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   Chapter 29 Counterattack

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When they arrived at where Eric said, Terence was already waiting there with three or four brothers.

"Where are they?" Eric asked coldly.

"They are locked in the room." After thinking about it, Terence smiled and went to Eric's side, and whispered, "Boss, are you going to avenge her?"

Eric took a glance at him and said, "mind your own business. Open the door."

"Well, it's none of my business." With a casual look, he waved at one of his men and demanded, "open the door."

"Okay, Terence." That man hurried and opened the door.

In case that they would escape, the door was locked from the outside and the window was also locked from the outside.

He had a back injury and bruises on his legs. The two had been supported by Becky all the time. Then they just stood quietly behind Eric and watched the door slowly opening.

As soon as the door was opened, York and Sheena huddled together. Even though York was afraid, she plucked up her courage to say, "What do you want to do?"

"What do you think we will do?" Pretending to be a rogue, Terence walked close to them.

"You'd better don't do something wrong, otherwise Otherwise, my father will not spare you!"

"Oh, I'm so scared..." Terence pretended to be scared. He held his arm and stepped back. Then he sighed, "I don't know who your father is, I'm not afraid of him!"

"You'd better let us go, or the police won't be able to let you go." Said Sheena, plucking up her courage.

"Before the police arrive, let's think about now." These words were not said by Terence, but by Eric, who had an angry face.

"Gu "Eric." They recognized him at the first sight. When they saw Lily and Becky following behind, they were even more depressed.

Lily looked at them coldly. She pushed away Becky's hands, straightened her back and kept her legs taut. Step by step, she walked to them as the victor. She stretched out his hands and said, "Give them to me."

"What?" York's eyes flashed. She didn't dare to look at Lily's eyes.

"Give it to me!" Lily said in a serious tone.

"I don't have what you want..."


Before York finished her words, Lily slapped her on the face. She had gathered enough strength, and even herself shook her hands after the slap. It hurt!

"How... How dare you hit me?" Covering her face, York looked at Lily in disbelief.

"If you still don't hand it in, I won't just slap you." Lily said in an indifferent tone. She moved her wrists as if she was a big sister.

"How dare you!" With a red and swollen face, York was also irritated. She looked at Lily and said, "You were the daughter of a mistress in the Qiao family. How dare you attack me!"


Another slap in the other side of her face.

"You..." York was completely irritated. She raised her hand, slapping it to Lily, and said, "I'm going to fight you! Ouch..."

However, her wrist was grasped by Eric before she could hit Lily. As a veteran, Eric grasped her wrist slightly and put it behind her back. She screamed in pain.

"Ouch! Ouch Let, let me go, let me go... "

"Let her go! You are breaking the law to do this!" Sheena stood out and said in a trembling voice.

"Illegal?" Lily turned to look at her, her eyes full of mockery. "Did you violate the law when you treated me like that?"

"I..." Taking a step back, Sheena continued, "It's all your fault. We just want to do what you did to us."

Lily frowned in confusion, and then reached out her hand again. "If you give me that thing, everything will be fine. If not..."

She deliberately spoke half of her words, but made the people feel fear.

"No, No. The thing you want is not with us." Perhaps it was because of fear, perhaps it was because of nervousness, Sheena had cried, "They took everything of us away!"

In the end, she almost shouted, pointing to Terence with a trembling finger.

"You should have told me earlier." Lily said these words to York. After she said that, she took a look at Eric, who was grabbing her arm. And then she looked at Terence.

"Why don't you tell me you have it?"

"Ha-ha." Terence touched his nose. "I just want to see how you are going to deal with them."

"Now you see." Lily raised her eyebrows and asked.

"Yes, I have seen it." Terence nodded quickly, and accidentally met with the dark eyes of Eric. As his body trembled, he turned around and went outside. "I'll get what you want."

When Terence came out, he shivered. The look in boss's eyes was too scary. The woman whom their boss liked had a cold face and a fierce look when she hit people, just like their boss!

He didn't dare to irritate them.

Lily smiled and looked at Eric, "Let her go."


Eric loosened his hands and pushed York slightly, he pushed her backwards for several steps, she lost balance and directly fell to the ground. Seeing this, Sheena immediately walked forward to help her stand up.

"Are you okay, York?" Sheena hurried forward.

York looked at her angrily and said, "I'll let you have a try and see if you're okay."

Looking at the two with cold eyes, Eric took out a piece of paper and slowly wiped his hands as if his hands touched something dirty.

Glancing at him, Lily felt speechless. Eric was really…

However, she had to say that his action, his expression and the immature face with a bit of evil charm, really had an indescribable feeling…

Bewitch, yes, bewitch, Lily finally thought of the word. She believes that a few years later, Eric will definitely bewitch a lot of girls.

At this time, Becky, who had been watching quietly, walked to Lily's side, holding her arm, and whispered, "Lily, you are so good, I didn't expect that you could fight back."

Turning her head and look at Becky, Lily said in a low voice, "Don't lose the momentum in front of your enemy!"

Becky nodded in agreement and gave her a thumbs up.

After a while, Terence returned with the things and handed them all to Lily, "Hey, everything I found from them is here."

There were two mobile phones, a camera, a recorder and two exquisite wristwatches.

She opened the two phones and browsed everything in them. Then she found that one of the phones even took a lot of photos of her, from all angles, postures, and a small piece of video.

"What a jerk..." Seeing the photos, Becky couldn't help but feel shocked. How bold they were!

With cold light in her eyes, Lily looked up at the two people standing in the corner, and then turned to Terence. "Have you seen the things in it?"

"No, of course not!" Terence shook his head again, Lily was going to be fierce, her look and her tone were so angry. Terence looked at Eric, he just let her do whatever she wanted!

Lily sneered and looked back at the phone, she deleted all the pictures and then loosed her hand.


The phone fell to the ground and was immediately smashed into two pieces.

Not only that, Lily stepped on it hard, causing the metal in the phone to have harsh friction with the ground.

"Ah, my phone!" York shouted, she would have rushed to Lily if Sheena hadn't pulled her hand.

"Do you still want your cell phone?" Lily looked at her, and then another mobile phone did not escape the fate of this. And its owner, Sheena, could only watch it be destroyed.

She turned on the recording pen, but there was no sound in it. As for the camera She didn't open it, but held it tightly in her hand. And there were two watches in different styles. Lily threw them to York and Sheena, returned them to their owners.

After that, she turned to Eric and said, "Let's go."

"Is it over?" He asked.

"Yes." Lily nodded and smiled, not as cold as before.

"Are you satisfied now?"


"Then let's go." He had compromised.

Then, with a disapproving look on Becky's face, a confused look on Terence and an unbelievable look on York and Sheena, Lily turned around and walked out of the room. She looked the same as when she walked into the room just now, with her back straight and her legs taut.

Knowing that she was going to be stronger, Eric quietly followed behind her in a gesture of protecting her from falling down.

On their way back, sitting in the back seat together with Lily, Becky complained, "How could you let them go so easily?"

"Yes." Agreed Terence, who was sitting on the passenger seat.

"Who said I let them go?" Perhaps because she had stayed with Eric for a long time, Lily said with a lazy smile on her face, "If we continue to fight against them, they will take revenge on us afterwards. Now I just want to change a way, and what they have done to me is against the law. So why should I take action?"

The hidden meaning of her words was very clear, and everyone could understand it.

Terence gave her a thumbs up sign. "Great!"

"You are so clever, Lily." Becky praised, "As long as we give the evidence to the police, it will be fun."

"The young people's office welcomes them." Lily smiled with satisfaction. "Let them learn how to be people in the prison."

Taking a look at Lily from the rearview mirror, Eric smiled. The look in his black eyes softened, but he also blamed himself. After all, he was responsible for what had happened today.

Today, she surprised him a little. To be honest, if it was him, he would never had thought of punishing them in this way. In fact, she was too kind.

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