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   Chapter 384 The Same Person

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Hearing my request, Mr. Qi didn't refuse me at all.

He immediately promised without hesitation, "Don't worry. I will definitely let you get the custody of your child. Besides, if you divorce, I will help you arrange a place to live, and find a nanny for you. You don't need to do anything. You just need to take care of your child."

I looked at Mr. Qi and restrained my suspicion and disgust for him. Instead, I asked him curiously, "I have a question. But I don't know if it is appropriate."

"You can ask me any question you want."

"You and I are neither relative nor friend. I didn't treat you well before, but I don't understand why you care about me so much. Please don't say that it's because you played the role of my father at the wedding. I don't think it's true."

Mr. Qi sighed slightly, "It seems that you are still on guard against me."

"I think it's hard for anyone to accept it, right? It's normal for me to have doubts, isn't it?"

Mr. Qi nodded and said, "I can understa

his agreement.

"Is the person who increased the amount of money my mother got the same as the person who asked you to take care of me?"

Mr. Qi hesitated to answer my question, but after thinking for a while, he nodded and said, "You are very smart." I knew Mr. Qi wouldn't tell me who this person was even if I kept asking, so I changed the topic and said, "Mr. Qi shouldn't have come here just to tell me this, right? I heard from Sam that you want to give me a big gift."

Stopping talking about the topic just now, Mr. Qi looked much more relaxed. He looked down at his watch and said, "I do have a big gift for you. It's about time. You'll know it soon."

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