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   Chapter 23 Cry If You Want To Cry

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"We were indeed framed." Lily lowered her head and touched her nose, whispering.

"I knew you would say that!" The Dean glared at her. "Now that you don't want to tell me the truth, you can wait for your parents."

Tell the truth? 'I told him the truth, but he didn't believe it. What would I tell him? Would I admit that it is the truth?'?

Lily really wanted to lose him a glance, but because he was the director of teaching, she tolerated it, but to be honest, if she wanted to prove the innocence between the two, she really had no evidence.

Eric lazily looked at the angry dean, then looked at Lily. There was a hint of smile in his dark eyes.

Neither of them had any chance to attend the next class. They could only stay here and wait for their parents.

Fortunately, it didn't take long for both parents to come, but Lily'd parents came to Dillon, while Eric came to both parents.

Lily knew his parents very well. In her previous life, she had met them before, but only a few times because they seldom lived in the mansion of the Gu family.

"Eric, are you okay?" As soon as Angela Sun entered the office, she walked up to Eric and asked with concern while looking him up and down.

"Dean, what happened to the two students?" As for Richard, he asked the dean anxiously. When he got the call from the school, he wasn't told what had happened, but just said that something had happened at the school.

Compared with his parents, Dillon was impatient. He asked Lily seriously, "Did you have any scandal at school again?"

Oh, her father is really right. Lily sneered inside. It seemed that her father really knew her very well!

"Look for yourselves." The dean turned the screen of the computer to them, and the big and red headline in the school forum instantly caught their attention.


When everyone was staring at the computer screen, a loud round of applause resounded in the office, which made everyone startled.

Lily almost fell to the ground. Fortunately, she held the desk next to her in time, this was more powerful than the last time. She felt that her right cheek had swollen, and her mouth had tasted blood.

"Are you all right?" Eric immediately reached out and held her. His voice was full of concern, and his black eyes were full of heartache.

"Nothing." Lily moved her neck stiffly, took her hand out of Eric'd hand, spat out the blood in her mouth and spit it out in front of her father. Finally, she raised her head indifferently and looked at him with a fearful insidious expression in her eyes.

"Are you satisfied now?"

Her indifferent expression and questions didn't suit her age at all.

It was the second time Dillon had seen her acting like this. Not only Dillon, but also Eric's parents, the dean and other teachers who didn't go to class were stunned by her act.

What's more, Eric had never seen such a side of her, which was completely different from a girl.

"Do you still think that this is a fact?" Seeing that her so-called father did not speak, Lily said again, but with a 100 percent of irony, "That's right. You have always been like this, confounding right and wrong."

"How dare you talk back?" Her tone provoked Dillon so much that he felt he was not like a parent in front of the people.

"What? You still want to hit me?" Looking at his hands which were about to move, Lily sneered, "But before you hit me, should you consider where is it? Aren't you afraid that you will lose your face in the eyes of others with your behavior?"

"You, you..." Maybe what Lily said worked. Dillon pointed at her with a red face.

Looking at him being so angry, Lily was a little happy. If Joe did not like her, she might not dare to make Dillon angry, but because of Joe's existence, Dillon would be cautious about her.

Looking at this scene, Eric felt distressed, but also appreciated her. Her face was swollen, but she was still stubborn.

"We were indeed framed." Eric, who didn't intend to explain, suddenly explained.

"If you are framed, prove your innocence with evidence." The dean's voice softened.

"I will prove it." Said Eric flatly. Then he took Lily's hand and walked towards the door, leaving others in confusion.

"Eric, where are you going?" Seeing this, Angela Sun asked hurriedly.

"Take her to the hospital." He stopped, turned around and looked at his mother, "It's all my fault. I have to be responsible for it."

After that, he looked straight at Dillon with his cold black eyes and said, "You really don't deserve to be a father."

Then, he took Lily's hand and left.

The voice of Eric was not low, and e

veryone in the office heard it. The face of Dillon was a little embarrassed. He coughed to cover up his embarrassment.

"Mr. Dillon, please don't mind what the child said." Richard Gu explained with embarrassment.

"Yes." Dillon nodded unnaturally.

"I also believe that they are framed." Angela's words were full of trust in her son, and she continued to say, "My son, Eric, he is just indifferent to everything, but he is good in all other things. He never gets us into trouble."

"I'm not going to the infirmary." After leaving the office, Lily got rid of Eric's hand.

"Your face is so swollen. You must go," As he said, he stretched out to hold her hand again.

Lily hid her hand behind her back and refused, "No!"

Eric didn't expect that she would be so stubborn, so he tried to force her to go with him. In case that she would be against him again. He finally compromised and said, "Okay, we don't go to the infirmary. Let's go to the hospital."

"No way!" With a few nasal sounds and a little imperceptibility, Lily lowered his head with red eyes.

Realizing her difference, Eric frowned in an almost invisible way. He pulled her to a remote corner and said, "Just cry if you want to."

As soon as his voice fell, Lily began to sob. But she kept her head down, and even if she was crying, she kept her voice low, as if she was suppressing herself.

Seeing her like this, Eric felt sorry for her again. He reached out and held her in his arms. "If you want to cry, just cry as you like. Don't restrain yourself."

"Wow..." Maybe his words worked. Lily burst into tears and hugged him around the waist unconsciously.

Eric's heart was filled with pain. She had been acting like a stubborn soldier in the office a moment ago, but now she was crying like a child. He couldn't help caressing the head of the girl in his arms.

"Every time, it's always like this. I've never made a mistake, but In his eyes, everything is my fault." Lily choked with sobs.

Eric frowned and listened to her quietly.

"If If possible, I really don't want to live in this family, but But I don't want to give up..."

"No! I can't stand they rob my grandpa's things! I can't stand my mother's sacrifice! I can't stand I won't give in!"

"Okay." Eric gently stroked her back, feeling that his heart was gripping tightly. She was just a little girl, but she endured greater pressure than others.

All of a sudden, a self-mocking smile appeared on his face. He was the same. It was just that what he was suffering was not from his parents, but from the family strife!

Born in a rich family, she was destined to be a chess piece for business.

I will make them pay the price. I died in my previous life. I will not live in vain anymore in this life." Lying in the arms of Eric, Lily muttered.

Hearing that, Eric was stunned. He looked at the girl in his arms confusedly as if she had been hit dumb.

Maybe she had cried enough, Lily stopped crying and broke out from Eric's arms. She looked apologetically at his chest, which was wet by her tears. "Hold I'm sorry. Your clothes got dirty."

"Nothing." Without paying any attention to his clothes, Eric lifted Lily's jaw and looked at her cheek carefully, then frowned and said, "There is bloodshot, your face is so swollen, don't you go to the hospital?"

"No way." Lily shook her head, took a step back and withdrew her chin from Eric's hand. Her face started to burn unconsciously.

"Then what are you going to do?" Crossing his hands, Eric looked at her scrutinizing.

Lily cast a reproachful glance at him, and then took out her phone to text a message to Becky. After that, she looked at Eric and said, "I'm going to Becky's home."

"To her home?" Eric frowned.

"Yes." Lily nodded, "I don't want to go anywhere except her house."

Seeing her insist, Eric said nothing more. He thought of the scene he saw in Becky's house last time and felt relieved. Becky treated her as her own sister, and she was good to her.

"Let me drive you there."

"It's I don't think it's a good idea. We've just had a rumor. We'd better not get so close."

"Are you afraid?"

"What am I afraid of?" Lily subconsciously counterattacked. Because of her face's huge movement, the wound was touched. Her whole face immediately struggled together, and her momentum immediately weakened. "I, I'm just worried, it's not good to get too close."

"It's not a big deal, and..." Eric squinted at her and said, "Don't be afraid of being told that you didn't do anything wrong."

Well, considering his insistence, Lily chose the silent way to agree to his request.

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