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   Chapter 386 Additional Terms

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Frank bit his lips and took a small step forward. "I have nothing to say since Mr. Qi said so. But I'm still worried since Erwin won't take part in our business."

Erwin looked at him and asked, "What do you think I can do to put your mind at ease?"

"Since we are brothers, we have to follow the same path. In the past, no matter how much you won, you would give some to us or sell some to us. On this point, others may thank you for your generosity for giving us the chance to earn money, but this has always been the main reason why I don't believe you. In fact, it's not impossible for me to trust you. If you are going to sell our goods in the Lego, I will trust you."

If I had heard what they said today, I wouldn't have understood. But now that I had known what they were doing, I naturally understood that Frank wanted to drag Erwin into this.

I was worried about him. I hoped he could find a way to refuse, but I knew what it would mean if he refused.

Curtis suddenly said, "I don't think it's a good idea. We've been working on it for a long time, and there's nothing wrong with it. Since Erwin doesn't want to sell it, why do you ask him to join us?"

Frank snorted, "I know. I know that he has promised to transfer 60% of the goods he won today to you and 40% to Cary, so I'm afraid you are not willing to agree to my request. It's not that I have to meddle in your business. I'm doing this for the sake of our long-term future."

Curtis murmured, "You're really well-informed. How many spies do you have around me and Cary? Now that you know that, why do you still want to do this? Are you picking on us because Erwin didn't give you anything?"

"We have known each other for so long. I can do nothing if you really think me in this way, but what I said is the truth. Even if I offend you, I have to

and said, "I don't care what conflicts you have. I just want my goods to be safe. If someone lets the police arrest us, don't blame me for showing no mercy. As long as you still take the goods and work for me, my rules can't be broken."

Mr. Qi's tone was dignified. When he faced several people, his eyes and tone were completely different from when he talked to me. He was not as easy-going as he was when he was with me.

Frank stood up, lowered his head slightly and said to Mr. Qi respectfully, "Mr. Qi, don't worry. As long as Erwin is not a spy, I will have no hostility to him. You said that when doing this kind of thing, we should be united. I understand it. Although Erwin's innocence has been confirmed, the police's matter is still a question. What should we do?"

"Of course we can't just let it go. We still have to investigate it. I've already asked Sam to bring people to investigate it. No matter what you investigate, you have to keep it in the dark and don't make it big, in case you will alarm the police."

"Yes, sir."

Erwin said, "Even if you don't investigate this matter, I will find out the truth. This person dares to frame me. I'd like to see who he is. I will not let him go."

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