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   Chapter 25 Strange Feelings

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In the evening, when Lily was brought to a remote alley by Eric, she finally understood how to deal with it as he said.

Because York and Sheena were tied lying on the ground not far away, their eyes were blindfolded, their mouths were muttered, and their clothes were torn apart!

"Hey, wouldn't you want these people to gangbang… Uh, what will they do?" Lily almost blurted out the word "gang rape". She looked at Eric awkwardly and asked in a low voice.

"What, what?" Eric asked with a slight smile.

As the alley was dark, they couldn't see each other's facial expressions clearly.

"That's right. That's it." It was really hard to say that word. Lily raised her hands and gesture.

"Ha-ha..." Eric laughed and patted her head naturally. "What's in your head?"

"I..." Lily was speechless. Her face turned red unconsciously. She pointed at a place not far away and said, "Look at the situation yourself. Five or six hooligans are surrounding two girls and tear their clothes apart It's so hurt, and they want to do something. What are they doing instead rape?"

"Look carefully first." Pulling down her hands, Eric leaned close to her, indicating her to look carefully.

Under the dim street lamp in front of them, those thugs beat the two girls who were tied up.

"Hey, are you too violent?" Lily couldn't help but ask. Even in her previous life, she never thought she would treat Frank and Claire violently after being treated like that by them.

"Of course not." Eric said in a somewhat cold tone. "They control their strength. They won't be seriously injured. Just minor bruises."

"Hey, are you from the underworld?" Lily suddenly turned her head. Because they were very close to each other, Eric's face was almost leaning on her shoulder. When she turned her head, they almost touched the tip of their noses, almost touching their lips.

And now, she was frozen, he was frozen, and time seemed to stop at the same time.

Feeling his breath, Lily felt throbbing in her heart, which she had never felt in her previous life.

It seemed that all the noises outside disappeared. Eric could hear nothing but the sound of heart beating. With a gleam shining in his black eyes, he fixed his eyes on the two rosy lips, and his throat unconsciously moved a little.

Lily came back to her senses first. In her previous life, she had gone through a lot of things between a man and a woman. She knew well about the fiery eyes of Eric.

Although he was still young, he was still at the age of puberty.

"Ahem!" Lily withdrew her hand from Eric's clasped hands and made a dry cough before taking a step back to distance herself from Eric.

When Eric came to himself, an unnatural light flashed across his black eyes, and he concealed his abnormality immediately.

"How could I be in the underworld?" Although he behaved normally, there was still a trace of uneasiness in his tone.

"Then where did you find these people, and the man who was going to hit me last time, why did he call you boss?"

"Yes..." After pondering for a while, he replied, "Terence and I are studying martial arts in the same martial arts hall. Because he can't beat me, he called me the boss. As for these people, they can be found for only money."

Lily looked at him in disbelief and gave up asking. Of course, Eric wouldn't tell her the truth.

Not far away, the torture to York and Sheena seemed to stop and the gangsters seemed to be ready to leave.

"Let me drive you back." Eric proposed.

Lily nodded. It was too late and the alley was so dark that she dared not to go back alone.

"Is this enough?" Walking beside Eric, Lily asked.

"Do you think it is possible?" He tilted his head and asked.

"Then what do you want to do?"

"The wounds on your face have healed. You should go to school tomorrow." He suddenly changed the topic and sped up.

Lily looked at him in confusion and followed.

The next day, Lily and Becky went to school together. As soon as they entered the classroom, the dean called Lily to the office.

When she saw the situation in the office, she was surprised. York and Sheena were here, both of them kept their heads down and didn't say anything. Lily had to admire the people Eric invited last night. They even didn't see any scars on the exposed skin.

"Dean." Lily greeted the dean as she walked up to him.

"Well, Lily." With an embarrassed look, the dean said, "You're wronged. I didn't know it and mistaken you. Well..."

"It doesn't matter, dean.". "As long as we find out the truth," said Lily with a smile.

"How could it be okay?" Eric's voice chimed in. He walked into the room lazily with his hands in his pockets. "As the dean, you should be responsible for wronging people without findi

ng out the truth."

The dean's face blushed. "The truth is now out. The post on the campus forum has been disposed of, and the announcement of misunderstanding has been released."

"But I want them to apologize." He turned around and looked at York and Sheena.

"Come here." The dean's tone became stern. It wasn't class time yet, and there were still other teachers in the office. He felt a little embarrassed. He wanted to end the quarrel as soon as possible. After all, it was he who hadn't confirmed the truth.

Lowering their heads, York and Sheena walked to the dean's side, and they didn't dare to look up.

"I… I'm sorry... "

"That's not what I want." Eric said in a calm tone, with a kind of irresistible domination.

"I We have already apologized." York looked up at him, cowardly.

"Are you satisfied with their apologies?" Ignoring her, Eric directly turned to look at Lily and said in a spoiled tone.

Lily was stunned. She didn't expect that he would shift the question to her. Just as she was about to answer, Eric took the lead. "Obviously, we're not satisfied with this kind of apology."

"Eric!" The dean was too embarrassed to keep face.

"Dean." Eric looked at him firmly. "My request is very simple. I want them to apologize in front of the whole school!"

He said neither overbearing nor servile. He glanced at Lily. His heart could not help feeling hurt when thought of her swollen face that day, and she still stubbornly refused to show weakness.

"We will, we will." York and Sheena kept nodding their heads. They couldn't help trembling at the thought of what had happened last night.

Suddenly, the teachers in the office looked at the them surprised. If they apologized to everyone, it meant that they were isolated by everyone. Who would play with them in the future?

They did what they said. Although they did not apologize face to face with everyone in the school, they acknowledged what they did on the school radio and also apologized to Eric and Lily. The school also punished them severely.

Although the matter had been settled, Lily felt a little uneasy. She could not tell why.

"What's the matter? Aren't you happy that it's settled?" On a shady road outside the school, Eric turned to look at her and asked.

Lily frowned. "I don't know why, but I have an unspeakable feeling."

"Don't think too much." Eric patted her head and said, "Go back and have a good rest today. Don't worry about it. You can have classes tomorrow."

Lily didn't care about what Eric was doing. She sighed and thought maybe she thought too much.

In the afternoon, Lily received an unexpected call from the Qiao family's old house. Only one person in Qiao family's house called her!

Joe probably wanted her to go back to the old house. There was unhappiness in his tone on the phone.

When she arrived at the old house of the Qiao family, Joe was lying in the lounge chair in the backyard and appreciating the roses in the garden. Seeing the scene, Lily couldn't help but feel sour in her nose.

"Hi, Lily." Joe said in a hoarse voice.

"Grandpa." Lily walked to the deck chair and squatted down beside Joe. She began to massage his legs.

"Ugh." Joe sighed, reached out his hand and gently stroked her head, saying, "I've let you suffer a lot these days."

This made Lily want to cry inexplicably, but she still answered with a smile, "I didn't suffer anything. I have eaten will and lived well."

"Why don't you tell me the truth?" Joe looked at her, feeling sorry for her. "Although I'm in the old house, I know what happened to you. Your father was bewitched by that woman, and he couldn't even distinguish right and wrong."

"Grandpa..." Lily's eyes turned red.

"A few days ago, your father came to me and asked me to arrange a work for Eden as soon as possible. I thought for a while, since he is the only boy in the Qiao family, I agreed." Joe chattered, "I'm not old and confused. It must be that woman who gave your father pillow talk. After thinking it over, I still want you to get involved in the company as soon as possible."

"Grandpa?" Lily looked at him in surprise.

"Lily, I don't force you. I ask you here because I don't know if you are willing to help me manage the company." Joe looked at her with hope.

Lily's eyes turned red and her throat was choked with sobs. Finally, she nodded vigorously and said, "Since Grandpa hopes it, I will agree."

Joe smiled and looked back at the roses in the courtyard, with deep love in his eyes.

Looking at the direction of the man's gaze, Lily felt mixed feelings. Rose was granny's favorite flower when she was alive. Now, she was gone, and the flowers were still there. He could only saw the flowers and missed grandma.

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