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   Chapter 9 Did You Go out Without Your Brain

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"Bo... Boss? "

"What? Boss, why are you here?" Looking at the coming people, the attitude of those gangsters immediately became humble.

What was going on? Lily was totally confused, boss? Did the man called Terence stop them?

Lily wanted to see through her fingers with perplexity, but when she saw the boss, the whole person was relieved.

The man saved her was Eric who saved her in the classroom last time. Although he did not speak well, he was not bad.

"Can you find a quiet place to hit her? It's so noisy!" Said Eric impatiently, with a drowsy look on his face.

"Boss, we didn't expect you to sleep here." Breaking free from Claire's hand, Terence went to Eric and took his shoulder. "Boss, you don't attend class but hide to sleep, aren't you afraid of your grandfather?"

"Get your hands off me." Taking Terence's hand off his shoulder, Eric glanced at him. "Do you learn martial arts to beat girls?"

"Haha." With an embarrassed smile, Terence said, "Boss, I help my friend take revenge."

"Friend?" Eric turned around and looked at Claire. He frowned and said unhappily, "Don't let me see it again." He said to Terence.

"I must, I promise there won't be another time!" Terence quickly made a promise.

Lily got up from the ground, patted the dirt on her body, and walked to Eric subconsciously.

He glanced at the people who walked beside him. Eric's black eyes flashed with surprise. "Why are you again?"

"Haha." Lily smiled awkwardly and did not say anything. Probably after she said that, he would say the same thing as last time.

"You are really stupid." Eric said relentlessly.

Sure enough...

He really couldn't say a good word, Lily were silent. She knew him in previous life, but she didn't expect him to be this kind of character.

"Nice to meet you. Terence, who is this?" Unwilling to be ignored, Claire walked to Terence's side, looking at Eric and asking in a delicate voice.

"This is our boss. You can call him boss or Eric." Terence introduced.

"Ok." Claire nodded and then said to Eric with shyness, "brother Eric, my name is Claire. I'm sorry to bother you just now."

Eric glance at her, speak in isolation, "I don't know you."

After saying that, he glared at Terence, "Don't let me see such things happen again."

As soon as he finished speaking, he took the hand of Lily who had been silent all the time and left.

All of them were shocked. They didn't expect that their boss, who didn't like girls and even hated girls, would take that girl away! And she was the one who was almost hit by them!

On the other side, Claire felt angrily. She found a chance to hit Lily. But she did not expect that Lily was taken away and Terence was even afraid of Eric.

But, the boy was so handsome, especially when he saved someone.

After thinking for a while, Claire looked at Terence with a bit of grievance. "Terence, is Eric angry?"

"Well, he..." Terence, who responded, comforted Claire, "He is just like this. Don't be unhappy. In fact, the boss is quite good, but he doesn't like to get in touch with girls."

"Then why did he take Lily away?" Claire asked.

"Well I don't know." Terence also don't understand.

Eric was a tall man with long legs. He walked quickly. As a result, Lily could only follow him trotting.

"Hey, can you... Slow down." Lily gasped for breath. He didn't have to escape. Why did he walk so fast?

Eric stopped and released Lily's hand. "Can you be smarter?"

It was hard to tell whether he was angry or not, but those eyes hidden under the bangs are somewhat displeased. If it was in the past, he would not care about. But after knowing that it was her voice, he stopped them without thinking.

"You, I..." Lily wanted to refute, but all the words were swallowed back when she saw his black eyes.

His eyes were so deep that didn't conform to his age. There were many things she couldn't understand.

"She is my sister." Lily said after a long time.

"Sister?" "Only you take her as your sister," said Eric with a sneer.

Eric had heard the gossips about the Qiao family and knew something about the sisters.

Lily didn't want to talk about Claire anymore, so she changed the subject. "Thank you for saving me today. If you need any help in the future, you can ask me."

"You are too stupid, I think you can't help me." Eric refused directly.

Lily was angry again. Why did he always say those harsh words! Lily took a deep breath to suppress her anger and said, "And the coat you borrowed last time. I'll bring it back to you next time. Thank you for helping m

e twice. Goodbye!"

Before Eric could say anything, Lily had already turned around and left.

Hearing that, the corner of Eric's mouth lifted. Then he put on his casual look as usual.


After school, they went home. When Lily got off the car and was about to enter the house, she was stopped by Claire. "Don't tell daddy what happened today!"

"Are you afraid?" Lily sneered.

"If you did, I'll tell Dad that you hooked up with some bad boys and today I saw you go to the school garden." Claire raised her chin complacently.

"Haha..." Lily sneered, "You can say what you want."

Then she bypassed Claire and went straight into the house.

Claire can only stare angrily at the back of Lily. Now Lily is getting more and more arrogant because of her good grades and her father's love.

At dinner in the evening, Claire sat next to Lily, pretending to be good sister, which made Lily felt very disgusted.

"There's a party tomorrow. The whole family will be there." At the table, Dillon announced.

"What party?" Lucia stopped eating and asked.

"The 20th birthday party for the eldest son of Gu family." With these words, Dillon glanced at Claire and Lily and said: "Don't forget to dress up for the party tomorrow. Remember to prepare for them."

The last sentence was said to Lucia.

"I will prepare for them." Lucia replied. When she glanced at Lily, she felt disgusted.

"And you, Eden." Dillon turned to look at Eden, who had been quietly eating, "Remember to dress formally. You will start dealing with the business in the company from the high school next year. I will take you to meet some people tomorrow."

"Okay, Dad." Eden replied obediently.

"Dillon, do you really want to arrange Eden to work in the company next year?" Hearing that, Lucia was very excited.

"Don't be so surprised." The Dillon took it for granted, "As the eldest son of the Qiao family, he is supposed to take over the family's business. It's good for him to know early."

"I agree with you. I believe that with Eden's wisdom, he will be very outstanding in the future." Lucia was very proud, and then she deliberately glanced at Lily.

Looking into her complacent eyes, Lily smiled. It was hard to tell what the smile meant. In fact, she was not concerned about let Eden accept the company, but the things will happened in tomorrow's banquet.

On the 20th birthday party of the eldest son of Gu family, Lily sneered in heart. She remembered that in her previous life, Frank met her on his 20th birthday party.

A 20-year-old man had been fond of a little girl and had been pursuing her all the time. Lily felt that this was really strange!

We'll meet again, Frank. If you don't lose your reputation this time, I'm not Lily!

The banquet was held in the mansion of the Gu family. Back in this place, Lily was overwhelmed with mixed feelings. And what she hated most was the scene before she fell down the stairs and died in her previous life, which made her hate this place very much!

Didn't think anymore, Lily, Eden and Claire walked into the banquet hall behind Dillon and Lucia.

The majority of people present at the banquet were business men, all well-dressed. Before the Qiao family entered the hall, they had already had a talk and laughter, but the protagonists of the banquet hadn't appeared.

"Lily, when Uncle Simon's son comes out, you should keep in touch with him more." After entering the hall, Dillon whispered to Lily.

"Okay, Dad." Lily nodded cutely.

Then, the Dillon also told Lucia to have a good chat with those rich ladies and also told Claire to make more acquaintance with the young men, and then took Eden to the crowd.

Lily looked around the hall and passing through the crowd, walked towards the backyard garden which was quite. Before the party started, she didn't want to show off in front of the group of people who thought only of interests.

Seeing that Lily left alone, Lucia took Claire to a quiet corner and whispered, "When Frank comes out, you should find more chances to get close to him to win his favor. I don't want to give that little bitch a chance."

"Why? Mother." Claire was too young to understand the reason.

"You are stupid. The family is rich and powerful. It is best to have relations with them. If you can win Frank's favor and bring benefits to dad's company, then the family is our decision. Even Grandpa Qiao will like us and that little bitch will fall out of favor."

"I know, mom." After she knew it, Claire's eyes lit up. As long as she could beat Lily down, everything is worth doing.

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