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   Chapter 27 Felt A Tug In His Heart

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When walking to the exit on the first floor, Eric glanced out. Turning left from the exit was the first floor door. There was a monitor, not a blind spot.

Therefore, it can be concluded that Lily will not be in that direction, and turn right to glance at the stairs leading to the underground parking lot, Lily was likely to be dragged to the underground parking lot.

Making up his mind, he kept walking down the stairs.

The stairs leading to the underground parking lot were no better than the previous stairs. The sound lights were bad, and the air was not as good as above, made the Underground parking lot dull.

"It feels so weird." Becky, who was walking behind him, couldn't help shivering.

Eric took a glance at her and said, "When we arrive at the underground parking, we can look for her separately, so it will be faster."

Becky stunned, looked up at him and nodded, "Okay."

Soon, they both went to the underground parking lot. Eric observed the surrounding environment and found that there were not many cars parked there. There were monitors here, which did not belong to the blind angle of the surveillance.

"You go this way. I'll go that way." He turned around and said to Becky.

"Yes." Becky nodded and took a deep breath to pluck up her courage.

"Look for each corner." Exhorted Eric.

"Okay." She took a glance at him calmly and began to look for Lily.

Seeing this, Eric walked to the other side.

They separated to look for Kevin. However, they found more than half of the parking lot, but did not find the trace of Lily. They began to be a little anxious.

At the same time, several security guards came here, holding walkie talkie, talking about finding people.

"We are in the underground parking of area A." The leader said to the walkie talkie. Then he told the other security guards, "Look for every corner carefully!"

"Yes." The security guards quickly dispersed to every corner to search.

Eric stopped, thought for a while with a frown, and asked Becky, who was searching hard on the other side, "Which way could get out from the side door?"

Becky turned around and pointed to a direction. "Over there."

Without thinking too much, he ran towards the place that she was pointing. Becky seemed to understand what they were talking about and ran after Eric.

They stopped. Becky pointed to the stairway and said, "We can go to the side of the gate if we want to go out. Cars are not allowed to get in or out of the side door."

"Yes." Eric nodded, but his eyes did not stay in the direction of the stairway, but watched the dark corner around.

"Ah!" Becky suddenly shrieked and pointed at the ground with her trembling hand. "Blood! Blood There's blood on it."

Eric turned his head quickly and looked in the direction she pointed. There were three finger marks on the mask on the ground.

After a few steps, Eric bent over to pick up the mask and carefully looked at it. The mask was removed by someone as one of the ropes was cut off.

"The blood... The blood Is it Lily's?" Becky's face took on a ghastly expression. She looked away and avoided the bloody mask.

The hand holding the mask tightened unconsciously. Eric's dark eyes looked a little scary. He looked up and looked down the front. Several places were blocked by the large pillars, and he went straight without speaking.

Becky followed him hurriedly. The more she walked, the more nervous she was. She even can't breath.

Eric carefully observed every dark corner, including the trash can, and he would open it to have a look. Not far away from them, several security guards were also carefully searching.

Although Becky followed him all the time, she observed the opposite.

"Well, it's a little different..." Looking at a dark place not far away, Becky reached out and patted Eric who was behind her.

Hearing this, Eric turned around and looked at the direction Becky was staring at. Indeed, it was a little different. Hair?

Without thinking too much, Eric bypassed Becky and rushed over. It was a disheveled and unkempt woman who was lying on the floor. It was Lily?

"Lily!" Becky shouted and her eyes were wide open. She couldn't believe what she saw.

Lying on the ground, Lily was unconscious. Her clothes were taken off, and even her underwear was also taken off. Fortunately, her underpants was not taken off. The stripped clothes were tightly held in her hands, and her chest was tightly protected.

"He found it!"

There was the voice of a security guard coming from behind. Hearing the guard's voice, Eric came to himself immediately. He quickly took off his coat to wrap around Lily and lifted her up.

Seeing this, Becky came back to her senses from the shock. She hurriedly picked up the striped pants on the ground and circled them around Lily's hip in case of being seen by others.

Eric looked at her gratefully. When he was about to say "thank you", she opened her eyes wide and her face turned pale.

"Oh, so much blood..." Before she finished her words, she closed her eyes and fell back.

Eric wanted to help her, but he couldn't. Fortunately, the safeguard came and held her in time.

"What's wrong with her?" The security guard asked.

Eric took a look at Becky, who was in a coma, and then looked at Lily, who was lying in his arms. He then flatly uttered, "She is afraid of blood."

Now that Eric found Lily, he felt relieved, but he was still worried about the bloody girl who was lying unconsciously in his arms.

Several other security guards also came to surround them. Seeing that Eric was holding a girl in his arms, they all breathed a sigh of relief. The leader of the security guards shouted through a walker talkie, "We have found the girl. You can have a rest."

"Please take care of her." Eric said to the security who was supporting Becky. Then he turned around and walked towards the exit with Lily in his arms.

She must go to the hospital now. There was so much blood on her body, and he didn't know how many wounds there were and where they were.

The security guard lifted Becky up and walked toward the exit, followed by other security guards.

Eric walked quickly and steadily as if he was afraid that he would hurt the girl in his arms accidentally. From time to time, he looked down at Lily.

In the dimness, Lily felt as if she had touched a wall with a temperature, and she shrank subconsciously, her head was dizzy. She could only open his eyes slightly.

His chest was uncovered by clothing, and Lily's blindfolded eyes moved upwards. When she saw the resolute chin, she pulled the corner of her mouth and raised a weak smile.

Feeling that she moved, Eric lowered his head and happened to see her pale and helpless smile.

He knew she was smiling to comfort him.

He smiled, and he felt as relieved as Lily. He continued, "Let's go to the hospital now."

Lily smiled, but some tears fell down from the corner of her eyes. She breathed heavily and tried her best to wake her up.

"No I won't go. Please... "

Eric frowned.

"No! Please don't!" Lily begged.

"You are badly hurt." He said.

"No! Please! Don't Take me to the hospital, please..."

As she begged him again and again, Eric got nervous again and again. In the end, he followed her will and did not go to the hospital, but went back to Becky's home.

When Lily woke up, the sun was already high in the sky. The sunshine came in through the window. She frowned and tried to open her eyes. The pain of her body did not disappear.

She looked down and found her hand was held by Eric.

With tears in her eyes, she felt her nose sore and her throat choked with sobs. In Lily's opinion, the luckiest thing to rebirth was to meet Eric.

When she regained consciousness yesterday, she opened her eyes and saw him. She was moved. She didn't expect that he would be the first one to find her.

Now she opened her eyes, only to see him bending over the edge of the bed and sleeping. Perhaps he had taken care of her the whole night.

She felt a sudden throb in her heart. Although she couldn't express it clearly, it felt warm in her chest and then spread all over her body.

Lily smiled and looked at Eric gently. Her hand moved and held Eric's thick hand.

As soon as she moved, Eric, who was lying prone on the bed, immediately raised his head and said, "You're awake. Do you still feel pain about the injury on your body?"

Lily smiled and shook her head. "No, it doesn't hurt."

Her hand did not let go of his hand, but her gaze was staring at Eric's face. His broken hair on his forehead was a bit messy, his eyes were red and swollen, and some stubble was still growing on his jaw.

Eric breathed a sigh of relief and asked, "Do you want to eat something or drink water?"

Lily shook her head.

"Then Do you want to go to the bathroom?" He asked again, but his face flushed.

Lily shook her head again with a smile. For some reason, she just wanted to look at him in this way.

Eric finally realized her difference. He bent down and touched her forehead with the other hand, finding that their temperature was almost the same.

Confused, he frowned his eyebrows. She looked like a fool who had just been burnt.

"Thank you." She said, "Thank you for saving me yesterday."

Hearing this, Eric breathed a sigh of relief. His face suddenly turned dark. "I will investigate what happened yesterday."

"They are York and Sheena," The smile on Lily's face faded away. She frowned and said, "They're detestable. They take revenge on me."

"I know." Eric said indifferently, with coldness in his eyes.

"Oh my god!" Suddenly, Lily let go of Eric's hand with a scream. She pushed himself so hard that he was about to get out of the bed. But because of the wounds on her back and arm, she was unable to get up at all. What's more, she almost fell out of the bed. Fortunately, Eric held her timely.

"What's wrong?" Eric helped her to set down.

"What's wrong?"

At this moment, the door was open. Becky rushed in, her face full of worry. Behind her was a middle-aged man in his forties, who seemed to be elegant.

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