pavilion. This structure was adorned and surrounded by a great variety of lush flowers and plants.

Except for a few VIPs, everyone had been at the hall when Eric and Lily arr

ived. Wayne Gu hadn't showed up yet.

Still, their arrival turned heads, and almost everyone's eyes were on them as they walked in.

Eric took a look around, regarded the people, and found a place away from them for him to sit down. Everyone seemed to be used to his manners, so no one said anything.

Lily walked towards the people with a polite smile.

"Hi, Uncle Simon, and Aunt Jade," she greeted them brightly.

"Yes, hello," Simon responded with a smile, though the disappointment in his eyes was obvious.

Meanwhile, Jade pretended she didn't hear her. She just cast a glance and ignored the girl.

Lily saw heir expressions, but she wasn't affected by their reactions any more. She remembered the vow of revenge she made, that time when Jade slandered her name in front of the media. However, she decided that now was not the time for that.

It was still awkward, but it was good that the mood didn't really seem to change upon Lily's arrival. Dillon continued to speak with Lucia and Eden, while Frank and Claire were talking and laughing with each other.

Lily smiled at the others as well. When she saw Eric's parents, she greeted them politely, "Hi, Uncle Richard, Aunt Angela."

"Hi, Lily," Richard nodded with a friendly smile.

Angela nodded casually and regarded her, from head to toe.

"Lily, why are you so late?" Claire stood up and freed herself from Frank's arm as she walked towards Lily with a smile.

A flicker of disgust passed through Lily's eyes, which quickly disappeared. "I just went to Becky's house to get a change of clothes. I'm sorry I came a little late," she replied, still smiling.

Lily knew that Claire just wanted to embarrass her, but she never minded.

"Okay," Claire nodded, pretending to accept her excuse. She then drove her point home and added, "Eric's really a gentleman, huh. He even drove you to change your clothes."

Her voice had a hint of envy, but fortunately it wasn't too loud. However, everyone at the table still heard what she said. It was apparent on everyone's expression that Claire got their attention.

Even Eric, who was silently sitting in his corner, heard it and turned to look at them. Light reflected from his black eyes as he stared intently.

And so, as casual as Lily's arrival was, it was Claire's words that brought on the awkward atmosphere. Lily just stared at her sister coldly. It would have been okay if she was the only one targeted. However, she didn't like that Claire was trying to drag Eric into this mess.

Lily raised her eyebrows and said in her mind, "Claire, I'll make sure that you will get neither of the two men of the Gu family."

"There's nothing wrong with classmates helping each other," interrupted Richard, trying to break the tense mood. "And they drove the same way to get here."

"True, true," Dillon echoed as he realized that this could look bad for the Qiao family. He shot Lily a reproachful glance.

As if saving the moment, Wayne Gu appeared, donning a modest-looking Chinese tunic. He walked slowly, a string of Buddhist prayer beads in his hands.

"Grandpa," Frank said as he immediately held his grandfather's arm. "You're here! Why didn't you let me see you sooner, since you got home this morning? I really missed you so much."

Wayne Gu smiled. "Such sweet words. Why didn't you come to visit me in Canada, then?"

"I'm attached to a lot of things here."

"Oh, that's a good excuse. But don't fool me with that."

Considering his age, Wayne Gu stood out among the crowd. At seventy years old, he still looked radiant; no one would guess his real age. However, it was obvious that his health wasn't as good as it had been for the past two years.

"Dad, you're finally back," Simon greeted his father warmly. "We all missed you so much."

"Indeed," Jade quickly added. "You've been in Canada for several months now. Simon took really good care of the company during the period."

"I know you all missed me," Wayne replied with a smile as she looked at her.

Richard and Angela were much more quieter in their approach.

"Dad, how were you doing there, by the way?" Richard asked, concern in his voice.

"I ate well and slept well. It was more comfortable than home, actually, because there was almost always no one around. I liked the time alone," he answered, nodding.

"That's good to hear," Richard replied. "Angela prepared some tonic mixtures for you. I'll send them later."

"Thank you. That's very kind." Frank helped his grandfather settle down to a seat. "I have been in Canada for several months, but I am not as strong as before."

"You still look very healthy, Grandpa," Frank replied with a smile

Wayne Gu looked at Frank and shook his head as he smiled back. After a quick moment, he saw Eric sitting alone away from the crowd. He couldn't help but call out, "Eric!"

"Hey, grandpa!" Eric turned around to answer. He didn't expect his grandfather to spot him.

"Why don't you come and see your grandpa?' His words sounded as if he was disappointed, but there was fondness apparent on Wayne Gu's face.

"Grandpa, you know me. I don't really like these kinds of events," Eric said as he walked towards Wayne Gu.

"What, do you think I should come to you personally instead?"

"Why not?" Eric replied in jest. Before Wayne Gu could reply, Eric had already reached their table.

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