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   Chapter 385 Another Identity

Out Of Time By Mint Characters: 6154

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The roar of a motorcycle echoed on the quiet road at night.

Mr. Qi looked out of the window with a faint smile on his face.

He then pointed out of the window and said, "The person you like is very good."

"The person I like?"

Before I could react, the roar was getting closer and deafening, and it sounded that there was more than one motorcycle.

I followed Mr. Qi's sight and looked out. There were many Mercedes Benz coming in front and behind. Although the drivers all wore helmets, this scene still let me recognize Erwin, Cary and others at once. This was the same scene as before, and there were many beautiful women with them. The only person who didn't have a beautiful woman to accompany behind the car was still Erwin.

Erwin was still the first one. His car stopped near Mr. Qi's car. It seemed that the position of Mr. Qi's car marked the end of the competition.

Only then did I realize that Mr. Qi misunderstood my feelings for Erwin. But no wonder he misunderstood me after we met for several times.

As for the resurrection of Erwin, I naturally couldn't be too calm in front of Mr. Qi. My long hidden acting skill was finally used in a new way.

A touch of sadness appeared in my eyes. "The person I like? He is good. He is good at motorcycle racing and wins every time. I remember that it was the first time we met in such a competition. He also won the first place in such a race. Speaking of that, that person really looks like him."

My eyes were filled with tears as I looked out of the window. A sense of regret and sadness immediately spread in this small space.

"You hate me because of him, don't you? If he is still alive, is there still room for our relationship to ease?"

I looked at Mr. Qi. In fact, I'm really curious about who asked Mr. Qi to take care of me. Why does he care so much

u are willing to help me redress my injustice and bring the woman I like here. You are my benefactor. Although I am not a good person, I know how to repay you. Just tell me what you need me to do."

At this time, Cary and the other four men also came over. One of Mr. Qi's subordinates moved a chair behind him. Mr. Qi sat down and slightly raised his chin to look at the people coming over.

Cary, Frank and Curtis stood in a line in front of Mr. Qi, standing side by side with Erwin and me. They all stood respectfully and looked at Mr. Qi with an obvious reverence in their eyes.

"I have proved Erwin's innocence and made a guarantee that I won't hold him accountable for what happened. But in order to make everyone feel better, we are all here this time. You can discuss what else Erwin should do to make you feel at ease."

Cary preferred to be a peacemaker. After a moment of silence, he said, "Since Mr. Qi has proved his innocence, Erwin must not be a betrayer. There's nothing for him to do. Just like before, we are good friends. Harmony produces wealth, and peace breeds wealth." Mr. Qi glanced at their faces and said, "Is that what everyone thinks? If you don't make a statement now, it will be settled."

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