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   Chapter 5 ‘Kind Heart’ Help Her

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Lily did not appear until she saw York and Sheena, who were hiding in the dark, walked out and left.

"Ah, what are you doing?" When she walked near to them, Lily was surprised with her eyes wide open.



"You, you, you..."

Seeing the appearance of Lily, the three people who were punching and kicking around Claire were shocked speechless at the same time, stood still.

"Qiao, Qiao, Lily How... How could you... How could you... " One of the girls was the first to recover and can't speak a complete sentence.

"What's wrong with me?" Lily blinked her eyes innocently and said, "It was York and Sheena who asked me to come here."

"They asked you to come here..." Another girl immediately understood and pointed in horror at the person who was lying on the ground howling under the black cloth and asked, "then, who is that man?"

Looking in the direction she was pointing, Lily shouted in surprise, "Ah, Claire!"

Then she pushed the man away, squatted down and lifted the black cloth to help Claire stand up.

"Claire, are you all right? Does it hurt?" While asking about Claire with black and blue face, Lily glared at the three girls, "how dare you hit people at school!" Don't you know that this is a violation of the school rules and regulations?"

The three girls were stunned in place. They were not frightened by Lily's words, but they hit the wrong person!

They had planned to hit Lily, but not only did they hurt the wrong guy, but they also hit Claire. They would be in a lot of trouble.

"Ouch, ouch..." With the help of Lily, Claire cried out in pain. She was disheveled and looked dejected.

"Are you all right? Did you hurt the bone?" Lily looked at Claire nervously, "Let me take you to the infirmary."

"No way!" Claire gritted her teeth in pain and refused. She looked at the three girls with hatred. Then she turned to Lily and said, "Call Tom to pick us up at the back door of the school."

Glaring at by Claire, the three girls lowered their heads at the same time, without saying anything in explanation.

"All right." Lily knew that Claire would not show her awkward in front of the public so she called to Tom as Claire asked

Before they left, Claire glared at the three girls and limped towards the back door with the help of Lily.

When Lily and Claire got into the car, Eden was already in it.

"What's wrong with Miss Claire? What happened to her?" Seeing Claire's appearance, Tom asked concerned.

"She was..." Before Lily could finish her words, she was interrupted by Claire. "Never mind. I just fell down. Let's drive."

Lily was almost choked by her words. Some people would fall down with dirty face, but who fell with black and blue eyes?

"How could you fall like this?" Eden, who was relatively silent, asked. He obviously didn't believe Claire's words when his eyebrows slightly wrinkled.

Claire took a deep breath because of the pain and looked at him angrily. "Brother, can you just keep silent?"

It didn't mean that Eden didn't care about his sister. It was just that her character were really not pleasing and it was good for her to suffer a little frustration.

When they arrived at the Qiao family's house, they heard a loud scream in the whole courtyard the moment they got out of the car.

"Claire, what happened to you?" Lucia looked at her daughter in shock. She couldn't believe what she had seen.

"Mom..." Claire looked at her mother embarrassedly. She held her waist with one hand and covered her face with the other. "Let's go inside. It is so embarrassed."

"Okay, let's get inside." Lucia helped Claire into the house and said, "Gina, call Dr. Song and then Mr. Qiao, and ask him to come back as soon as possible."

"Yes, Mrs. Qiao." Then she turned around and left.

The others also left. There were only two people in the courtyard, Lily and Eden. There was no expression on her face, while Eden was as indifferent as usual.

They looked at each other at the same time, and then Eden turned around and left without saying a word.

Looking at his back, Lily smiled. Although in the previous life, Eden did nothing to hurt her, it did not mean that he was a good man.

Lily turned around and walked into the house. She thought it is necessary to 'care about' Claire. So she went to her room.

However, when she just arrived at her room door, she heard that mother and daughter were discussing inside.

"That bitch must have something to do with it." As Lucia was cleaning the wound on EVA's face, she said in a ruffled tone, "that's why it was so coincident? Do bad things but to be good again."

"Wow Mom, be gentle." Claire cried out with a frown. She recalled the whole thing and said, "Now I remember. No wonder she is courting me today..."

"It has nothing to do with me." Lily opene

d the door and came in, looking at the two women with tearful eyes. "I didn't know that my sister would go to the bamboo grove. I went there because York and Sheena asked me to go. I didn't expect to see my sister was beaten when I went there."

"Who knows if you are with them or not, you pretend not to know Claire is going, but instigate others to beat her!" Said Lucia in an unyielding manner.

"I didn't!" Lily put on an aggrieved look, her eyes filled with tears, as if she would cry at any time.

At this moment, they heard hurried footsteps and a voice of Dillon. "Is Claire hurt? What's going on? "

"What happened? Your daughter was beaten up by that bitch! " Said Lucia angrily.

Hearing that, Dillon turned to look at Lily and said, "Lily, how could you do that? Claire is your sister! "

Lily sneered in her heart, but she still looked aggrieved. She blinked her eyes, and tears fell down. "I didn't. Dad, why do you also come to question me indiscriminately?"

"How dare you say that?" Lucia didn't give up. She told the whole story to the Dillon. Of course, most of it was just her imagination.

"Aunt, if you don't believe me, I can ask for York and Sheena." Lily sniffed and looked at Claire with red eyes. "Sister, why did you go to the bamboo forest, and didn't tell me when you went to the bamboo forest?"

Claire was stunned when she heard Lily's question. She didn't tell Lily about it before she went to the bamboo forest. Only York and Sheena knew that. And she was slapped by three people who were close to them.

Suddenly, it occurred to Claire that they exchanged the clothes. And she was wearing Lily's clothes!

As for Claire's reaction, all the discerning people understood what was going on. Dillon looked at Lucia with displeasure. "Don't blather if you don't know the truth. How could Lily do such a thing?"

"Why is it impossible? She... "

"Mom." Claire interrupted Lucia impatiently, "Stop. Go and see if Dr. Song is here. I feel so painful."

"Gina urged Dr. Song again." Lucia shouted at the door at the top of her voice, then stood up uneasily, "I'd better call by myself."

After Lucia left, the room suddenly became quiet. Dillon asked about Claire's injuries with concern, but she was a little impatient. She answered in an absent-minded way, thinking about what happened today. When she saw that Lily was still there, she waved at her with annoyance, indicating her to leave.

Lily was glad to see that and took the opportunity to go back to the room. Only fools would still stay here.


Claire did not want to appear in front of everyone any more, but she went to school because the exam continued. However, she wore a mask and the bruises on her eyes were not obvious by medicine.

As soon as the first exam was over, Claire arranged Sheena and York to a corner of the school.

York, who is relatively large, did not find anything strange about Claire. She asked with a slight reproach, "Claire, why didn't you go to the bamboo forest yesterday? We were going to invite you to watch a good show, but you didn't show up."

"Wow! Claire, what's wrong with you? " Sheena recognized the scars on Claire's face immediately.

"What's wrong? It's all because of you! " Claire glared angrily at the two people and hit them, hoping to knock their heads off.

"Ah, Claire, what happened?" York covered her head with her hands and shouted.

Sheena also covered her head and said, "Yes, you need to give us a reason."

"Reason?" Claire raised her voice and said: "How do your attendants do things? Why didn't they see it clearly before they beat?"

"What?" Both of them were surprised with their mouths wide open at the same time.

"What How could it be like this? " York was completely confused.

"It's all your fault. Your attendants are blind." Then, Claire told them the whole story and questioned: "Where did you go yesterday? I cried so loudly but you didn't come out."

Hearing that, the two looked embarrassed. They looked at each other and then York said, "We didn't expect that you would show up in Lily's clothes. We thought you might be busy, so we left halfway..."

Her voice was getting lower and lower.

"You are fools!" Claire scolded angrily, wanted to kick them, but because of the pain, she could only give up.

"I'm sorry, Claire. We didn't know it would come to this." "If you're still angry, you can beat us a few more times," Sheena added.

Claire glanced at her. "If I'm not injured, I'll beat you!"

"Claire, don't worry. Lily will pay for this. We will heat her next time!" York said with indignation.

"I don't need your help next time. You are so stupid." Claire looked at her angrily. This matter would definitely be counted on Lily, and Claire would have to do more harm to her. Claire didn't want to just bear it!

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