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   Chapter 28 Being Photographed

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Becky ran to the bedside and asked Lily worriedly, "Is the wound painful?"

"No, it's not." Lily shook her head and looked at the middle-aged stranger who followed her in. Lily bit her lips awkwardly.

Seeing Lily, Eric introduced, "That's Jarvis Zou, the family doctor of Gu family. You refused to go to the hospital yesterday, so I called him to come here."

Jarvis Zou greeted with a smile.

A tinge of embarrassment flashed across her face. Lily smiled and said, "Hello, thank you."

"I have to follow Mr. Eric." Then he jokingly said, "Since you're awake, it means that you're all right now. I've prescribed you some anti-inflammatory drugs. I put them in the living room."

"Thank you, Jarvis." Lily expressed her thanks again.

Jarvis nodded with a smile. He turned to look at Eric and said, "Mr. Eric, if you don't have anything else, I'll leave."

"Yes." Eric nodded and exhorted him again, "Jarvis, please keep this secret."

The eyes behind the glasses smiled brightly, Jarvis nodded, "I know."

"Thank you. I see you off."

After he saw Jarvis off, he went back to the room, pulled up a chair and sat down on the bedside, while Becky sat next to Lily on the bedside, holding Lily's hand tightly.

"What would you want to say just now?" Eric asked, staring at Lily with his dark eyes.

"Yesterday, they..." Lily bit her lips again. Her lips were pale, but now they were bitten and became paler.

"Did they do something they shouldn't do?" Becky asked nervously, her mind filled with the scene that Lily almost naked when she found her.

Lily nodded embarrassedly. "They They took photos and said that they will upload them online..."

Her voice became lower and lower until it almost became mute and she even lowered her head.

Hearing what she said, Eric tightened his hand more tightly unconsciously. The look in his black eyes was more frightening. He was a boy who was not grown up yet, but the aura around him was so fearful that nobody dared to approach him.

"Damn it! They are so naughty. If I catch them, I must take photos about their naked bodies. Post them on the Internet. Humph!"

Becky roared with anger, as if she wanted to eat all the bad guys. But then she seemed to think of something, got up and went out. "I'll go to see if they have posted your photos online."

"Don't go. They haven't been sent." Eric answered and raised his head and looked at Lily, "They have been caught by Terence."

"So soon." Becky stopped and turned around to the bed. She couldn't help but praise, "Well, I didn't see that you're so bossy."

Eric took a look at her and then looked back at Lily. "Did you wake up after coma?"

"Yes." Lily nodded. "In fact, I didn't know them at the beginning. I was dragged to the parking lot and woke up with pain. When I woke up, I resisted. I couldn't beat them by myself. Before they noticed, I pulled off Sheena's mask and recognized them..."

The two listened quietly as Lily spoke. The more she said, the angrier Becky became. She gritted her teeth. Eric's expression didn't change, but the horrifying look in his eyes was getting stronger and stronger.

"Later, they took off my clothes frantically. I couldn't fight but just grabbed the clothes, but they were stripped off ..." Lily's eyes became red and her voice was filled with emotion.

"She They took pictures of me. I was in a haze and I had no idea how many pictures they had taken And they put me in various poses ..."

"Stop it." Eric interrupted her. His eyes were full of affection. The more she said, the more hurt she would get. She was forced to recall the bad things again.

"All right, Lily. Let's stop here." With her eyes getting red, Becky hugged Lily and comforted her, "They are so wicked. Evil is rewarded with evil!"

Lily didn't want to cry, and she didn't want to show weakness. However, when she came back to life, she had almost been caught by York and Sheena.

Lily took a deep breath and tried her best to suppress all her emotions. Then, she raised her head and forced a smile on her face. She looked at Becky, and then turned to Eric and said, "Becky, Eric, I'm so lucky to meet you."

"I'm so lucky to have you as my best friend." Then she stood up and walked out. "Lily, I'll get you some medicine. I heard from Jarvis that you had many wounds on your body and there were many bruises on your back. I guess it was caused by them when they dragged you downstairs."

"There is a deep cut on your waist." Interrupted Eric all of a sudden.

"What?" "No wonder you bled so much yesterday," Becky turned around and said. Then she went out.

The more Lily heard, the stranger th

e conversation between the two was. Becky should be more familiar with the wound on her body, but why did Eric know it better?

"Stop thinking about it." As if Eric knew what she was thinking, he stood up and went to the bedside, sitting down with her. "She fainted at the sight of blood. I took care of everything about you."


As soon as he finished his words, Lily felt her face was burning like fire, and she just stared at Eric, speechless. If Eric had seen her naked when he found her, she would not have felt anything wrong. After all, she was saved, but he said that he taken care of everything, so she had an unspeakable feeling.

Toweling, changing clothes, applying medicine… No, No. the more she thought, the more terrible her face became. Lily buried her head almost in her chest.

"Don't think too much." Eric smiled and touched her head. "All I care about is your wound, and I don't see anything else."

After hearing what he said, Lily was even more embarrassed. She wanted to dig a hole in the ground, the word he said obviously trying to hide something.

She raised her head and stared at him with red face.

"In fact, nothing special. You are as small as a steamed stuffed buns." said Eric with a smile.

"Eric!" Lily couldn't help screaming. Her face was as red as a red apple, and her watery eyes were staring at him with hatred.

Strangely, Eric liked her in this way. She was cute and seductive. Her face was so red that she really wanted to have a bite.

"What's wrong?" "What's wrong, Lily? Did he piss you off?" Becky asked with a small medicine box.

"Humph!" Lily gave Eric a loud snort and turned to the other side. She was teased by a kid who was younger than her. Gosh!

"Did you really make Lily angry?" Becky looked at Eric and asked.

With a faint smile, he said, "ask her yourself."

"Lily?" She then turned to look at Lily.

After taking a deep breath, Lily glared at Eric and replied, "Nothing."

"Okay." With a skeptical look on her face, she looked around the two people who looked a little weird. She put the medicine box on the night stand and said to Lily, "Take off your clothes. I will apply some medicine on your wound."

Without any response, Lily turned her head directly to Eric and said, "You get out!"

Glancing at her with a faint smile, Eric turned around and walked outwards. "It's okay for me to go out. It's not the first time I see your naked body." he said.

"Eric, you..." Pointing at Eric's back, Lily could do nothing but curse him.

"He has gone too far!" She said this to Becky, she didn't expect that he would flirt with her in front of Becky. He teased her!!

Becky understood the weird atmosphere between the two before, and laughed, "Oh, don't be angry, don't be angry, being angry hurts your body, and you still have injuries."

She said as she unbuttoned the clothes for Lily. After taking off her coat, she helped her to lie down on the bed and gently wipe her with medicine.

"Why didn't I know he is such a person before?" It seemed that Lily was talking to herself or Becky when she was lying.

Becky carefully touched the medicine on her wound. "In fact, it's nothing, just take a look at it, and there is nothing lost. Besides, he has been taking care of you last night."

"Nothing? Ouch! Ouch!" Lily suddenly raised her head, but the force was so strong that it hurt the wound and she fell on the ground. Her momentum was weakened. "He had seen me naked. Why did you say something like that? Becky, when did you completely support him?"

"Well..." Becky stopped what she was doing and blinked her eyes. She took it for granted and answered, "Nothing special. Just you are surprised. Besides, he looked at you just because he took care of you, not on purpose."

Then she muttered, "You are out of shape. And your figure looks like a man."

At this moment, Lily deeply felt that she had made some friends accidentally. Becky was completely bought by Eric!

Yes, now this body is really not well developed, but it is in the developmental stage, and it should be growing well. Besides, she didn't look like a man at all. Even Eric said that her chest was small buns.

When they were taking medicine, Eric bought the takeaway and set them on the dining table, and then waiting for them to eat.

Lily walked out with the help of Becky. She cast a contemptuous glance at Eric and sat down at the table.

Eric wasn't annoyed by her words. He just smiled and took a seat opposite to her. "Let's eat first and then we'll go to a place," he said.

"Where are we going?" Asked Becky, who sat next to Lily.

Eric sneered, "Revenge."

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