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   Chapter 29 Revenge

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Once they had arrived at the place that Eric said, Terence was already there patiently waiting along with three or four of his buddies.

"Where the hell are they?" Eric asked.

"They're inside locked up in a room." After thinking about it for a while, Terence smiled and went to Eric's side. "Boss, are you going to avenge her?" he whispered to him.

Eric took a glance at him. "Mind your own damn business. Just open the door."

"Well, it really is none of my business…" He shrugged and ordered one of his men to open the door.

"Okay, Terence," the man closest to Terence said to him and immediately opened it.

The door and windows were locked from the outside to prevent them from escaping.

Her back was injured and her legs were full of bruises, so she had to be supported by Becky all the way here. They merely stood quietly behind Eric and watched as the door slowly opened.

Yasmin and Sheena huddled together. Even though Yasmin was terrified, she still tried to pick up all of the courage she had just to say, "What are you going to do?"

"Well, what do you think?" Terence walked close to them acting devious.

"You'd better not do anything brash, otherwise… Otherwise, my father won't let you go!"

"Oh, you got me… I'm so terrified…" Terence held his arms up and stepped a few steps back, pretending to be scared. "Nah, I'm just kidding. To be honest, I don't know who your father is and quite frankly, I don't care so I'm not afraid of him."

"Let us go right now before the police arrive!" Sheena exclaimed in defiance.

"You'd better think about how to save yourselves now, now that the police haven't arrived," Eric suddenly replied. His face was in a scowl.

"E... Eric." They immediately recognized him. When they saw Lily and Becky just behind him, they felt even more depressed.

Lily looked at them with cold piercing eyes. She pushed Becky's hands away and straightened her back. She then walked up to them, taunting them like she was the victor. She stretched her hand out to them and said, "Give them to me."

"W-what?" Yasmin's eyes flashed and couldn't even dare to look at Lily's eyes.

"Give them to me now!" Lily said in a serious and almost shouting tone.

"I don’t have what you wa—"


Before Yasmin was even able to finish her sentence, Lily's hand had already slapped her face. The slap was so strong, even Lily shook her hands to numb the sensation.

"How… How dare you!" Yasmin covered the side of her face where Lily's slap landed.

"That's not the only thing you're getting if you don't hand them over," Lily said. She held her wrist and stretched it a bit to taunt and intimidate her.

"How dare you!" Yasmin was already getting irritated. She looked at Lily with eyes full of hatred. "You're only just a daughter of a mistress in the Qiao family. How dare you hit me!"


Lily hurled another slap, this time on the other side of Yasmin's face.

"You…" It was already Yasmin's breaking point. She finally retaliated and slapped Lily back.

But her wrist was caught by Eric before she could even hit Lily. He grabbed her by the wrist and placed it behind her back. The sudden motion made Yasmin scream in pain.

"Ow! Stop it! Let me go, you psycho!"

"Stop it! Let her go already! You're breaking the law!" Sheena stood out in defense of Yasmin.

"Breaking the law?" Lily repeated as she looked at her. "Did you break the law when you treated me like that?"

"I…" Sheena trembled and took a few steps back. "It's all your fault. We're just doing what you did to us."

Lily tilted her head slightly and reached out her hand once again. "Oh, if you just gave me what I asked for, everything would be okay. But if you don't…"

She deliberately didn't finish her sentence to make Sheena fear her.

"No… no! We already told you, they are not with us!" Maybe it's because of fear or nervousness, but Sheena had already broken down and cried. "They took everything from us!"

In the end, she was almost shouting. She pointed her finger to Terence as she trembled.

"There we go. That wasn’t so hard after all, right?" Lily said. She then looked at Eric who was still grabbing Yasmin by the wrist before she shifted her gaze to Terence.

"Why didn't you tell me that you already have them?"

"Ha-ha." Terence playfully touched his nose. "I just wanna know how you're going to deal with these two."

"Well, now you've seen it." Lily raised her eyebrows inquisitively.

"Yes, I have." Terence nodded quickly and accidentally met with Eric's gaze. Feeling uncomfortable for a bit, he turned around and went outside. "Excuse me, I'll just get the things you want."

He shivered as he finally got out of the room. The look in the boss's eyes was too frightening. Plus, the woman he was with was just as scary as he was.

He dared not irritate either of them.

Lily smiled and finally looked at Eric. "Let her go."

He loosened his grip and slightl

y pushed Yasmin away but it made her lose her balance and stumble onto the floor. Sheena immediately walked forward to help her stand up.

"Are you alright?" Sheena asked in a hurry.

Yasmin looked at her annoyance. "Well, go ahead and have yourself a try. Let's see if you'd feel okay afterwards."

Eric took out a piece of paper and slowly wiped his hands with it, as if he was trying to clean himself after touching something dirty.

Lily didn't know what to say or to do in the current situation. Eric was really something else.

She wanted to tell him that everything about him, his actions, expressions, and immature face with a bit of evilness in it, had an indescribable feeling.

Bewitched, maybe? She was bewitched and enticed by his presence. She knew that within the next few days, Eric will definitely bewitch and attract more girls.

Becky then walked to Lily's side and held her arm. "Wow, Lily. I didn't know you could fight back like that."

She looked at Becky's eyes and spoke in a low voice. "One must never lose the momentum in front of your enemy."

Becky nodded in agreement and held her thumb up.

Terence returned a few minutes later with all of the things that she was looking for and handed them all to Lily. "Here, this is all that they had."

There were two phones, a camera, a recorder, and two luxurious wristwatches.

She opened the two phones and browsed through every file that the phones had. After a few minutes of swiping, she found that one of the phones contained a lot of photos of her, ranging in angles and postures.

"What a jerk…" After seeing the number of pictures on the phone, Becky couldn't help but feel shocked.

Lily looked at the two people standing in the corner and then turned to Terence. "Have you seen these?"

"No, I haven't." He shook his head. Lily's wrath was imminent. He looked at Eric and found he was not bothered at all. Clearly, he would just let her do whatever she wanted!

Lily made a sinister smile then looked at the phone once again. She pressed on the screen until all of the photos had been deleted. Once the deed was done, she looked at Yasmin and deliberately loosened her grip from the phone.


The phone fell to the ground with a hard crack. The screen was damaged beyond recognition.

On top of that, Lily stepped on it hard, causing the metal parts of the phone to grind with the ground.

"No! Not my phone!" Yasmin shouted. She would have rushed to Lily if Sheena had not pulled her hand back.

"Do you still want your phone?" Lily looked at her and then grabbed the other phone, letting it suffer the same fate as Yasmin's phone. Sheena could only watch as her own phone was being destroyed.

Lily then walked to the recorder but she found that there was no sound recorded. As for the camera, She didn't open it but she decided to hold onto the watches. After she was done observing, she immediately returned them to Yasmin and Sheena.

After that, she finally turned to Eric. "Let's go now."

"Is it all over?" He asked.

"Yes, let's go. Lily nodded and smiled. Her cold demeanor still hadn't changed.

"Are you satisfied now?"


"Alright, let's get out of here," he replied.

Becky felt that it was not enough. Terence had no idea why Lily sopped, while Yasmin and Sheena still couldn't believe that Lily would do this to them. Under everyone's gaze, Lily turned around and finally left the room, her back straight and her chin up.

Knowing that she was a proud girl, Eric said nothing and walked beside her. He put a hand around her, in case that she would fall down at any moment.

On their way back, Lily and Becky sat on their car. "I'm still kind of confused… Why and how could you let them go so easily?"

"Yes," Terence agreed as he eavesdropped on the conversation

"Who said that I let them go?" Lily replied with a lazy smile, one that was similar to Eric's. She continued with her explanation. "Well, if we ever continued to fight against them, they would try to plot a revenge against us. Right now, I just want to change a way to punish them. Besides, what they have done to me already violates the law. So why bother act myself?"

She was crystal clear with every single word and everyone understood it.

Terence couldn't help but to give her a big thumbs up.

"You're so clever, Lily," Becky praised her. "Well, as long as we give these evidences to the police, they will be doomed."

"The juvie welcomes them, if that's the case." Lily showed a wide grin with satisfaction. "Let them learn how to behave there."

Eric took a quick glance at his rearview mirror to look at Lily as he drove. His black eyes softened, yet he still blamed himself. After all, he was already partially responsible for what happened.

Today, she was able to surprise him a little bit. If it was him, he would have never thought of punishing them that way. In fact, what she did was still too kind.

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