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   Chapter 20 Grab Food

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The next morning, Lily got up an hour earlier than usual. She went to the kitchen immediately when she got up, preparing the food that she would bring to Eric and Becky today.

Jane had never seen her cook before. She widened her eyes amazed and asked, "When did you learn to cook, Miss Lily?"

Lily paused for a second, then she cut the food with her head down and told a lie, "My mother once taught me how to cook."

"Okay." Jane nodded her head, showing her approval. Indeed, when the wife was in the past, she would also cook for herself, which is like the wife now, only to instruct others to do it.

Two meat and one vegetable. Soon, Lily had prepared all the three dishes. She put all of them in the heat preservation box and then put them into a special bag.

After getting everything ready, Claire and Eden were just going downstairs for breakfast.

"Humph!" When seeing Lily, Claire hummed and took a look at her handbag in disgust.

Lily didn't care about it. She didn't need to be mad at her. It would only make her uncomfortable.

After breakfast, they went to school. Usually, it was Eden who took the passenger seat. But today, Claire took the seat directly.

Eden frowned and sat in the back seat with Lily.

Seeing this, Lily just raised her lips and smiled. She turned to look out of the window. Although it was Frank who embarrassed himself about the rumor of mistress, it was a great irony for the Qiao family, especially for Claire. So she was angry.

When they entered the classroom, Lily told Becky she had brought lunch for her. Becky was so surprised that she couldn't close her mouth. But considering she was in the classroom now, she asked in a low voice, "Lily, when did you learn to cook? Why didn't I know that?"

"Don't ask if you have something to eat." Lily handed a thermal container to her. She did not explain.

"Why there are three lunch boxes?

"The other one is for Eric."

"Who is Eric? Asked Becky curiously.

"Yes, the one who helped me last time." Lily whispered.

"Okay," Becky nodded. "I will meet him this noon. I owe him a big favor."


They kept whispering until the bell rang.

As she didn't make an appointment with Eric yesterday, when the school was about to be over at noon, Lily wanted to send a message to ask him where he was, but she found that she didn't have his number again. She felt a little annoyed. Why didn't he leave his number to her!

She sighed and put her phone in her pocket.

After class, they came to the classroom of Eric, Eric was lazily leaning against his seat. A faint smile appeared on the corner of his mouth when he saw Lily, but a touch of displeasure flashed through his eyes when he saw Becky, who was next to Lily.

With a lunch box in her hand, Lily smiled and walked to Eric's seat. "You are in the classroom. It seems that you didn't skip class today," she said.

"Yes." He glanced around and stood up. "Let's go to another place."

Then he left the classroom.

What? Lily was stunned for a while, then she turned around and followed him. Seeing this, Becky also followed them hurriedly.

It was time for lunch, but there were still a lot of people in the classroom. When they saw the two girls looking for Eric, their eyes widened in surprise. Now seeing that they left together, they even discussed heatedly.

In the student Green Park, it was the quietest Pavilion. Eric sat down on a stone bench and looked at Lily quietly, as if he was waiting for her to open the lunch box and put it in front of him.

Lily paid no attention to his expression. He opened all the lunch boxes and put them in order. At the same time, Becky, who stood beside her, looked at her blankly, as if she often did that, so skillful and so naturally.

Eric still looked calm, but the deep look in his eyes was elusive.

"Go ahead." After putting the dishes on the table, Lily passed the chopsticks to Eric, and sat next to Becky.

After taking a look at her, Eric lowered his head and ate his food quietly.

"Wow, it's delicious." After chewing the food in her mouth, Becky raised her head and looked at Lily. "You are a good chef, Lily!"

"Really?" Lily blinked her eyes. She still remembered that in her previous life, Jade and Frank had often been picky about her cooking. They often thought that the dish was salty or light, and none of them satisfied their taste, but they still allowed her to cook.

"Yes, yes." Becky nodded, "Much better than my mom's cooking."

Seeing that she enjoyed it so much, Lily smiled and bowed her head to take a bite. But she didn't find that it tasted so good, just like what she did in the previous life.

Was there something wrong with her taste? She raised her head and looked at Eric, only to see him

lowering his head and eating without knowing whether it was delicious or not.

"Lily, I've made up my mind!" Becky raised her head suddenly and said firmly, "I'll take you to my home every weekend and ask you to cook for me!"

Seeing her childish behavior, Lily smiled and said, "Okay, I'll cook for you if you like."

She always felt guilty towards Becky.

At this time, Eric raised his head and looked a bit displeased. He glanced at Becky and pushed the lunch box in front of him to Lily, saying, "I'm not full yet."


Lily was stunned and stopped eating. She looked at Eric's empty lunch box embarrassed.

"Then I'll give you half of mine." Lily said and she divided the food by half into Eric's lunch box.

Seeing this, Becky hastily pushed the lunch box in front of Lily and said, "Hmm Lily, I want more too."

Lily felt awkward again. It was understandable that Eric ate so much. After all, he was a boy of sixteen or seventeen years old and was in the stage of growing up, But Becky She had never seen her eat so much!

"There is a lot in your bowl." Before she said anything, Eric opened his mouth first. He pushed the lunch box back and said, "She only has half left. What can she eat?"

"Then why did you split up?" Becky retorted harshly.

"Because I'm not full yet." After saying that, he lowered his head and began to eat.

"You!" Becky stared at him with a resentful look. She was not convinced and said, "Pig!"

"Okay, Becky." Lily hurriedly said, "If you like to eat, I will make it for you later."

"Okay." Becky was happy, "Tomorrow is Saturday. Come to my house."


"I will go with you." Eric interrupted all of a sudden.

"No way!" Becky refused him without hesitation. She didn't want him to go home!

Eric raised his head and said, "I want to go with you."

"No way!"

On Saturday, after getting the consent of the Dillon, Lily had breakfast. Then she was ready to go out to the Song family. But before she went out, she saw Simon and Frank coming in with the help of butler.

"Mr. Simon and Mr. Frank are here." The butler said respectfully to Dillon, who was reading newspaper in the living room.

"Oh, you are here." He put down the newspaper and stood up to greet them.

"Alas, I feel too ashamed to visit you." Simon felt embarrassed.

Dillon understood what he meant. He said with a smile, "Frank is a boy and he will make mistakes. Come here and sit with us."

"Uncle Dillon, these are tonics specially prepared for you and your wife. It is good for your health." Said Frank as he handed the gift box to him.

"We are going to be a family. Don't be so formal." Although he said so, he beckoned the housekeeper to bring the gifts. Then he turned to Jane and said, "Jane, ask Miss Claire to come here."

"Yes." Then she turned around and went upstairs.

Looking at the hypocritical three, Lily's lips sneered a little invisible sneer. When the father and son came in just now, Simon was laughing on his face, but his own eyes were a bit disgusted, Frank was dodging, not looking at her straight.

"Lily, don't you have an appointment with your classmate? Ask Uncle Tom to send you there." Dillon suddenly turned to Lily and said.

"No, father. I can go there myself." Lily smiled lightly, and then politely said to them, "Mr. Simon, Mr. Frank, I have an appointment with my classmates to go out. I can't stay with you. Goodbye."

"Then have a good time." Said Simon with a fake smile.

While Frank just glanced at her without saying anything.

Lily nodded with a smile. When he was about to turn around and leave, she heard Claire's voice behind her. "Sister, are you going out?"

Although she really wanted to leave without looking back, she had no choice but to look back at Claire since there were so many people present. "Yes."

"Then buy me a box of the medicine to treat allergy last time when you come back." Claire said, walking down the stairs.

Lily frowned and was confused. She did not know why, Claire had no allergy recently.

When she was hesitating, Claire suddenly turned to her father and held his arm. She said in a sweet voice, "Father, please tell my sister to by me that medicine, she is not willing to buy me one."

"Lily, please buy a box of medicine for Claire when you come back." Said Dillon.

At this moment, Lily finally understood what Claire meant. She was flaunting in front of them that she was more valued than her.

"I know, father." She replied and turned around to leave.

Claire shouted hastily, "Sister, please buy it back early. I will use it.

Glancing at her, Lily curved her lips but didn't say anything. She immediately turned around. But when she was about to turn around, she was stunned. How could Eric come here!

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