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   Chapter 15 Use Tricks To Chase People Out

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Lily didn't care about the unusual silence at first, but when she went upstairs and bypassed Lucia's room to go back to her own room, she accidentally heard the slightly suppressed anger from Lucia.

"You still haven't found her? Why are you so inefficient? You have looked for her everywhere for half a month, but you still can't find her. You guys are really a bunch of waste."

Lily stopped subconsciously, her eyebrows twisted.

"You have ten days. If you can't find her in ten days, you'll all die!"

Find someone? Was Lucia looking for someone? And she looked for someone for half a month. Lily suddenly realized that she was looking for her mother!

"Mom." Suddenly, with a sound of door opening, Claire's voice came out.

Lily immediately turned around, pretended to go upstairs and walked past in front of Lucia's door.

"Lily, you didn't come back too late!" Seeing Lily, Claire certainly wouldn't let her go if she didn't taunt her.

"Yes." Lily turned around, shrugged and smiled. "As father said, if you do well in your study, you can come back home a little late."

Dillon did say that, but it was a long time ago.

Claire glared at her. "Then we won't wait for you in the future! Don't forget that we don't have a driver to pick you up at home."

"I can take a taxi home." Lily turned around and left with a careless smile. But the smile on her face froze immediately when she turned around, hoping that Claire didn't notice that she was eavesdropping in front of Lucia's door.

"What's wrong?" Opening the door, Lucia looked at the angry Claire and asked in confusion.

"It's all because of that little bitch. She's getting more and more arrogant now!" Claire said with hatred.

Lucia ignored what Claire said. She looked nervously in the direction where Lily left and asked, "Was she here just now?"

"When I came out, I saw her go upstairs. She did well in her study. So what? Humph!" With an unhappy face, Claire took Lucia's hand and went into her room. "Mom, come in. I have something to tell you."

Lucia looked at the direction of Lily's room doubtfully, then she was pulled into the room by Claire.

After Lily went back to her room, she felt very uneasy. She couldn't figure out why Lucia was still looking for her mother, and why was she still unwilling to let her mother go.

At the time, the divorce agreement signed by her mother who was almost equivalent to going out of the house. She didn't take away any valuable things from Qiao 's family, and Dillon 's mind was completely out of her mother. But why is she still chasing her mother?

Lucia couldn't find her mother in a short time, but there was no one to help her. What if her mother was found?

No, Lily can't sit still and did nothing. Suddenly, Lily's eyes lit up. Only Colin could believe. Without thinking too much, she stood up and went to the house where the servants lived in the backyard.

The next morning, after Lucia had freshened up, she began to rummage through the dresser for jewelries. However, she couldn't find the jewelries that she was looking for.

"Dillon, have you seen the pearl necklace you gave me last time?" While looking for it, she asked Dillon who was in his suit.

"How do I know where you put it?" Dillon glance at her and answered.

She searched the jewelry boxes, drawers and even wardrobes, but still couldn't find it. Lucia walked out of the room and asked Jane who was busy cleaning the house downstairs, "Jane, when you were cleaning the room, have you seen my pearl necklace?"

"No, I didn't," Jane replied, shaking her head.

Lucia's face darkened at once, and she said, "That necklace is worth eight hundred thousand dollars. How could it disappear without a reason? It must have been taken by someone. You should ask people to search everywhere and search every corner of the room!"

"Yes, madam." At present, in this family, no one dared not to obey Lucia.

When Lily got up, the whole Qiao family was in a mess. Everyone was busy looking for Lucia's necklace.

As soon as she finished cleaning and walked out of her room, a servant came to search for her room.

"Miss Lily, we have to search your room. This is Mrs. Lucia's instruction." The servant lowered his head and said respectfully.

"Why do you search my room?" Lily asked in confusion.

"Mrs. Claire's pearl necklace is lost. Ask everyone to search."

"Well, then search this place." After saying that, Lily carried her backpack and walked downstairs. But there was a mysterious smile on her face.

When she went downstairs, Lucia angrily directed the servants to look for it, and Claire followed her and directed them. On the contrary, Eden stood quietly, with his lips pressed tightly. There was no e

xpression on his face.

"Go and find them! I don't believe I've lost it all!" Lucia gave an order angrily and did not notice Lily at all.

All the servants walked through the hall and the rooms. The whole Qiao family was on the verge of war.

"I found it, madam."

Just when everyone was in a daze, the steward came over with a pearl necklace in his hand, followed by Colin, who was held by the other two servants.

"Mrs. Lucia, is this the thing you need?" The housekeeper handed the necklace to Lucia.

"Yes, that's it!" Lucia took the necklace, looked at it carefully and then looked up at the housekeeper and asked, "Where did you find it?"

The housekeeper pointed at Colin, "I found this necklace in his room."

"Mrs. Lucia, no, it's not me. I didn't I didn't steal... " Colin shrank his neck. He dared not to look at anyone with his flickering eyes.

"If you didn't steal it, how could it be in your room?" Taking a step forward, Lucia glared at Colin and asked.

"I... I..." Colin backed up a few steps, looking for nothing to explain.

"It's impossible." At this time, Lily stood out in front of Colin, looked straight into Lucia's eyes and said, "Auntie, I believe that Colin is not that kind of person."

"You believe?" Lucia raised her voice, pointed at Colin and said, "If I remember correctly, he was just a servant coming from the An family with your mother. I can understand that you were protecting him, but the fact is in front of us. How are you going to defend him?"

Lily explained hastily, "Aunt, it must be a misunderstanding. Colin is such an honest man. How could he steal?"

"Humph! You just don't know him!" Lucia snorted and said, "You don't have to stay in the Qiao family anymore."

"Madam, please don't drive me away." After disengaging himself from the two men, Colin knelt down in front of Lucia and begged, "Please don't drive me away. I have been very poor recently, so I dare to do such a thing. Please give me another chance."

"That's right, aunt." With tears in her eyes, Lily begged Lucia and took her hand. "Please don't drive Colin away. He is my favorite elder in the Qiao family."

"No way!" Claire stood out and looked at Lily aggressively. "Sister, do you think it's safe to leave the thief at home? I'm afraid the next time, he will steal all of Qiao family's previous stuff!"

"All right, stop arguing." At this time, Dillon stepped out from the crowd. Wearing a suit, he went to them and said, "It's not a big deal. We only need to find the necklace."

"Dillon." Lucia disapprovingly held his arm and said, "We've found the necklace, but we can't allow anyone to steal it. Don't ask him to stay here because he was a member of the An family."

"Father, don't do that!" Before her father could say anything, Claire said, "If you insist on keeping him, we will call the police and punish him according to law."

"No, Miss Claire. Please don't call the police." Colin shook his head in panic and stood up from the ground. "I'll leave right now. If you don't call the police."

"Uncle Colin..." Lily turned around and looked at Colin, tears streaming down her face.

"Miss Lily, it's my fault. I shouldn't have stolen. But I don't want to be put in jail. I'm already grateful that Mrs. Lucia didn't call the police. And I don't have the nerve to ask to stay here anymore." After saying that, Colin took a deep look at Lily and then bowed deeply to Lucia and Dillon. He walked out of the gate of the Qiao family in the contemptuous sight.

"Dad, Uncle Dillon..." Lily turned to the Dillon in tears and was about to ask for more, but she was interrupted by Dillon: "Lily, we shouldn't keep this kind of person."

Seeing this, Lily didn't say anything. She just shrugged and sobbed.

Looking at her complacently, Claire raised her eyebrows. She regarded her as a victor.

"Well, then I'll go to school first." Lily's eyes reddened. She just turned around and walked outside. But no one saw the triumphant smile on her face when she lowered her head.

She knew well about the characteristics of Lucia and Claire. The more she wanted, the more they would not let her get it!

"Okay, that's enough. You can leave now. If such kind of thing happens again in the future, you will be severely punished!" Said Lucia to the other servants.

The farce had come to an end. Because the farce, nobody wanted to eat breakfast. Some of them went to school, to the company. Everyone was busy with their own business.

After walking out of everyone's sight, Lily secretly sent a message on her mobile phone and deleted the record. Then, she got in the car and waited for Claire and Eden.

She still should go to school with them, but she would get rid of them one day!

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