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   Chapter 30 Evening Banquet Of Gu Family

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The next day, evidence about the crimes committed by York and Sheena was handed over to the police station, but not from Lily, but from Eric. Lily was only asked by the police to record a confession.

At the same time, Eric also submitted a wound report, which surprised Lily a lot, and asked him where the report came from, but the answer was: absolutely true!

He didn't want to tell her, and Lily didn't ask him anymore. This matter had finally been settled. As for the result, Lily didn't care.

Lily didn't tell anyone about her injury to Qiao family and she had been living with Becky in the following two days. In the following two days, Eric would be responsible for the two full-time drivers to pick them up and drive them to school every day.

It was Friday and the class was over in the afternoon. When Lily and Becky arrived at the school gate, they were surprised to find that Frank was there.

Wearing casual clothes, he was leaning against the car door behind him. It seemed that he was waiting for someone, and Eric's car was parked not far away.

"Shame on him!" Becky said scornfully in a low voice.

Lily just smiled and held her hand. They walked towards Eric's car.

But sometimes, the more you wanted to escape something, the easier you would meet. Just at the moment when they turned around, Frank had seen them.

"Lily." Frank shouted.

Lily frowned and didn't know whether she should leave or not. But she ignored him and continued walking.

"Lily." Frank thought she didn't hear him, so he called her again and came over, "I have something to tell you."

Lily had to stop, turn around and looked at him in surprise. "Mr. Frank? Why did you come to our school?"

"Yes, I'm here to pick up Claire." Said Frank with a smile.

"Okay." Lily nodded. "You just said you have something to tell me. What's it?"

He cast a glance at Becky and said, "I heard from Claire that you have been living in your classmate's house for several days..."

"Yes." Becky interrupted him before he could finish his sentence because she didn't like his sight, "Lily has been with me these days."

An unnatural look flashed across Frank's face when he heard this. He then looked back at Lily and said, "My father invited you to attend a small family party tonight."

Family dinner? Family dinner of Gu family and Qiao family?

"Brother Frank." Just then, Claire came over. With a big smile on her face, she asked, "Are you here to pick me up?"

"Yes." Said Frank with a smile. The uneasiness on his face disappeared because of her appearance.

"I know it." Claire smiled with satisfaction. She glanced at Lily and felt quite happy.

Seeing this, Lily just raised the corners of her mouth. She felt ironic about this "shameless" couple.

Becky, who sat beside them, rolled her eyes at them.


A sudden honk attracted their attention.

Eric looked at Lily through the car window and flatly said, "We should leave."

"Okay, I'll be right there." Lily answered with a smile. She turned around and looked at the people. "We're leaving now." Then she left with Becky.

Seeing that they got into the car of Eric, Claire clenched her hands on the arms of Frank tightly with a face full of resentment.

And for Frank, he was much better at hiding his expression than Claire. Nothing can be seen on his face, but his sight can burn someone!

After Lily and Becky got into the car, Eric cast a cold glance at the two people who had different expressions on their faces, raised the window and drove away.

Claire looked at Frank and said with a smile, "Let's go, Frank."

Frank quickly recovered from the shock. He smiled and nodded, "Okay, let's go."

Lily didn't want to go to the so-called family party, but halfway to the home, Dillon called in person, so she had to go.

Eric picked up a phone halfway, and it was also called from his home. He only said yes and hung up.

"I will go with you." He looked at Lily from the rear-view mirror and said, "My grandpa is back."

Lily smiled ironically after hearing his words. "This is not a simple family dinner."

Eric smiled and continued driving.

Becky glanced at them. Although she was confused, she didn't ask. Instead, she made a gesture to cheer Lily up.

Holding her hands with a smile, Lily smiled and thought about the family dinner tonight.

The so-called family dinner was held at the artificial lake built with a huge sum of money by the Gu family, and it was specially made for the old master of the Gu family, Wayne Gu.

The lake was not big. In the middle of the lake, there was a pavilion surrounded by all kinds of

compete flowers and plants.

When Eric and Lily arrived, everyone else had been at the hall, except for the bigwigs, Wayne Gu didn't show up.

Their arrival attracted many people's attention.

Eric took a glance at all the people indifferently and then found a place far away from them and sat down. Everyone seemed to be accustomed to his performance, and no one said anything.

Lily walked towards them with a polite smile.

"Uncle, aunt." She greeted them with a smile.

"Yes." Although Simon responded with a smile, the dissatisfaction in his eyes was obvious.

Jade didn't seem to hear what Lily talked. She just cast a glance at Lily and ignored her.

Lily didn't care about their reaction at all. She was sure to take her revenge since Jade slandered her in front of the media last time, but not now.

The awkward atmosphere didn't affect others at all. Dillon was still talking with Lucia and Eden, while Frank and Claire were still talking and laughing.

Even so, Lily smiled politely and greeted, "Uncle Richard, aunt Angela."

"Yes." Richard nodded with a friendly smile.

Angela Sun just nodded casually and looked at her up and down.

"Sister, why are you so late?" Claire let go of Frank's arm and walked towards Lily with a smile.

There was a flicker of disgust in her eyes but it quickly disappeared. Lily smiled and said, "I went to Becky's home to change my clothes. I came a little late."

She seemed to realize the purpose of Claire's question, and answered vaguely.

"Okay." Claire nodded, pretending to understand what she meant. Then she changed the subject, "Eric is really a gentleman. He even helped you change your clothes."

The voice of her words was not loud, with a deliberate tone of envy. However, it changed the face of everyone here, who looked at them.

Even Eric, who was sitting in a remote place, turned his eyes. Horrifying light was reflected from his black eyes.

The atmosphere was completely awkward. Lily looked at Claire coldly. If Claire only targeted at her, she wouldn't mind it so much. But now she was unhappy that Claire wanted to make trouble for Eric.

Claire raised her eyebrows proudly. 'brother of Gu family, you can't even dream of marrying one of them!'

"It's okay for classmates to help each other." Said Richard, breaking the deadlock. "And they are on the same way."

"Yes, yes." Realizing that it was a disgrace to the Qiao family, the Dillon quickly echoed. However, he secretly glowered at Lily.

At this moment, Wayne Gu in a Chinese tunic costume appeared. He came slowly with a string of Buddhist prayer beads in his hand.

"Grandpa." Frank held his arm immediately and said, "Why didn't you let me have a look at your to relieve me of my lovesickness since you got home this morning? Why did you come out until now?"

Wayne smiled, "Sweet words? Then why don't you come to Canada?"

"I have a lot of things."

"Don't try to deceive me. I have more things than you."

Wayne stood among the crowd. Though he was seventy years old, he still looked radiant. No one could know his real age. However, his health was not as good as before in the past two years.

"Dad, you're finally back." Simon said warmly, "We all miss you so much."

"Yes." Jade said quickly, "You have been to Canada for several months. Simon takes good care of our company now."

"I know you all miss me." Said Wayne with a smile, taking a look at her.

Compared with them, Mr. Richard and Mrs. Angela were much quieter.

"Dad, how are you doing there?" Richard asked with concern.

"I ate well and slept well. When no one is around, I had a more comfortable life than home," he answered and nodded with kind.

"That's good." Said Richard, "Angela has prepared some tonic things for you. I'll send them to you later."

"Well, that's very kind of you." Supported by Frank, Wayne sat down. "I have been to Canada for several months. But I am not as strong as before."

"Grandfather, you look very healthy." Said Frank with a smile on his face.

Wayne glanced at Frank and shook his head, smiling. But when he caught a glimpse of Eric who was sitting alone outside the crowd, he couldn't help but shout, "Eric."

"Grandpa." Eric called him as he turned around, didn't intend to come here.

"Why don't you come to see your grandpa?" Her words seemed to be discontented with Eric, but there was a touch of fondness on Wayne's face.

"Grandpa, you know that I don't like boisterous events," said Eric, walking towards him.

"Do you want me to go to you in person?"

"Why not?" While he was speaking, Eric had already walked to him.

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