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   Chapter 21 Not An Ordinary Person

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No one expected that Eric would appear here, especially the Simon and Frank. When they saw him, they showed a terrible expression. In the end, the eyes of both of them became ferocious.

In a daze, Dillon wondered why the second young master of the Gu family, who seldom appeared all day, would suddenly appear in his house today?

Claire came to herself after a short while. She then glared at Lily. 'Eric must be here to find this bitch!' thought Claire!

Ignoring the strange looks of these people, Eric looked at Lily indifferently and said, "I've been waiting for you for a long time."

When Lily came to her senses, she felt embarrassed. "I'm sorry for the delay."

"Yes." He glanced at the other people in the living room, then turned around and left without saying anything.

Seeing this, Lily left too, leaving the group with different expressions.

It was the same car that had driven her home last time. Eric looked ahead with his eyes on the road while Lily was sitting quietly in it. The car seemed a little quiet.

"Actually, you can call me." Lily broke the silence in the car.

Eric knew what she was talking about. He turned to her and said, "It's faster to find you."

Lily fell into silence.

When they arrived at Becky's home, Becky opened the door and they found that Alice was at home.

"Come on in." Becky turned to let them in, but she snorted when she saw Eric. She didn't want him to come, but for the sake of the fact that he had helped Lily, she agreed.

"Aunt Alice." Lily greeted her politely.

"You are here." Then she stood up and walked to Lily. She carefully looked Lily from left to right and said with a smile, "It seems that you have a good time at home these days."

Lily understood what she meant. She smiled and said, "I didn't do anything wrong. I can't be mistreated at home every day."

"You are right." Then, she turned to look at Eric and said, "You must be the one who helped Lily last time, right? Unexpectedly, you are still a student. Thank you very much."

"Hum." Eric simply replied with a "Hum". He didn't make any response.

Alice stunned, she didn't expect him to have such a reaction.

Seeing this, Lily felt a little embarrassed. She interrupted hurriedly, "Well, aunt, he doesn't know how to speak. He is a little introverted, so please don't take it to heart."

Alice nodded her head. At this moment, Becky cut in, "Lily, let's go and cook now. You can be the chef. I will help you with the cooking."

"When did you become so impatient?" Alice gave her daughter a reproachful look and said, "Lily has just arrived. Let her have a rest."

"Mom, you don't know how good she is at cooking..." Becky looked envious and drooling, "No, I can't. Lily, go to the kitchen."

Then, without waiting for Lily's reply, she pulled her directly into the kitchen.

"Naughty girl..." Shaking her head, Alice turned to Eric and said, "Take a seat in the living room. We have all kinds of fruits. If you want to watch TV, just change the TV channel. I'll go to the kitchen."

Eric nodded but didn't answer. His black eyes were full of envy and joy. They got along well with each other like a real sweet couple.

In the kitchen, Lily was cutting the dishes expertly, and Alice helped her do the cooking, while Becky stood beside and watched.

"Becky, go out to have a chat with that classmate." Alice turned to Becky and said.

"No way." Becky refused without thinking, "I want to watch Lily cook."

"He is guest. You are our little host. You..."

"Aunt, it doesn't matter." Lily interrupted her and said, "It's okay for him to be alone."

Alice looked up at Lily and asked, "How do you know that?"

Lily was stunned by this question. In fact, she didn't know the answer either. But every time she saw him, he was almost alone, and she always felt that he was lonely.

"What's his name? What does his family do?" Alice asked again.

Lily turned to look at her and answered, "The second son of the Gu family, Eric."

"Mr. Eric?" Alice felt surprised, "He is from the Gu family. Why did he want to help you?"

"This..." Lily was a little embarrassed. "I don't know."

This was not Lily's excuse. She really did not know why Eric would help her, and she had no idea.

"How could he help you?" Some were asking Lily, and some were murmuring to herself, "Although the scandal has been suppressed by Gu family this time, it has a great impact on them as well. Didn't he think of the impact of this matter when he was helping you?"

Lily had thought about this before, but she didn't know the result. She had also thought that maybe the man helped her with other purposes, but subconsciously, she believed that he helped her sincerely.

Finally, Becky couldn't stand her any longer, so she directly pushed Alice out.

"The world is finally quiet." She began to help Lily skil


"You don't know how blessed you are." Lily answered as she went on her work.

Soon, all the side dishes had been cut, and the rice had already been cooked. Lily started to wash the pan, opened the fire, waited for the pan to dry and then poured oil. The series of actions were skilled and natural.

"Wow, you're so great, Lily." Becky exclaimed.

"Stay away from the pan. The oil will splash on your clothes."

"Okay." Becky stepped back a few steps, and retreated to safety zone.

In the living room, while Alice was peeling an apple, she looked at Eric up and down secretly and asked, "I heard that you are the second son of the Gu family?"

"Yes." Eric replied. Then he turned to look at her and said, "But I don't like this name."

Hearing that, Alice stopped what she was doing. Then she smiled and said, "I know why you help Lily."

"Yes." Eric lazily leaned against the sofa. Although Eric fixed his eyes on TV, his mind was far away.

Seeing that he didn't speak, Alice didn't say anything more. She cut the peeled fruit into the fruit plate, and then put it on the table in front of Eric.

Alice glance at him and sighed. He was just a boy, but his life had changed a lot because he was born in a rich family. He was no longer naive as he used to be.

Fortunately, there was a good person in Gu family.

A gust of fragrance came from the kitchen, which made Eric in the living room directly stood up and walked towards the kitchen. But he did not go in. Instead, he leaned against the door frame and quietly looked at what was happening inside.

Lily was focusing on cooking, while Becky was standing beside her, drooling.

The side dishes and ingredients were all put down to the pot, and at last they were put on the pan.

A dish was ready. Lily washed the pot and continued to cook the next dish. On the side of her, Becky couldn't wait to grab a piece of food and feed it into her mouth.

"Wow, it's so yummy." Although it was hot, she enjoyed the food very much.

Looking at her greedy expression, Lily felt helpless but happy.

Eric kept his eyes on the people in the kitchen, with a smile on his lips unconsciously. Of course, if there was no one who had been quarreling in the kitchen, he would be in a better mood.

The four people had eaten up all six dishes and a soup, looking at the dinner table after eating, Lily was a little surprised. Becky had already eaten too much and placed it on the chair, while Becky was also too full to speak, thumbing up to her.

Only Eric was as usual, "Let me clean it." Looking at Lily was cleaning the table. Eric stood up, took the chopsticks from her hand, and started to clean the table.


Lily was stunned, not only her, but also the Alice and Becky. They didn't expect that he would take the initiative to clear the table.

Eric did not care about their strange looks at all, and continued to tidy up the desk in a cool manner.

Soon, the table was cleaned up and the sound of dishes washing came from the kitchen.

"Lily, I think Eric will be a good man in the future." Said Alice, holding her chin with her hand.

Somehow, Lily felt that her face began to burn. She didn't say anything but nodded with a slight flurry.

"And..." Without noticing her odd expression, Alice continued, "He is not an ordinary person. He is a powerful man who can make a great success."

"Mom, you must be thinking too much." Becky refuted, "He always skipped classes and slept at school. How could he make great success?

She lowered her voice deliberately so as not to make the latter part of her words get caught by Eric in the kitchen.

"Yes." Lily nodded as well.

But Alice shook her head and said, "There are many things that can't be judged by their appearances."

After everything was done, Eric walked out of the kitchen. Alice asked him to have some fruit. Lily went to the kitchen curiosity.

She was a little surprised to see the clean glass table in which everything was put in order. She didn't expect that Eric, who seemed to be careless about everything, could do the housework so well.

When they got home, it was Eric who sent Lily back. But on their way to home, Lily asked to buy some medicine for Claire. Eric's face darkened, but he still took her to buy some.

"Don't work for Claire anymore." Eric said with a frown after he got into the car again.

"Uh..." Lily was stunned. She didn't expect him to say so, "She is my sister."

"Huh." Eric looked sideways at her with a sneer and said, "Don't tell me that she is your sister. Even you can't convince yourself with that reason."

Lily kept silent. She always felt that she was translucent in front of Eric. He knew most of things. Although he was a child, he had the thoughts that were comparable to an adult. Even her, who was around 24 years old, could not compare with him.

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