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   Chapter 13 The Marriage Of Gu And Qiao

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Late at night, the atmosphere in Qiao's living room was a bit low.

"Why this thing happened?" Dillon looked angrily and asked Lucia who was sobbing in Claire's arms.

Today's incident was rumored by the media. And almost all the people in the upper class knew that the little daughter of the Qiao family and the eldest son of the Gu family slept in the same bed.

"I I don't know what happened. " Claire sobbed and dared not look up at Dillon.


Dillon slapped on the tea table, making the cups clang. "You don't know what's going on? So why you can sleep in the same bed with Frank?"

"I I really don't know Oh oh..." Claire was frightened and hide in Lucia's arms.

"All right, Dillon. Don't be angry." Lucia comforted her daughter in her arms while persuading Dillon, "There must be a reason for this. How could Claire do such a thing when she was so young?"

"Are you still protecting her?" Dillon glared at Lucia, pointed at Claire and trembled, "It's your fault. Qiao's face was completely lost by her. There was such a scandal. How do people outside think of us?"

Lucia was also angry, "Face, face, you only know the face of Qiao family, have you ever thought about Claire? As a girl, who would like to meet such a thing?"

"Do you blame me? Didn't you teach her all? Look at yourself. What have you taught her?"

"How dare you blame me? Where were you when I gave birth to Eden? Where were you when I gave birth to Claire? Now you blame me for because the thing happened? Why don't you ask yourself, are you cared about these two children over the years? What did you teach them? What have you done for them?"

The two of them quarreled with each other, which scared the servants at home and they dare not to show up.

Beside them, Lily looked at them in fear, while Eden frowned and didn't want to persuade them.

"I compensate you now." Dillon's momentum obviously weakened, "But now such a thing happened, the Qiao family really can't raise heads outside."

"Dad, aunt Lucia..." Lily said timidly, "Don't quarrel, we are mainly trying to solve the problem."

"It's easy for you to say that. Now that things have become like this, how can we solve it?" Lucia turned to look at Lily with anger.

"Aunt..." Lily shrank his neck, as if she was frightened by Lucia's tone, "I I just want you and dad to calm down and think about countermeasures. I don't mean anything else."

"Keep your voice down. Don't scare the child." Dillon glared at Lucia unhappily.

"Scare her? Why did I scare her?" Lucia was not happy, "Dillon, I can see that in this family, Lily is your child, and Eden and Claire aren't!"

"What are you talking about? Why aren't they my children?"

"I just said one word and you protected her. What do you mean?"


Just as the second round of quarrel between the two was about to start, the phone at home rang, and Dillon had to answer the phone.

Seeing that he went to answer the phone, Lucia glared at Lily unhappily.

Lily didn't care. Her eyes followed Dillon. He was talking on the phone with a serious face. Although she couldn't hear what he was talking about, it could be seen that he was not willing to.

After a while, he hung up the phone and came back. He looked at Lucia and said, "Simon is calling."

"What did he say?" There was some expectation on Lucia's face. Even Claire, who had been crying, stopped and looked up at him.

"He meant that the two families were married and admitted that the two children were dating." Dillon frowned.

Hearing this, Lucia's eyes lit up, but she didn't show it too obvious. She looked at Claire with a little embarrassment, but said it to Dillon.

"Claire is still so young. I'm afraid it's not good to let her marry the eldest son of the Gu family."

"If you don't do that, how to stop those rumors?" Dillon asked in reply, "the Gu family has held a press conference and announced the marriage. In two years, Claire will be engaged to Frank."

Lucia pursed her lips and didn't speak, but the smile betrayed her.

However, Claire was surprised and looked at Dillon at a loss. "So soon?"

"You did it yourself, and you have to bear the consequences." Dillon looked at her unhappily.

Lily was no surprised to this result. When she faced these rumors in her previous life, the solution given by the Gu family was the same, wasn't it? In this life, she just changed the target to Claire.

But Frank will be disappointed this time.

On the second day, a man came to Qiao fam

ily, Lily was unexpected and surprised, Joe Qiao!

"Grandpa!" Lily ran down the stairs and threw herself into Joe's arms. "Grandpa, I miss you so much."

"You girl..." Joe caressed Lily's head lovingly and said, "I miss you too."

"Yes." Lily nodded with sobs in Joe's arms and held him more tightly. She liked Grandpa very much. To be exact, in the whole Qiao family, except for her mother Tina, Joe was the one who loved her the most.

Lucia and Claire were not happy to this scene. The two stared at Lily discontentedly almost at the same time. Eden was very calm, and he sat quietly aside to watch.

"Well, girl, you're a big girl. You still stick to Grandpa. You are not afraid of being laughed at."

Hearing this, Lily raised her head from Joe's arms, wiped her wet eyes and said a very childish words, "Even if I am eighty years old, I still want to stick to Grandpa."

"Ha ha." Joe laughed happily, "When you are eighty years old, Grandpa will become an old monster."

"I don't afraid." Lily held Joe's arm again and sat next to him.

"You." Joe shook his head dotingly, and the expression on his face became serious suddenly.

The sudden change in the atmosphere made everyone's face slightly changed.

"It's only been a short time since you came in. Is this virtuous and virtuous?" Joe said the first half of the sentence to Lucia and the second half to Dillon.

"Dad, it was also an accident." Dillon explained with insufficient confidence, "There must be something strange in this matter, and Claire couldn't have done such a thing."

"Yes, Dad..."

"Stop!" As soon as Lucia opened her mouth, she was interrupted by Joe. "I didn't mean that I admitted you as my daughter-in-law when I agreed to let you in, and you didn't have the right to call me dad. Teaching such a daughter made us lose all the face!"

Seeing this, Claire was just about to explain when she was stopped by a look from Joe. She suddenly withered and she shrank her neck and sat quietly beside Lucia.

"If your mother didn't want a grandson and let Eden to be your son before she died, I wouldn't have allowed you to divorce Tina and marry this woman!" Joe scolded Dillon.

"Dad..." Dillon looked at his father embarrassed, "It's happened now. Why do you still say so much?"

"You are not happy when I criticize you?" Joe glared at his son and said, "Do you think things will be fine after they settled? Do you think you have a good face for such a thing? "

"Dad, i..." Dillon couldn't refute any more.

"Grandpa, don't be angry." Lily said, "We should look at the good side of everything. It's a good thing that Claire get married to the Gu family, and it will certainly bring unexpected benefits. Claire is the hero of our family."

Lily knew how to make Jo happy. Although Joe said he didn't like them, he wouldn't say anything that could bring benefits to the Qiao family.

Joe glanced at Lucia and Claire, then looked at Lily beside him and praised, "Lily is still obedient."

"And Eden..." Joe fixed his eyes on the Eden. "You are the only boy in the Qiao family. You should have a good performance."

"I know, Grandpa." Eden replied.

Although Lucia was not happy with Joe's attitude towards her and her daughter, she was still happy to see that he liked her son. Eden was the only boy in the Qiao family!

"Alas..." Joe suddenly sighed, "I don't know if Tina is will."

When he said this, the atmosphere obviously changed again. There was a flash of embarrassment on Dillon's face, and Lucia's was obviously stunned.

Lily also did not expect that he would mention this matter, followed by a sigh, "yes, I don't know either.

After saying this, she glanced at Lucia and saw that her face became a little ugly.

"Don't you know where she has gone?" Joe looked at Lily in surprise.

Lily shook her head and said, "I don't know."

"She must be so angry that don't want to see anyone in the Qiao family. It's all your fault!" Joe blamed Dillon.

Dillon didn't refute. He lowered his head in silence. He was really sorry for Tina.

Joe came here today because of the scandal caused by Claire. He didn't like them at all. He didn't even have a meal and asked someone to send him back to the old house.

Although Lily wanted to stay with him, she agreed for the sake of his insistence on leaving. Thinking that her grandfather died of illness in her previous life, she felt that it was necessary to remind him to pay more attention to his health the next time she saw him.

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