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   Chapter 26 Lily Disappeared

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On the first day Lily went to the school, she was informed that York and Sheena had transferred to another school, but no one knew where they had transferred to.

But it was all right for her to be peaceful without them, and for Claire, she lost two people to help her.

It hadn't been class now. The students were chatting in the classroom.

"Here you are." Sitting in her seat, Becky handed a recorder pen to Lily, and then whispered to her, "Eric asked me to give you. You went back to your grandfather yesterday. Hmm, now I think he's a good man."

Lily looked at her surprised. She didn't expect that she would put in a good word for Eric. So she joked, "You have been bribed by him?"

Becky shook her head. "I think he did a good job."

Lily smiled with the same feeling. She looked at the recorder in her hand and put it in her pocket.

At this time, Eden walked into the classroom and stopped when he passed by Lily's seat. "Dad said he wanted you to stay at home tonight."

"No way!" Before Lily could say anything, Becky said, "My mother hasn't come back from Paris yet. Lily needs to stay with me."

Hearing that, Eden frowned slightly. He glanced at her and then looked back at Lily.

"Tell Dad that I will stay with Becky for a few more days. I will go home after aunt Alice comes back from Paris." Lily said.

For a long time, Eden did not speak. He seemed to be thinking about something. Becky couldn't help but say, "Before my mother left, she called your mother, and your mother agreed."

"Yes." Eden glanced at Lily, and then turned around to go back to his seat.

Seeing that he left, Lily sneered. If everything went well, Eric would have known that she was going to deal with something in the company. The thing that he was asked to go back today might have something to do with it.

Lily was a little absent-minded the whole morning. She kept staring at the recorder in her hand and didn't know what was in it.

Seeing this, Becky couldn't help laughing. "You want to hear it?"

"Aren't you curious?" Lily asked in reply.

"Curious." Becky nodded. "I wanted to hear it when I got it, but then I thought it was immoral. So I planned to listen to it when you listen to it."

"Let's go back and listen tonight."


Therefore, the day ended with their curious mood.

Since Alice had been trying to improve her daughter's independent ability, she didn't send a car to pick her up. Instead, Becky went home by herself every day.

Therefore, when Lily lived in her house these days, they also took a car to go back.

Back home, Becky held the key, and Lily stood beside her, waiting for her to open the door.

"Becky Hmm..." Before she could finish her words, she felt a sharp pain in the back of her head. Then she lost her senses and fell backwards.

"What did you say, Lily?" As she opened the door, she turned to look at Lily. When she saw what was happened, she couldn't help but scream, "Ah!"

Before she could finish, she was hit on the neck and fell down.

The two people looked at each other and gave a hint with their eyes. Both of them nodded at the same time. The dragged Lily towards the staircase, leaving Becky alone.

After a long while, Becky woke up.

"What?" The pain in the back of her neck made her cry out. She stood up in the pain, rubbed her painful place and recalled her previous experience.

She went home with Lily, and when she opened the door, she was suddenly attacked. Yes, she was attacked by two men with a black mask!

"Ah, Lily." When she saw only one bag on the floor, Becky was anxious and shouted, "What should I do? What should I do?"

"Calm down, calm down..." After taking a few deep breaths, she forced herself to calm down. With her trembling hands, she took out her cell phone and called Eric without hesitation.

Unconsciously, she believed that he could find Lily. Moreover, she didn't have the contact information of Qiao family. The only person who could help her was Eric.

After a few minutes, the phone was connected, and she heard a slightly lazy voice from Eric, "Hey?"

"Eric, Lily is missing! She's missing!" Becky was burning with anxiety and explained in a hurry, "She was attacked in front of my house and we all passed out. When I woke up, she was gone!"

"Don't worry. Tell me what happened." On the other side of the line, Eric also became nervous.

"We have no idea who carried out the sneak attack, and then they kidnapped Lily."

"Kidnapping? I'll come! "

After hanging up the phone, Becky was still at a loss. She picked up Lily's bag from the ground, opened the door and went into the house. She didn't know what to do except for waiting for Eric.

The longer she waited, the more restless she became. When Becky was so anxious that she almost lost her mind, she heard a knock on the door. Through the peephole, she found that it was Eric and then opened the door.



"I don't know." Becky cried while speaking, having no energy to care about the men behind Eric. "We were all knocked out at that time. When I woke up, I only saw her bag, not her body."

"Have you called the police?" Eric asked.

"No, I didn't I... I thought of you first..." She sobbed.

After taking a deep look at her, Eric turned around and walked out. "Go to the security room to watch the surveillance video."

"Yes, yes." Wiping her tears away, Becky chased after him in a hurry. She lived in a high-end neighborhood, and the surveillance video must work.

As for Terence and several others who came with Eric, they also hurried to follow up.

After arriving at the security room, Eric explained the reason why he came here. The security guard knew that the situation was urgent, so he urgently adjust the surveillance video.

At first, the monitoring video of the whole building where Becky lived didn't show any difference. Until she and Lily opened the door, two women came out, wearing grey coats, hats and masks. Although they were tightly wrapped, their eyes and bangs on their forehead revealed the gender were girls.

They were not tall, even a little shorter than Lily and Becky.

They were all holding wooden sticks. They knocked Lily and Becky unconscious with the sticks, and then dragged the unconscious Lily into the staircase.

The stairwell was a blind spot from the surveillance video. And later, they didn't see them again.

"Go and get the surveillance footage of the whole residential area," Said Eric, frowning.

Of course, the security guard in the monitoring room didn't dare to neglect. He knew that he had to be responsible for it. He quickly retrieve all the surveillance videos in the whole community.

When the pictures in every corner were zoomed out, people were dazzled. Eric even held his breath and carefully observed every picture.

Becky didn't dare to blink her eyes in case she would miss any detail.

Seeing that the atmosphere was so urgent, Terence also joined them carefully. There were many monitoring scenes, the more person would be more powerful.

"Ah!" Suddenly, Becky screamed. She pointed at one of the surveillance video and said, "She, they Why are they here?"

All of a sudden, everyone's attention was drawn to the source of the voice.

"It's them!" Eric murmured and frowned, then his brows became smooth and a sneer appeared on his face.

The people in the picture we're York and Sheena. Although they did not wear hats and masks, the coats they wore were exactly the same as the attacker's coat in the previous picture, plus the steps of the two in a hurry to leave. People had to think that the perpetrators were them!

There were only the two of them in the video. They didn't go to the front door. They left from the side door and most importantly, they didn't see Lily!

Twenty minutes had passed since the video was released

"Terence." Eric shouted calmly, and there was a frightening light in his black eyes.

"Boss." Terence walked up to him and said seriously.

"Bring them to me."

"Yes, boss!" Then, Terence left with his people.

Eric turned his eyes back to the monitoring screen and analyzed, "It's just that the two of them left without Lily. I can't see her in any of the images. It means that she is still in the community and she is not in the monitoring range."

"Well, let's go and find her." Grasping Eric's arm, Becky was too anxious to judge.

Terence had taken away all the people he brought with him, so Eric had to look at the security guard. Before he could say anything, the security guard had already taken out an intercom.

"Emergency situation, emergency situation, there are people missing in the community. Except for the guards at the gate, the rest are looking for people, mainly to find the blind spots that are not visible to the monitor, and the missing person is wearing ..."

When the security guards told the details, Eric had already turned around and left the room. Becky also quickly followed him out.

The first place they went to was the staircase where Becky's house lived. Because Lily was dragged out from here, which would be faster.

There was only sound controlled lamp in the stairwell, but it was not very bright. In addition, no one would walk normally, which made it a little gloomy.

"Do you think they will do something to Lily?" Becky asked worriedly as she followed him behind.

Eric frowned, but he had no idea what was going on. He kept walking down the stairs and answered, "I don't know."

"Woo Becky started to cry again, but in a low voice, she said, "I hope Lily will be fine. When Eden asked her to go home today, I wouldn't have persuaded her to stay..."

"Stop crying." Eric turned around to take a look at her and said, "It will affect me."

"Okay," Becky stopped crying, followed him quietly and continued to walk.

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