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   Chapter 4 Use Stratagem To Escape

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The next day, after breakfast, Lily went to the school with Claire and Eden by car.

In fact, in the previous life, before Lucia took them to their house, Lily knew the existence of these two figures because the brother and sister were so outstanding in the school!

Claire was famous for her flamboyant personality at school, while Eden, on the contrary, is relatively calm. He stands out because of his handsome personality and the detached temperament emanating from him. So a lot of girls are fascinated by it.

The most important thing was that she was in the same class with Eden!

As soon as they entered the gate of the school, Claire was stopped by two girls carrying schoolbags, talking and laughing, followed by three other girls.

Eden seemed to be used to this. He didn't look at them and walked straight to the teaching building.

As for that scene, Lily just smiled faintly. She knew the girls walking in the front. The leaders, York Yu and Sheena Zhang, were as virtuous as Claire, but the difference was that they had a bit more dogleg temperament.

She suffered a lot from these two people in previous lives, and the breakdown of her reputation was basically attributed to them.

The other three were their followers.

"Wait, Claire, why did you come here by car with the daughter of this home wrecker?" York Yu curled her lips and said in a disdainful tone.

"I agree. Aren't you afraid of losing your worth?" Sheena also said, "Don't get too close to her. It will have a bad impact on you. What will others think of you then?"

"Hey, how can you say that?" Claire looked at them with displeasure and said with sort of anger, "Although her mother was a mistress, she is my half-sister with the same father but a different mother. I'm going to be mad if you say something bad about her."

Hearing Claire's words, Lily felt extremely disgusted. She had slandered her many times in the school. Now she just spoke more loudly. But today she have "good heart"!

At this time, more and more students passed by, and their words obviously fell into the ears of others and attracted many people's attention.

Feeling the strange looks from these people, Lily raised her head and smiled as if nothing had happened. "Sister, I didn't expect that you would protect me like this. It really makes me moved. But in fact, my mother is my father's wife. They are the arranged marriage."

After stressing the words "wedding ceremony", Lily walked towards the teaching building with her head held high, leaving Claire and the other two in a bad mood.

Looking at the back of Lily, Claire was so angry. She did not expect that Lily, who had always been weak, would refute her. Coupled with her performance yesterday, it seemed that she really could not be underestimated.

"Daughter of a mistress? How could you be so stubborn?" Looking at the back of Lily, Sheena spat with disdain, "shame on you!"

"Exactly! Claire, there is no need for you to get angry with such a person. " York quickly comforted Claire, "As the daughter of a mistress, she is really arrogant..."

While saying, there was a glimmer of light in York's eyes. She and Sheena looked at each other and then they nodded in agreement as if they had thought of the same idea.

"Well, Claire, let's go to have the test first, and then we will help you out." They took Claire's hands and walked to the teaching building, laughing and joking.


On the auditorium, Lily did the test paper carefully. After all, she was reborn, and this test was very easy to her. So she wrote fast.

Of course, it would be better if without those strange looks.

After finishing the examination paper, Lily looked at her watch, grabbed the time and walked out of the exam room first.

All the people in the field, including the supervisor, seemed to be used to it. No one said anything, but some people laughed lightly as if mocking.

Lily heard the voices, but she just smiled and walked away quickly, ignoring them.

However, unexpectedly, as soon as she walked out of the examination field, she met York and Sheena. This is probably the case with the so-called narrow road of enemies.

"Hello, Lily." York said arrogantly, "Come with us to the bamboo grove in the back mountain. I have something to tell you."

Lily was stunned. She didn't expect that things would happen so suddenly. In the previous life, they asked her to go to the bamboo forest after the exam. This time, she actually met them before the exam finished!

"What is it?" Though shocked, Lily remained calm and was thinking how to delay the time.

"It's about Claire. I know you don't like her and we don't either." Sheena, on one side, said mysteriously, showing an expression of disgust at the same time. "She has done a lot of bad things at school. There are many people in the school, and if

someone else hears and complains in front of her, we will all have a hard time. You know her temper."

However, after hearing what Sheena had said, Lily seemed to be in a dilemma. She said, "I want to go with you, but my head teacher wants to talk to me. Can I go to see you later?"

"Okay, see you." Without thinking too much, Sheena agreed. She patted Lily on the shoulder with a smile, and then took York and left.

Looking at their backs, Lily sneered and then turned to the school shop. She would definitely let Claire pay for all the pain she had suffered!

With two ice creams in her hands, Lily saw Claire coming out the moment she walked to the gate of the exam.

"Claire." Lily walked towards her with a smile. "I happened to be here waiting for you. I didn't expect you to come out. Here you are. Your favorite chocolate ice cream."

As she said, she handed the ice-cream to Claire.

Claire looked at her in surprise at first, and then a hint of disgust flashed through her eyes. She reached out to take the ice cream that Lily handed to her, and said, "thank you, sister."

Seeing that Claire was about to touch the ice cream, Lily loosed her hand a little and the ice cream was slanted to her chest.


"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry."

Lily hurriedly apologized and reached out to wipe the stains on her clothes.

"Go away! It's all your fault!" Claire pushed Lily away and glared at her. "Look, you've stained my clothes. How can I go out to see anyone?"

"Sorry, I didn't mean it." Lily looked at Claire apologetically, "It's so dirty. If you don't mind, I can change my clothes for you."

"Your clothes are so cheap... Claire looked at her with disdain, she wanted to say no, but thinking that it was better to wear her clothes than to wear these dirty clothes.

Seeing that Claire was unhappy, Lily said again, "if you don't like it, I'll let it go. But The large stain on your chest is so eye-catching."

"It's all your fault." Claire rolled her eyes at her. "You stained my clothes, you deserve it."

"It's indeed my responsibility." Lily nodded. She held Claire's arm and said, "Let's go to the bathroom and change our clothes."

Claire didn't refuse again. She followed Lily to the restroom to change her clothes.

In the process of changing her clothes, Claire received a text message, which was sent by York. She asked her to go to the bamboo forest to watch a drama. When she was reading the message, Lily took a glance at her and wore a cold smile.

"I have something to do. Ask the driver to wait for me when the driver comes to pick me up," Said Claire. She had no idea what kind of drama they wanted her to watch.

"Okay." Lily nodded and watched her leave with a cold smile.

Lily didn't listen to Claire. She chose to follow her quietly.

Because today was the mid-term exam, all the students were walking towards the gate after finishing the exam, the bamboo forest behind the school was very quiet, and almost invisible.

Lily followed behind Claire unhurriedly. The distance between the two of them was less than 50 meters, and she didn't find a hidden place until she entered the bamboo forest, so as not to be found by others.

After walking into the bamboo grove, Claire sorted out her clothes while walking. Claire didn't feel comfortable with Lily's clothes on.

When she was tidying up her clothes, a black cloth fell down from the sky. Then she fell to the ground unsteadily, followed by the pain from her back.

"Ah!" The scream resounded through the whole bamboo forest.

"Ouch, ouch Stop! Stop it! " Being unable to see, and having no idea what was going on, Claire could only cover her head with both hands and kept shouting.

The people outside didn't pay much attention to who was shouting. They kept throwing at her.

"Kick, kick hard!" One of the girls shouted angrily as she saw the person on the ground howling in pain.

The three girls were the attendants of York and Sheena.

"You deserve it!" The other girl said in a very disdainful tone, "your daughter is a home wrecker. She should dare to go to school and drive with Claire. Shame on her! Hit him hard! "

"I don't like her for a long time. She is just a shameless mistress. Humph!" The last girl said and gave him a hard kick.

"You're right. Shameless!"

"You deserve it! Take it out for our Claire!" The girl said with a look of righteous indignation.

Seeing that Claire was kicked by those three people, Lily smiled coldly.

It was not because she was cruel. She was a woman of principle. She would not attack unless she was attacked; if she was attacked, she would certainly counterattack.

In the beating scene, did not see York and Sheena, Lily know that they are hiding near here, like previous, wanted to evade suspicion, but they did not know that this is no longer the past.

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