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   Chapter 383 Secret Meeting

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Of course I don't believe what Sam said. There might be selfless spirit in the world, but there was no one who cared about me selflessly. Everyone's love was not selfless, including that of Robbie and Rogelio. Their so-called love had always attached conditions, just as I was sitting in Mr. Qi's car now.

I didn't argue with Sam about whether it was true or not, but accepted it gladly. "I can't wait to be protected by someone like Mr. Qi."

Sam didn't say anything more. He just took a look at my face and then looked at the night scene outside.

The car was driving farther and farther away from the bustling area and the surroundings became more and more secluded. I was wondering where Mr. Qi would meet me. If I was lucky, it would be better to arrive at his residence.

But half a day passed, I still didn't see any building. Although I looked very calm on the surface, I began to feel anxious.

The car slowed down slowly and finally stopped by the roadside.

I looked out of the window in bewilderment. There was no one here, let alone any building.

"What's this place? Didn't you take me to see Mr. Qi?"

"He will meet you here."

I frowned and asked, "Here? But there is nothing here. Did you build a house underground?"

I was asking Sam, but he just smiled

ldn't figure out if I was useful to him.

"Mr. Qi, if you are really willing to help me, there is one thing I want to ask you if you can help me."

"Go ahead."

Seeing that I asked him for help, Mr. Qi looked very happy.

"Recently, Rogelio has been very emotional. His attitude towards divorce is often changing, and so is his attitude towards the baby in my belly. He didn't admit the baby to be his child, but he also didn't want me to take it away."

"I want to know whether you want to divorce or not. Depending on your attitude, there are two solutions."

"I want to leave the Luo family with my child after he is born."

"So you still want to divorce? How can I help you?"

"My request is definitely not difficult for you." I then said, "If the Luo family take my child away from me, can you help me fight for the custody of my child?"

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