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   Chapter 14 Send Her Home

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As soon as the marriage between the Gu family and the Qiao family was made public, almost everyone in the school knew it.

On the first day of class after weekend, the three of them got out of the car on their way to the school. Just as they arrived, York and Sheena surrounded Claire. They were gossiping and even said some words of envy. Although some people cast a look of contempt, most of them admired her.

Looking at the enjoyable expression on Claire's face, Lily coldly smiled. Then she followed the indifferent Eden walking towards the classroom.

That 's right, marrying the Gu family, regardless of whether the parent was handsome or not, the title of Gu family had already attracted many people.

Lily thought that after Frank and Claire were paired up as soon as possible, she would be fine, but she did not expect Frank's appearance to drag her into the gossip again.

Looking at the man standing in front of her, Lily didn't know how he could find her. Lily was intercepted by Frank as soon as the class was over.

"Mr. Frank, shouldn't you come to see my sister? Why are you looking for me?" Lily asked with a smile.

"Lily, I..." Frank opened his mouth, but suddenly he didn't know what to say. The day was really strange. He clearly remembered that the medicine was right, and that the glass she was drinking was right. But why did she feel all right after she drank the whole cup of water? He and Claire passed out after drinking it? Was she

Seeing Frank being hesitant, Lily naturally knew what he was thinking, but asked with a puzzled expression, "Mr. Frank, do you have anything to tell me?"

Looking at her doubtful appearance, Frank shook his head, no longer doubting her. If she knew that medicine, and tried to do something with it, how could she know nothing now?

She was only a junior high school student, so she shouldn't be so thoughtful. Besides, she was the lady of the Qiao family. If she found out that he had drugged, she would have been exposed it. It was the Gu family who was embarrassed, not the Qiao family.

"Yes." Said Frank, nodding his head. He looked at Claire with a softer look in his eyes, and went on, "I don't know what is going on between Claire and me, but I have to follow my family's arrangement."

"I know." Lily answered, secretly keeping an eye on Frank, wondering what he was going to say.

"But, Lily, there are something you don't know." Frank step up and held Lily's hands, "Since I met you that day, I had a crush on you. If possible, I want to get engaged to you, not to Claire."

Lily didn't expect that Frank could be so disgusting. They schemed to kill her in her previous life, and she didn't expect to see such a disgusting side of him in her new life.

"Mr. Frank..." Lily tried to withdraw her hand, but failed. As a 20-year-old man, Frank was much stronger than her.

"Lily, what I said is true." He clenched his fists as if a man who had an affair was begging for his girlfriend's forgiveness.

Lily was so disgusted. She didn't expect that he would be such a person!

"Mr. Frank, let me go!" Lily shook off Frank's hand, and almost fell to the ground. She took several steps back to keep her balance.

"You and my sister are going to get engaged, so I should call you brother-in-law. Please don't do this thing." Lily said seriously, touching her aching wrist.

"But I only like you."

"Mr. Frank, thank you for your kindness. Please take back your good will. And please don't stay with me alone in the future. It may cause misunderstandings." Lily said as she looked around. Although it was a remote place, the students passing by still cast a strange look at them.


"And..." Just when Frank was about to say something else, he was interrupted by Lily. "Mr. Frank, please be good to my sister. Love is slowly growing. I believe that you will definitely live a 'happy' life in the future!"

Lily said the word happiness very much. Can't this pair of scum men and women be happy together?

After saying that, she didn't wait for any response from Frank and turned away. Staying with such a person for one more second was a great torture to her!

The moment Lily turned around, a suspicious figure flashed by.

Looking at the back of Lily, Frank's eyes darkened. He finally got the result after careful consideration.

At this moment, what Lily wanted to do most was to find a place to wash her hands. She felt uncomfortable from every part of her body that was touched by Frank just now.

She happened to meet Eric in the washroom of the teaching building.

"Wash your hands?"

What? Lily raised her head and looked at him in surprise. How did he know what she wanted to do?

"Over there." Eric raised his chin towards one direction and said, "I was there a moment ago."

Looking at the direction where Eric was pointing, Lily suddenly realized how he knew

what she was thinking about. Eric had seen everything of Frank and her just now.

"Now that you have seen it, what do you want to say?" Lily looked at him and asked indifferently.

He glanced at her and said, "Let's go. Wash your hands."

What? Lily was stunned for a while and then followed him as if it was normal.

The more she walked, the more she felt familiar with this place. Lily frowned. Eric led her to his classroom. She was somewhat resistant to this place. She was overshadowed by the teacher who nearly raped her last time.

As if he knew her feelings, Eric didn't bring her into the classroom, but to the bathroom next to the classroom, "Go and wash your hand."

Then he turned around and left.

Seeing him leave, Lily was confused. Did he just take her to wash her hands? Didn't he know that she didn't need his help to wash her hands?

Lily was confused, but she didn't care and went into the bathroom.

This was the second time that Lily washed her hands after she was touched by Frank. Thinking of his previous life when he stayed with Claire on the bed together, Lily really wanted to clean the skin off where he touched!

"Here you are." When Lily was rubbing her hand, a bottle of hand washing liquid was handed over to her.

For a moment, Lily did not understand what Eric meant. When she raised her head and saw that it was Eric, she felt a little moved.

"No need?" Eric asked with his eyebrows raised when he found that Lily had no intention of answering the.

"Thank you." Lily was pulled back by his words. She took over the liquid soap and suppressed the inexplicable touch in her heart. "I don't expect you to have the habit of using it."

"It's not mine." Leaning against the door frame of the bathroom, Eric said lazily.

Lily turned to look at him in confusion. Before she could ask, Eric explained, "I don't know who, I took it when I see it."

Lily was speechless. Did she say that he used it without permission? But what position should she say it? What was more, he was taking it for her!

Eric couldn't offer a word, and Lily didn't know what to say to him either. Besides, it was nearly an hour after the school was over, so the two walked in the school quietly.

But this kind of quietness did not make people feel embarrassed. When he did not speak, she was quiet, as if it was a natural phenomenon.

Even Lily felt a little strange. There was a kind of peace that she never felt when she stayed with Eric.

It's a kind of peace that she had never felt before.

When they walked to the gate of the school, Lily didn't see the Qiao family's car. They might have already left.

"Wait for me here." After saying that, he turned around and left.

Lily didn't nod or say anything. She just quietly watched him leave and wait for him to come back.

After a short while, Eric appeared in front of her in the car. He opened the door of the passenger seat from the inside and said, "Get on the car."

"Ok." Lily smiled and got in the car, "I didn't expect you to drive here by yourself."

Turning his head sideways to take a look at her, then turned his head to look ahead and said, "What can you think of?"

"A lot I don't know." Lily smiled and gave an ambiguous answer.

She turned her head and looked at Eric. In fact, Eric was a good-looking man with a sharp profile of his face. He had thick eyebrows, long eyelashes, beautiful eyes, straight nose and thin lips. It would be better if he could cut the long hair which covered his eyes.

Glancing at the person who was looking at him, Eric curled his lips. After a long time, he opened his mouth, "I can understand. After all, you have too little brain capacity."

The smile on Lily's face froze in an instant. She glared at him, then turned her head to look ahead. For the sake of him sending her home today, she would not argue with him anymore.

Lily worried about being seen by her family, so she told Eric to park the car a little far from the gate of the Qiao family.

"Thank you for today. Bye." Lily got off the car and said goodbye.

Without saying goodbye, Eric turned around and drove away.

Lily wasn't surprised at his manner, so she turned around and walked towards the gate. She came back so late today, and she wondered what Lucia would say about her.

To her surprise, the house was very quiet. There were only Jane and another servant in the living room. And no one else was there.

"Miss Lily, you're back." "Don't worry. I'll keep all the dishes for you and your father is in the study room."

"What about the others?" Lily asked casually.

"Mrs. Lucia is in the bedroom, and her daughter is reading books in Mr. Eric's room." Jane replied respectfully. If Lily hadn't asked, she wouldn't have told her where they had gone.

"Ok." Lily nodded and said, "I'll go to my room and have dinner later." Then she went upstairs.

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