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   Chapter 17 She Was Slapped

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"Oh my God!" Screamed Claire, who staggered backwards for several steps. Luckily, Lucia caught her in time and steadied herself.

"Lily, what do you mean?" Lucia stepped forward to protect Claire behind her back. Lucia glared at Lily and said, "It was your fault. How could you hit Claire?"

With a mocking smile flashing in her eyes, Lily said, "Auntie, I think it's probably that you don't have good eyes. It's Claire who hits me first, and I'm self-defense. Is this the first to hit people?"

"Did I wrong you?" Saying this, Lucia glanced at the door, then she quickly changed her attitude and said in earnest, "Lily, I'm good for your. Frank and Claire are engaged. I beg you to leave him, okay?"

Lily couldn't help but admire her attitude. When she glanced at the door from the corner of her eye just now, she knew that her father had come back.

And she could tell that he must be pissed off by the footsteps.

"Father..." Seeing Dillon, Claire rushed over, hugged his arm and cried, "You help me to persuade my sister, if this news is known to the media and it will be hype, then Qiao family will be hacked."

"Yeah, Dillon, please persuade Lily." Lucia continued to say, "Claire persuaded her just now, but she actually slapped her. It was lucky that I stopped her in time."

Lily was totally defeated by the two women. They lied so smoothly. They should have become actors!

Dillon glanced at Claire who was holding his arm. Then he pushed her hand away and walked to Lily. Without saying anything, he raised his hand and waved away.


The world seemed to be quiet at the moment of the slap.

The slap turned Lily's head. There was nothing left in her ears, and even her mouth tasted the flavor of blood.

Oh, this was her father. He slapped Lily without asking for the reason. Thinking of the words that Frank and Claire said before she died in a previous life, Lily slowly turned her head and looked straight at Dillon.

"You..." The words were on the tip of his tongue but he didn't know what to say. He looked at Lily incredulously. He had never seen her like this. The fierce look in her eyes made him inexplicably feel a little guilty.

Lucia and Claire, who were standing beside them, were secretly delighted, with complacent smiles on their faces.

Dillon was only in a daze for a moment, and then he came to himself quickly. He asked Lily, "Is it true about what you have done with Frank? It's buzzing online and even journalists called to ask today."

"Haven't you seen it? What else do you want me to explain?" Lowering her head, Lily calmed herself down and looked up at them indifferently.

"You Is this your manner to talk to your elder?" Lily provoked Dillon greatly.

"Do you take yourself as an elder?" Lily asked, "Did you ask me before you slap me? In your heart, you firmly believe that it is true. Now you ask me. Do you think it is necessary for me to explain? Does my explanation make any sense?"

"You..." Dillon raised his hand again. Just when he was about to slap her, Jane came in with two people.

"Mr. Dillon, guest are coming." Said Jane in a respectful manner.

"It seems that it's not the right time." Before Dillon could say anything, Alice said with a smile on her face and quickly glanced at everyone.

Embarrassed, Dillon withdrew his hand, gave Lily a stare, and turned to Alice, "Miss Song, why are you here?"

"Oh, last time I met Mrs. Lucia at the banquet in the Gu family, and she said that she liked the dress that I designed. I'll send it to her today." While she was speaking, she took the paper box from Becky and handed it to Lucia. "Mrs. Lucia, take a look at it and see if it is suitable."

Lucia hurriedly took it over with a smile, "Thank you, Mrs. Alice. It's so kind of you to bring it to me in person."

"I was afraid that you might need it urgently, so I brought it here when I have time." Alice said with a smile.

Lucia opened the box and took out the dress. It was a close fitting dress. The design of the fur collar added some noble color to the dress, and she said, "This dress is very beautiful!"

"I'm glad that you like it, Mrs. Lucia." But when she looked at the slap mark on Lily's face, she frowned.

When everyone was paying attention to the clothes in Lucia's hands, Becky walked up to Lily and held her hand, asking in a low voice, "Lily, does it hurt?"

Lily shook her head and took her hand back. "I'm fine."

"Your face is swollen." "I should come earlier." Becky couldn't help blaming herself.

Hearing that, Lily's eyes immediately turned red, and her throat was so choked that she could not speak. Even when she was slapped by Dillon just now, she didn't want to cry. Now, because of this, she really wanted to cry.

She felt more and more guilty for what she had done to Becky!

"Mr. Dillon, are

you handling family affairs?" Looking at Dillon with a smile and talked about the business.

"Oh, Miss Alice, I'm sorry for this. Now the Qiao family is known to all." Dillon sighed, "It's all my fault. I didn't teach them well."

"I have also heard of it." She continued, "Lily and my daughter are schoolmates and also good friends. So I believe there must be something wrong."

"Miss Alice, you don't know Lily, she has a strange temper." As soon as Lucia heard Alice speak for Lily, she said immediately, "She will grab whatever Claire likes, probably because I and Dillon don't pay enough attention to her. She wants everyone to pay attention to her."

Hearing this, a touch of irony flashed in Alice's eyes, but she still smiled lightly. "Well, the second marriage does have a great impact on the children. How about this. Anyway, she and Becky are classmates, just stay in our home for a few days, and I will help you to comfort her."

"I don't think it's a good idea." Lucia didn't expect that Alice would say so.

"Why is it not good?" With a smile, she turned to Dillon and asked, "Mr. Dillon, How about you?"

"It's Mrs. Alice, this is the Qiao family's thing. I don't want to bother you." The attitude of Dillon was obvious.

"It seems that Mr. Dillon don't believe me." Alice seemed to be joking.

There was something hidden in her words.

Hearing her words, Dillon smiled and said, "Mr. Alice, don't say that. I don't want to trouble you. Now you say this, I'll leave trouble you to take care of her for a few days. I hope she won't cause you any trouble."

"It won't be trouble. Becky and I are expected to stay with one more person."

With just a few words, Alice brought Lily out of the Qiao family.

After they got into the car, of course, it was Alice who was driving. Becky took Lily's hand and sat in the back seat.

"Fuck, this is really tough!" Alice took a look at Lily from the rearview mirror and then immediately started the car and rushed out of the Qiao family.

Lily was stunned by her rudeness.

"Your face has been swollen like this." With a sad face, Becky reached out to touch Lily's face, and said, "It must hurt."

"It's not bad." When Lily came to her senses, she held Becky's hand and said, "Becky, don't ask for leave for me next time."

The school wasn't over, so Lily guessed that she must have asked for leave from her teacher.

"If I hadn't asked for leave, I wouldn't know what you would be." Becky said unhappily, "Both Claire and her mother are bad guys, and so is your father. They don't know what is right, but..."

Speaking of this, Becky suddenly laughed. She looked at her mother, who was driving the car, and said, "Mom is so smart. She took you out of the Qiao family with one dress."

"So you have to learn more." Alice turned to take a look at her daughter and said while driving, "Becky is worried about you. If you are not her only friend, perhaps I won't come."

"I know. Thank you, aunt." Lily said in a sobbing tone with tears in her eyes. She tightened Becky's hand and said, "And you, Becky, I will never do anything wrong to you in my whole life."

"What did you say, Lily? When did you do something that hurt me?" She gave her a reproachful glance.

Lily smiled, but tears streamed down her face. Yes, in this life, she did not do anything wrong to them. In this life, she must make up for the regret caused by her previous life, or she would be too guilty for them!

When they entered Becky's house, it was still the same as Lily had seen in her previous life. The decoration of three bedrooms and two living room was very warm. The curtains and the sofa cover were pink, which made people feel warm and comfortable.

"Becky, your family is so beautiful." After walking into the living room, Lily praised while sitting on the sofa.

"Really?" Then Becky proudly raised her head and said, "I picked up all these furniture and curtains."

"Look at your smug face." With an ice pack in her hand, she walked up to Lily and gently held her face. "Your father is really ruthless. People who don't know you will think you are not his biological daughter."

"I can do it myself, aunt." Lily took over the ice pack and said in a lonely tone, "Born in such kind of family, it doesn't matter whether he is my biological father or not. If possible, I would rather not be his biological daughter."

" Ugh." She sighed, patted Lily's head and said, "Just stay here for a few days. I'll search it."

"Thank you, aunt." Lily said gratefully.

"It's not a big deal. Becky loves you so much, so I should help you." With a joking tone, she even blinked eyes.

"Yeah, Lily, you can stay at my home these days. I'll sleep with you every day!" Said Becky, putting her arms around Lily's shoulder.

Lily smiled. She was so lucky to have them.

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