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   Chapter 10 Meet Again At The Banquet

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The back garden was really quieter. Lily found a stone stool to sit down, the breeze blew through, and the familiar floral fragrance floated. Many purple roses were planted in the back garden, which was Frank's mother Jade's favorite flower.

Lily remembered that after marrying Frank in the previous life, she accidentally dropped two flowers and was scolded by Jade.

"Mr. Eric, the banquet is about to begin soon, and grandpa Gu asked you to attend later." An inappropriate voice interrupted the moment of peace.

Looking at the place where the sound from, Lily saw a servant bending down and speaking respectfully to the person lying on the grass. Lily knew that the second son was Eric, because the Gu family had only two sons. One is Frank, the other is Eric.

However, the relationship between them was not good. Unlike Frank, Eric rarely attended various activities of the Gu family, and many people did not know him.

"Have you seen enough?"

"What?" Lily didn't respond for a while. When she calmed down and realized that Eric had sat up from the grass, she felt embarrassed and said, "Coincidentally."

"Yes, it's a coincidence to meet me at the Gu family." Eric added, with a smile flashing in his black eyes.

Hearing the implication of this sentence, Lily was a little embarrassed, and cursed herself stupid. This is his home. It is normal for her to meet him. It is no coincidence!

"When will you go out with your brain?" Then Eric added.

"You..." Lily was so angry that she couldn't speak. Can't he not scold her? It was true that he had saved her, but was it necessary to say that every time he saw her?

"Haha." Eric suddenly lowered his head and smiled, feeling inexplicably happy. Although he had only seen her three times, every time he saw her unable to speak, her red face and staring eyes were very cute.

"Eric." Qiao Qianmo said in an unfriendly tone, "For the sake that you have saved me, I don't care about what you have said, but if you say anything more to annoy me, I will rude to you."

"Okay." Eric responded and then stopped smiling, turning and leaving, leaving a sentence that made Lily angry, "With your IQ, even ten people can't compare with me."

Lily take a deep breath.

Finally Lily felt clam. And decided that when she saw him in the future, she would do what he did.

No longer interested in staying here, Lily stood up and went back to the banquet hall.

As soon as she entered the crowd, Claire came over and grabbed her arm. "Sister, where have you been? The party is about to start. Dad has been looking for you."

Taking her hand away from Claire's without any trace, Lily replied indifferently, "I know."

After that, she left Claire alone and walked towards Dillon, who was already standing with Lucia and Eden.

Claire secretly clenched her teeth and quickly followed up.

It was not long after she walked to the side of Dillon that the party began. Under the leadership of his father, Simon, Frank appeared in the crowd.

"Thank you very much for coming to my son's birthday party..." Simon started his speech, while Frank stood beside him with a smile.

The moment Lily saw Frank, her hand was unconsciously clenched into a fist, and her eyesight became focused, as if she wanted to burn a hole out of him!

It seemed that someone was staring at him. Frank looked for the direction by feeling.

Lily was shocked by his gaze, and she immediately returned to normal, with a smile on her face.

When catching the smile on Lily, Frank also smiled back. It was just a little girl in a daze, and then he looked away.

Soon, Simon's speech was over, and the crowd began to talk again. It was not just a birthday party, but a business conversation place, but in the form of this birthday party.

After the speech, Simon simply said a few words to the crowd, then pulled Frank aside and said in a low voice, "The girl you saw just now is Miss Lily of the Qiao family. If possible, it's better to pull her to your side, no matter what method you use."

"Miss Lily of the Qiao family?" Frank frowned, "Is it the child of the mistress raised by the Qiao family?"

"No, she's not. It's all rumored outside." Simon looked at his son unhappily and said, "She is the real miss of the Qiao family. Although Dillon doesn't like her very much, the head of the Qiao family loves her very much. She could take a large part in the property of the Qiao family."

Frank nodded and had a plan in his mind.

Looking at Frank walking towards her with a smile, Lily felt sick, but he endured it and forced herself to face him with a smile.

"Miss Lily, I wondered if I have the honor to invite you to have the first dance?" Frank reached out his hand as a gentleman.

Hearing this, Li

ly lowered her head "shyly" and blushed slightly. "But I'm not very good at dancing. I'm afraid I'll step on Mr. Frank's foot."

"It doesn't matter. I can help you." Frank said warmly. Lily was really a little girl. She blushes as soon as she talks to the opposite sex.

"Well Maybe not good? What should I do if I hurt you?" Lily asked "worried".

At this time, Claire came over and said with a smile, "If Mr. Frank doesn't mind, I can dance with you instead of my sister."

Oh, come here to rob people. This scene is really the same as the previous life.

"Of course I don't mind, but..." Frank looked at Claire with a smile and said, "I want to dance with Miss Lily first."

"It seems that I amorous." Claire smiled and said in a relaxed tone, "In this case, should Mr. Frank also satisfy me and dance a second dance with me?"

"Of course, it's my honor."

"Well, I'll wait for Mr. Frank."

After the two people finished talking, Frank reached out his hand to Lily again, "Miss Lily, can you satisfy my wish for the sake of my birthday today?"

"Yes." Lily nodded "shyly" and put her hand in Frank's hand. "I don't know how to dance. I hope Mr. Frank will be tolerant."

"You just need to follow me." With these words, Frank had brought Lily to the dance floor.

However, Claire could only grit her teeth and glare at the back of Lily.

On the dance floor, Lily carefully moved with the rhythm of Frank. She didn't step on Frank at all, but kept her head down.

"You always keep your head down. Is there any treasure on the ground?" Frank suddenly approached Lily's ear and said in a slightly ambiguous tone.

"I, I'm afraid of stepping on Mr. Frank." Looking up, Lily stepped back without a trace.

"It doesn't matter. You're so small that I can stand you." Frank said joke.

Hearing this, Lily blushed "shyly" again, but she was so disgusted. If she had the ability to crush him now, she wouldn't dance with him anyway.

After finishing a piece of music, Lily couldn't wait to take back her hand and took a step back.

Frank smiled at her actions as if she was shy and escorted her out of the dance floor.

Seeing them come out, Claire hurried forward, and Frank was also a man that tell truth, holding her hand and entering the dance floor again.

Without Frank, Lily can't wait but go straight to the bathroom. She rubbed her hands with hand sanitizer several times, as if there were bacteria on Frank.

"Since you don't like it, why do you dance with him?"

The sudden voice scared Lily and turn her head. When she saw it was Eric, she was relieved and gave him a disgruntled look. "Don't you know you are scary?"

Looking at Lily, who was wearing a princess dress, rubbing her hands, Eric leaned against the door frame and said lazily, "You will rubbed the skin off."

Ignoring Eric, Lily washed her hands, turned around and walked to the hall. With the previous lessons, she thought it was better not to talk to him, so as not to be angry.

Eric was not annoyed and followed her out.

In fact, he didn't plan to appear at the party tonight, but when he saw Lily, he followed her inexplicably.

Back in the hall, Lily looked around and found that the Dillon was having a good chat with those people with Eden, so she found a relatively quiet corner and sat down.

Seeing this, Eric sat down beside Lily.

"You don't like dancing with him. Don't you know to refuse?" Leaning against the chair, Eric asked lazily.

A strange feeling crossed Lily's mind, and then she asked indifferently, "Why do you know I don't like it?"

"I saw it with both eyes." Eric replied in a lazy manner.

"I don't think you can control me." Lily glared at him angrily.

"I'm thinking where to find someone as stupid as you."

"You..." Lily just wanted to refute, but was interrupted by Eric, "If you don't like it, you can refuse. Don't you understand such a simple truth?"

"Eric, if you don't know the truth, don't make a conclusions, OK?" Lily was already full of anger, and now she couldn't hold it back. "It's my business whether I like it or not. It has nothing to do with you."

Hearing this, Eric didn't speak, but the lazy look on his face had disappeared. He looked at Lily closely with his black eyes, as if he wanted to see through her.

He had seen Frank invite her to dance just now. She didn't like it, and he could clearly feel that she was resisting, but she still agreed.

Lily was a little uncomfortable by his eyes. She took a sip of juice and was about to leave when she saw Claire coming. "Sister, you are here."

If possible, Lily really wanted to leave directly, but in order not to lose face at the party, she had to endure to stay. Why didn't she pester Frank to dance a little longer?

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